Most plan to watch the vice presidential debate

Most people say they plan to watch tonight’s vice presidential debate. That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of about 300 people at

Sixty-two percent (62%) say they’ll watch. Thirty percent (30%) say they plan to skip it.

Do you plan to watch the Vice Presidential debate?

62% Yes

30% No

8% Not sure

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1 thought on “Most plan to watch the vice presidential debate”

  1. I haven’t watched the debates since 1996, Clinton v. Dole.
    Dole asked Clinton if he was going to pardon the White Water Defendants.

    Clinton, “I will obey the law”. (That is another issue I will leave for another day.)
    There was no follow up question.

    For the young & uninitiated, “The Constitution gives the president to pardon those convicted of Federal Crimes”
    I do not like listening non-answers.

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