Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband named in college admissions scandal

The following is an excerpt from an article in WCVB Live ABC:


U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, University of California Regent Richard Blum, was named Thursday by the state auditor’s office as one of the regents involved in an admissions scandal where UC wrongly admitted dozens of wealthy, mostly white students as favors to well-connected people. 

Among those “inappropriately admitted” were a student whose family was friends with a member of the Board of Regents, the child of a major donor and an applicant who babysat for a colleague of a former admissions director, according to the report released Tuesday by the California State Auditor.

In one case, a regent unidentified in the audit sent an “inappropriate letter of support” directly to the UC Berkeley chancellor on behalf of a student with only a 26% chance of winning a spot off the wait list, despite the policy prohibiting efforts by regents to influence admissions decisions by going around the regular process. The applicant was admitted. (Continued…)

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5 thoughts on “Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband named in college admissions scandal”

  1. He should have been investigated long ago. Feinstein and Pelosi’ husbands have been given special favors to expand their business empires…just follow the contract monies they have received. Unbelievable!

  2. Once and for all, we are well beyond the point where corruption and scandal matters on the left. We have enough proof of that. We are well into a Maoist-style Cultural Revolution and fast approaching an election that regardless of who wins will be the match that lights the bonfire of the vanities.

  3. The college admissions scandal is as good a place as any to start looking into the Feinstein’s finances.
    If I was to guess, I would guess that much of their ill-gotten wealth originated in Communist China.
    Why was I including Dianne? I am sure she would not use her position as a ranking US Senator for personal enrichment? Would she?

    Maybe she will not retire because as a US Senator of ‘Icon’ status she can provide a measure of protection.

  4. Since day one of the Trump Era, we have finally seen the truth about the Democratic Party and the Real Elite Deep State. Dems 40 years ago were for rights for the poor, and the Rich must pay more. Republicans are bad and the Rich are Republicans. We now see Dems are the Rich Elite, Dems can break the law and get away with it, Dems own the Media and Hollywood, and Dems are the ones dividing our country so they can enrich themselves. And even when they get caught, the media Lies, and have too many soldiers in our Justice system. “LIB-TARD” cities and states destroying everything and Pelosi wanting the people to bail them out. I believe citizens will elect Trump and hopefully this time he cleans house like Obama Did. Obama on his first day sent every republican employee there walking papers. Pelosi’s husband days before the 2008 crash sold there stock, Biden as VP enriched his family with Ukraine and China, and Clintons enriched themselves with The Clinton Foundation. If Trump gets 4 more years, maybe we the people will see some Justice. Feinstein is in a tough spot now with many wealthy Hollywood Liberals getting slapped on the hand for the College scandals. Everyone involved in Hollywood have lost there careers. Dems and Hollywood, and sports, are all taking a beating. No matter how many times media and Dems tell us Republicans are bad, we all have seen it’s the Dems and the Elite Dems (Big Tech, Soros, Deep State Machine), are crooks, and are behind BLM and ANTIFA and are now teaching our kids how to Hate. Trump has taken a wrecking ball to there Crap. How does a non politician become President and accomplish what all Politicians for 50 years have promised to do and have never accomplished. Finally Actions speak louder than words. And parents allowing there kids to go out every night and hurt people and property should all be thrown in jail and be responsible to pay for the costs to rebuild, not the American People.

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