(NEW) Senators: Did Secret Service hide documents about Hunter Biden from Congress?

Hunter Biden, 2015
From: C-SPAN

Secret Service records appear to provide verification of documents regarding conflicts of interest regarding former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and other member of the Biden family.

That’s according to leading Senate Republicans investigating the matter.

The senators, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), are also questioning representations made to them by the Secret Service regarding its protective detail to Hunter.

In a new letter to Secret Service Director James Murray, Johnson and Grassley outline how records they previously obtained from the Secret Service line up with, and seem to provide verification of, newly-public emails about Hunter Biden’s controversial dealings with and payments from foreign businesspeople.

  • An April 13, 2014 email allegedly from Hunter Biden to his then-business associate Devon Archer refers to traveling to Houston “tmrw.” 
  • Secret Service records show a travel record for Hunter Biden from April 13, 2014 – April 14, 2014, to Houston, TX.
  • An email from Ukrainian business official Vadim Pozharskyi of the energy firm Burisma to Hunter Biden and Archer on May 12, 2014 reads: “Following our talks during the visit to the Como Lake and our further discussions, I would like to bring the following situation to your attention.”
  • Secret Service records show a travel record for Hunter Biden to Lake Cuomo, Italy on April 3, 2014-April 6, 2014.

The senators are also asking why it appears Hunter Biden had Secret Service protection a year after the time when the Secret Service told the senators such protection had ended.

In a late July 2015 email chain, Mr. Pozharskyi, Mr. Biden, and Rosemont Seneca employees Katie Dodge and Joan Mayer allegedly discussed plans for Mr. Biden to travel to Europe between August 2, 2015 and August 6, 2015.  In that email chain, Ms. Mayer asked Mr. Pozharskyi, “Secret Service is wondering how many seats would be available for them on the charter flight from Paris to Norway?  They would prefer 2 if that is at all possible.” Mr. Pozharskyi responded, “We can definitely make room for 2 SS agents on board, no problem at all.”  Two days later, Ms. Mayer wrote, “Are the tickets booked?  SS needs Hunters’s [sic] seat numbers as well.”  Based on this email chain, it appears that USSS was planning to travel with Mr. Biden in August 2015, which would have been well after the USSS reported to the Committees that Mr. Biden ended his protection. 

Letter from Senators Johnson and Grassley to Secret Service

If Hunter Biden was receiving Secret Service protection after the date the Secret Service represented to the senators the detail had ended, it implies the Secret Service may have withheld relevant documents about its travels with Hunter Biden from the senators.

The senators have given the Secret Service a week to explain the apparent discrepancies.

They are also asking for the allegedly missing records.

Read the letter here.

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26 thoughts on “(NEW) Senators: Did Secret Service hide documents about Hunter Biden from Congress?”

  1. Love your work! You and Lara Logan are very few of real journalist left. There are many others in the shadows too. Please keep digging regarding this scandal of epic proportions. I have a feeling it goes in many directions

  2. Would it be possible to talk to you soon? I would love to share some thoughts with you. I have been following you on Parler and like what you have to say. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for any consideration to this you may have.

    1. You can message Sharyl Attkisson here; she is unable to necessarily respond to all of the contacts she receives, although she wishes she could!

  3. This would be an excellent question for Dan Bongino, who no doubt still has contacts in the SS who would clue him in to what went on.

  4. I wish you were given a more prominent roll on networks, your work is true investigation! I love your page, but am afraid that many people follow blindly the mainstream media and are to lazy to follow a website. I preorderd your book and am looking forward to reading it!

  5. Glad we have real reporters doing real stories like this one. Looks like the corruption and illegalities go very deep for Joe Biden.

  6. “IF” we can get full SS records….what is this world coming to. You mean WHEN, right? Still , I don’t quite understand why these government institutions are allowed to malfunction with impunity. I don’t know how else to say it. THE SWAMP IS AS DEEP AS AN OCEAN.

  7. Was the Secret Service feeling left ou? It must have been getting mighty lonely standing on the shore while the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, State Dept frolicked in the slimy waters of the Swamp.

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