Regardless who they support, most think Trump will win

Most people surveyed in the latest unscientific poll at stay they believe Trump will win, regardless of who they support.

Ninety-two percent (92%) of 1,330 respondents said they think Trump will be elected to a second term.

Three percent (3%) think it will be Biden.

Five percent (5%) say they have no idea.

Regardless of who yousupport, who do you think will WIN?

3% Biden all the way

92% Here comes Trump, again!

<1% Somebody else

5% No idea

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2 thoughts on “Regardless who they support, most think Trump will win”

  1. Of course! Why wouldn’t he be re-elected? If the Democrats didn’t want that to happen, they should have nominated a decent candidate for people to vote for besides a senile, corrupt, sexual predator. Plus they think they can slip the first black woman President through the back door. What does that say about Kamala Harris’ integrity to go along with it?

    Say what you will about Donald Trump but he was never accused of raping any of the “gold diggers” that violated their NDAs trying to interfere with the last election.

    So, the Democrats will only have themselves to blame when they get slaughtered again. Even if they had picked Tulsi Gabbard to be their nominee, President Trump would still win. He’ll be a tough act to follow in 2024.

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