Chicago and Mexican drugs, Policing success, Brexit, and USS Cole anniversary

Chicago’s gang violence is legendary and widely reported on– but not so much what’s driving it, which is the movement of illegal drugs from Mexico into the US through Arizona, and then through a pipeline to Chicago, which is a major distribution point.

This week on Full Measure, Scott Thuman reports from Chicago, and also factors in the recent riots, violence, and attacks on police.

Also, I’ll speak with former Justice Department official John Yoo who says policing in America is actually a success story. He’ll make his case.

Former Justice Dept. official John Yoo

We’ll update the wild case of Brexit, which I’ve been reporting on for the past two years. Great Britain has formally left the European Union, so why hasn’t much changed?

A London scenic

And it’s a somber anniversary: 20 years since the USS Cole was bombed by Islamic extremist terrorists. The ship is still in service and I visit with the commander who shows me how the 17 sailors who were killed are remembered every day.

Full Measure crew on USS Cole

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2 thoughts on “Chicago and Mexican drugs, Policing success, Brexit, and USS Cole anniversary”

  1. Sooooo, when you put on Parler that “…speak with former Justice Department official John Yoo…” is ON YOUTUBE, WHERE’S THE VIDEO??? The link just ends here. Com’on girl, your’re better than this!!!

  2. I do not recall the last time Chicago had any proper policing. I am serious.

    The problem are not the men and women in blue on the front lines. The problem is the civilian leadership and sometimes the top officials.

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