Why some pot advocates are bummed out by legalized marijuana in California (PODCAST)

I investigate America’s biggest legal pot market and learn the secret of why revenue is falling short, the black market is booming, and pot advocates are so disappointed.

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4 thoughts on “Why some pot advocates are bummed out by legalized marijuana in California (PODCAST)”

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  2. William P Babishoff

    Sharyl, the tax issue is only a part of the problem, and probably not as big of an issue as you may be led to believe.
    First, you should realize that marijuana users did not vote to legalize marijuana so the states could get wealthy. Most just wanted to stop getting arrested for using it. We already knew where to get it.

    Second, It’s important to understand that many marijuana users are older Americans, often times with good jobs or business owners. Having to show ID or be seen walking out of a pot store isn’t good for their image, and many people have lost their jobs because of this issue. Furthermore, most of the shops cater to young pot heads, for lack of a better term, not older adults often with families. It’s akin to a 50 year old businessperson having to go to the GAP to buy a suit. (are they even still in business?)

    Third, in order to increase profits, the stores chop up the weed into tiny nuggets and mix it all together. The good with the not so good. The best tasting and most potent parts are the growing tips, and the weed on the under part of the plant is not so good. It’s very frustrating when you get one or two good nuggets and bunch of substandard ones mixed in. It just doesn’t work and is very frustrating to the user. We want some consistency in the product.

    Most of us just wanted decriminalization of marijuana. It is an herb from nature. We shouldn’t have to go through hoops and ladders just to grow a few plants in our gardens. We don’t have to report how many tomatoes or peppers we are growing and it should be the same with marijuana.

    In the end, I just stopped using medical marijuana entirely, and have decided just to live with the pain of illness and injuries.

  3. Why do they want to have marijuana whether legal or not. I don’t use any drug that isn’t prescribed and even then I can’t wait to get off the medication.

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