READ: The “accidental” phone wipe docs

Judicial Watch recently released 87 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) showing “senior members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) repeatedly and ‘accidentally’ wiped phones assigned to them.

The public records had been withheld by the Department of Justice and FBI.

Judicial Watch obtained them after filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in September 2018.

According to Judicial Watch:

In a table that appears to be a tabulation of Special Counsel’s Office reviews of phones used by Robert Mueller’s team for records-preservation purposes, 27 phones were reported wiped clean of all data prior to the review having taken place:

  • 20 phones were reported wiped of data due to “accidental wipe” (usually from entering the password too many times);

·       2 phones were reported wiped after placed in airplane mode from which they could not be unlocked because password was forgotten, including the phones of Andrew Weissmann (2 phones) and two deputies of Mueller, Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson.

·       1 phone was wiped clean without explanation. 

·       There are no records of Robert Mueller’s phone’s ever being reviewed.

The newly released records include a log of all mobile phones issued to the Mueller team that reveals a total of 25 names, including Robert Mueller himself, along with Strzok, Page and Andrew Weissmann. Eight of the 25 names are redacted under FOIA’s “personal privacy” exemptions.

Judicial Watch

Read the documents for yourself by clicking the link below:

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