VIDEO: More scenes from the riots

Language warning

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests and riots in US cities, including Portland, Oregon, continue for a third month.

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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: More scenes from the riots”

  1. Sharyl, this is very disappointing coverage. I only watched the “taxi driver” video, but while it is put forth as if to be evidence of left-wing unlawfulness, it actually shows, if anything, the driver being the one elevating the emotional atmosphere as much as possible while the guy talking to her (BLM, presumably) being the one who de-escalates, maintaining a very calm and reasoned discourse. My disappointment is with the caption being clearly contrary to the content. That is a main tactic that discredits so much of media. If there isn’t a story that you want, don’t concoct one, please.

    1. I’m not sure what your complaint is; you saw with your own eyes and drew your conclusion. The commentary in the tweets is simply that: the commentary from whoever tweeted.

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