WATCH: BLM protesters riot and vandalize in Rochester, NY

In a video said to be recorded in Rochester, NY, Black Lives Matter protesters carrying BLM flags and chanting “Black Lives Matters” can be seen rioting and vandalizing at least one restaurant.

It’s unclear in the video, posted on Twitter Friday night, why the mob targeted the business or businesses. At one point, some protesters seem to be chanting, “If you don’t give us our shit, We shut this down!”

There is no sign of law enforcement protecting residents or property as tables and chairs are thrown or overturned, glass is broken, and diners are chased away from their meals.

One protester is heard saying, “We’re shutting the party down!” as she orders white diners to leave the restaurant. She also yells, “There’s no need to run, nobody is going to touch you, calm down!” as glass is heard breaking and rioters swarm the area.

After one person in the crowd hurls a chair, another protester yells, “Don’t throw shit!”

Later in the video, two rioters approach a table of six young, white diners, break the plates and glasses on their table and order “Get out of here.” The diners leave.

You can watch the video below:
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24 thoughts on “WATCH: BLM protesters riot and vandalize in Rochester, NY”

  1. I keep saying that it won’t be long before normal people are going to say “That’s enough”.
    It’s been way to long already…

    1. They will try it in the wrong place eventually.
      At some point,there will be armed retaliation
      and these thugs will be taken out!

    2. I’ve been thinking the same about POTUS when is he going to lower the boom on these young children.
      Maybe they all need is a trophy for effort. Then they can retreat to their parent’s basements, that Fouci’s Election Infection forced them into.


  2. No one mentions WHICH restaurants are being trashed and where. I haven’t been in Rochester NY since 2007 but I used to have relatives there so I remember a few places–but this is years ago. My aunt lived not far from U of R and Strong Memorial Hospital where she worked. But this latest bit of climbing on my aunt’s neighborhood often had these very small porch rooves over the front doors.

  3. It’s closer than we know. About 500 bullets and 5 snipers could have stopped ALL THIS IGNORANCE.
    When you piss off the POTUS and see a few thousand friends Carrie off in body bags it’s gonna be too late to call time out.
    Mommies of ANTIFA masked butt boys you better get them home. I hate to see the leaders cry and piss their pants on TV.
    The masked will be removed as they put you in body bags

  4. The protests will be stopped BLM is ruining it’s goal to make people aware they are now looking like a bunch of thugs get a life get a job help your neighbor’s this is not love these protests are filled with hate time for martial law no one allowed on the street for now arrest ALL who are found in the street this is what martial law is to put an end to violent protests otherwise there will be more murders like Portland then what ? Perhaps this is the beginning of a civil war? Lord come down from Heaven and stop this evil

  5. I’m a life long black man living in Rochester, NY and I know this city is better than this. BUT, it only takes a few A-holes to give the entire city a bad name. Nate D.

  6. I lived in a small town just outside of Rochester in 1967 and could see Rochester burning from my backyard. Looting and burning were going on until the state police and national guard came in and declared martial law with a curfew. Anyone outside was arrested. Sure calmed down after that.
    A road block was set up on RT 33 and people coming to Rochester from Buffalo were stopped and a tractor trailer was used to confiscate all the weapons on their way into Rochester. This can be stopped if firm action is taken like in 1967.

  7. This is textbook Socialism/Communist protocol for taking over a free democracy. First take over the lying mainstream media! Then corrupt the minds of the children in our educational system by the liberal professors who know only theory and have no idea of things in the real world. Then instigate riots to try and intimidate and attack the law abiding citizens of a free society. Then try to destroy history by rioting, burning and toppling statues.
    The Democrats have instigated this and are being funded by the likes of China and George Soros. Their mantra, what ever it takes no matter how evil! The Democrats instigate these cry’s of racism every four years during the presidential election. What they fail to say is the racial injustice is prevalent in most of the cities that have been run by the Democrats for decades. They promise more aid, reform and funding to minority issues of education and social institutions, but do not follow through on helping the minorities to better themselves. They give them enough to further their dependency to their form of socialism and control, perpetuating a system that is already biased.
    The pendulum will start swinging the other way soon. Law abiding citizens are reaching the end of their rope. The Democrats will have achieved there goal of dividing our country in hopes of stealing an election. Something they keep falsely accusing Trump of doing. They kept quiet for so long during the riots always falsely claIming they were all peaceful protests. All you have to do is look at all of their comments during these months and their refusal to allow the federal government to help stop the violent part of these protests. How shameful of them!
    There is a growing realization of the citizens of this Great country of ours that the Democrats are simply doing whatever it takes to gain power and control over the United States of America. We need to look at The most important part of this election, the platform of the Republican Party vs. the Democrat Party Platform. Keep in mind that under President Trump’s presidency, he fought for all of the issues he said he was going to do. He said what he was going to do, and then fought for them. When is the last time a president fulfilled or even fought for the issues they promised during their election campaign.

  8. I am a college professor and I agree with you that our young people are being indoctrinated. That is why many students are among the rioters. It is all very redolent of Germany in the early 1930s with SA members attacking Jews on the street. How ironic that BLM are doing exactly the same thing.

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