Did the Trump administration ever withhold $ from sanctuary cities, as threatened?

The Trump administration threatened to withhold federal taxpayer funds for hundreds of Sanctuary Cities protecting illegal immigrants in our country. But did that ever happen?

We investigate as part of week’s cover story on Full Measure. 

It turned out to be oddly difficult to get this information from the Justice Department. But we learned that the Trump administration did move to withhold funds from sanctuary cities and states by adding new conditions for them to get certain grants: now they must agree to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

It turns out the strategy worked in some cases: some cities and states agreed to give up their sanctuary city status in order to get the money. However, the Justice Department could not give us a list of these locales, saying it’s not tracking that information.

We also learned that other cities and states challenged the federal move and sued.

Find out where those cases are headed Sunday on Full Measure!

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1 thought on “Did the Trump administration ever withhold $ from sanctuary cities, as threatened?”

  1. We need these sanctuary governmental sub-units to fall in line with the law if we are to be a nation of laws,
    Maybe finding charges to indict those who establish sancturary cities, etc. It is definitely a clear and present danger to the well-being of America.

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