POLL: Most important factor in people’s vote: the economy

In the biggest poll ever conducted at SharylAttkisson.com, the single most important factor to people’s vote is the economy, favoring President Trump.

More than 2,400 respondents took part in the unscientific poll.

Only slightly over one percent of the group cited factors that would favor Biden. The vast majority indicated they support Trump, for different reasons.

Thirty-four percent (34%) chose Trump on the economy.

Another 27% said they would pick Trump largely because of law and order.

Next in line was 14% for Trump on the issue of the Supreme Court.

The most important factor cited among Biden supporters was the economy; yet only about one-third one percent chose that category.

Most important to your vote, if you have to pick one:

27% Law and order

<1% Racial justice for minorities

1% Health care (pro-Trump)

<1% Health care (pro-Biden)

14% Supreme Court (pro-Trump)

<1% Supreme Court (pro-Biden)

34% Economy (pro-Trump)

<1% Economy (pro-Biden)

7% Pro-Life (pro-Trump)

<1% Pro-Choice (pro-Biden)

9% National security (pro-Trump)

<1% National security (pro-Biden)

8% Something else (pro-Trump)

<1% Something else (pro-Biden)

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