POLL: Most people are voting to “vote for Trump”

When asked what is most likely to impact their vote, 91% said it is “Voting for Trump.”

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll for more than 2,500 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

One percent (1%) said the most likely thing to impact their vote is “Voting against Trump.”

Six percent (6%) said it’s “Voting against Biden.”

Most likely to impact your vote:

91% Voting for Trump

1% Voting against Trump

<1% Voting for Biden

6% Voting against Biden

2% None of the above

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13 thoughts on “POLL: Most people are voting to “vote for Trump””

  1. Sharyl, most of canadians and quebecers dont like Trump because they receive their news trough the main medias that are 93 per cent democrates oriented so they never hear about his realisations and a lot of fake news. i wish you ll write a piece for canadians only. t.y. Mario

    1. Same with the British! Their news comes mainly through the BBC or CNN and they are incredibly biased and repeatedly use long debunked stories and lies about the President to defame him. So while you are writing that piece for the Canadians Sharly send a copy along to the UK!

  2. ?? makes no sense.

    “Voting for Trump.” is not something that “impacts’ a person’s vote — it is their vote.

    And why bother with ‘unscientific polls’ ?? Facts, please !

      1. Yes… I believe that most of us did “figure it out”… and I also believe that most of us are skeptical of the kind of science applied in any “scientific” polls…

    1. Why not we live in a free country don’t we?? If you’re so triggered and butthurt over this poll than come up with your own poll. What really bothers you about it? That Trump received 91% of the vote? Under the great Messiah barrack Hussein Obama regime Sharyl could have been arrested and put in prison for that “unscientific” poll. She almost was during Obama’s Regime.

  3. I sincerely believe the silent majority will swarm the polls for Trump in epic proportion….I believe it will be bigger than 2016….

  4. when the election is over and trump wins. the democ-rates will ask what did we do rung. the answer to that is ( the dnc thought all Americans were as dumb as a rock. and easy to mis lead. jest like back in 2016. will them rats never learn

  5. Leslie H Fenton MD PhD FACP

    If Joe Biden used his drug troubled son as the family point of contact & bagman he should be ashamed of himself. What kind of Father would do that?

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