READ: FBI and GSA conspired against Trump transition team, say Republican senate leaders

Two federal agencies improperly conspired against President Trump and his team.

That’s according to two senate Republicans who lead the Homeland Security and Finance committees: Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

In a newly-issued joint report, the two senators say the FBI and General Services Administration secretly shared private Trump transition records with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, without the proper authority. The report goes on to say the agencies then withheld from the Trump team its own records.

Read the release from the senators below, followed by a link to the full report.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, released a majority staff report detailing how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office (Special Counsel) secretly sought and received access to the private records of Donald J. Trump’s presidential transition team, Trump for America, Inc., despite an agreement between the Trump transition team and the General Services Administration (GSA) that those records were the transition team’s private property that would not be retained at the conclusion of the transition. Even after the Trump transition team learned about the FBI’s secret preservation request, the GSA nevertheless refused to immediately provide the Trump transition team copies of its own records. Instead, after denying the Trump transition team its basic legal rights to control its own information, including the opportunity to protect privileged or confidential information, the GSA turned over records for current and former administration officials to the Special Counsel without requiring any legal process, such as a subpoena or warrant. 

Read the report by clicking the link below:

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9 thoughts on “READ: FBI and GSA conspired against Trump transition team, say Republican senate leaders”

  1. This investigative information again proves the DOJ and FBI are out of control and need to have an over watch authority monitoring its actions. Additionally the FBI should be dismantled and broken into other federal agencies already doing their jobs more professionally and without political bias like DHS/ICE, HSI, CBP, ATF, DEA, Secret Service and US Marshals Service. The FBI is out of control and refuses to follow the president and constitution of the USA…

    1. I am a Canadian and I thought former president Bush setup the Department of Homeland Security as an agency with far reaching powers over all security agencies including the FBI. So that failures to recognise security issues that the FBI failed to act upon after 2011. would not happen again? Where was the DHS officials while this whole fiasco of the Russians did it and the subsequent coup that was staged by the Democrats during their attempt at impeachment?

  2. Honestly I’m in awe of Sharyl. I would like her to know she is a ray of sunshine. She reminds me integrity may be rare but it exists in her! Young reporters would be wise if they modeled their reporting after Sharyls. God bless.

  3. Partisan “Burrowing” after the Obama Admin is the worst I have ever seen it. How do these hacks think that they can violate the law and undermine the President with impunity.?…perhaps because the Federal Police are with them?

    Every new story helps cement the idea that we are truly in a cold civil war…

  4. GSA has been a rotten spot on the US government for about 30 years. But the FBI is catching up. Their arrogance is unbelievable, reminiscent of the IRS scandals in the late 1980’s-early 199o’s.

  5. The number of people needing to be indicted is increasing geometrically and if the indictments do not start, we will lose the right to call ourselves a Constitutional Republic & a Nation of Laws.
    We are beginning to make 3d world dictatorships look like an improvement over what we have t.o offer.

  6. Many of these guilty Deep State Democrats now need to be incarcerated for their own protection. Americans will not tolerate a double standard of hypocrisy. Public vigilante executions are just around the corner.

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