Sen. Johnson: Has the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop material for ten months?

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)

A Senate Republican leader has raised new questions about the FBI’s actions in the wake of news about alleged conflicts of interests involving former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and foreign influence and business opportunities.

A whistleblower says that many months ago, he provided the FBI contents of a laptop computer once used by Hunter Biden. 

That’s according to a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray sent today by Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.). The letter states that an unnamed whistleblower contacted Sen. Johnson’s committee on September 24, a day after the committee released its investigation into alleged Biden conflicts of interest.

The whistleblower reported he had turned over the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop December 9, 2019 in response to a grand jury subpoena issued by the FBI from the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. Delaware is the Bidens’ home state.

In the letter today, Sen. Johnson says that he and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked the FBI about facts alleged by the whistleblower but the FBI stonewalled. That despite the fact that Johnson says several of their questions were not related to confidential information regarding “the possible existence of an ongoing grand jury investigation.” 

A New York Post article this week reported about emails that it said were obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop. There are long-standing allegations that Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family have improperly traded on Joe Biden’s influence as a public official. The questioned dealings include large payments from Russians and Chinese. The Bidens have repeatedly denied any impropriety.

Sen. Johnson is now giving the FBI until Thursday to answer questions including: whether it has material from Hunter Biden’s laptop(s); if so, how and when it was obtained; has the FBI concluded its examination of the material and/or found evidence of criminal activity; and what other agencies may have the material.

The Post article was censored by Twitter, sparking demands from Republicans in Congress for Twitter chief Jack Dorsey, and other big tech CEOs, to testify and explain their increasingly heavy-handed censorship of select information.

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54 thoughts on “Sen. Johnson: Has the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop material for ten months?”

  1. Congress seems like a paper tiger. I think BHO learned that in his time in the Senate. Hold hearings, give interviews, write books, issue supeana and no one is prosecuted for crimes committed to overthrow the current government.

    1. It’s like living n a bad movie! I pray patriots are planning to run for offices to stop this madness after the ‘civil war’!

  2. So, Johnson just inconsequentially asks the FBI if there might be something that looks or might be considered ‘criminal’ on the laptop ?? How indolent. That’s the most idle and unconcerned request for information in light of an obvious FBI cover up, I’ve ever heard. Johnson should have LIT HIM UP!!
    This whole event is STARTLING !! It’s history changing! It’s going to cost Wray is job ! But all we get from Johnson is a polite casual request for the FBI to give a heads up if something ‘naughty’ was found?? This is why Soros has been able to take this country to ruin….

    1. Sharyl,
      Please make your voice heard loud and clear on this Hunter/Joe Biden influence peddling scandal. Not only is this a treasonous action, it has exposed sinister elements within the government deep state that are accountable to no one. Combined with the corrupt Leftist media, our very freedoms as Americans are under attack.

    2. When the story first broke it was said that the owner of the computer shop had also put a call in to Republican Senator Ron Johnson, when the FBI did not get back to him. The call from Johnson was never returned.
      Do you know if this is true? If so Ron Johnson is the last person we can count on.

  3. Dear Sharyl,

    My congratulations! If not for your (and John Solomon’s) journalism…there would be NO JOURNALISM AT ALL!

    Another GREAT job!

  4. The FBI IS MORE CORRUPT THAN THE BIDENS. This is our republic going down the drain people. Hundreds of billions siphoned off every year by these urinals while we go deeper in dept and we have Americans running around with their heads in the sand….TRUMP 2020…and stand with him or it’s all gone

    1. I’m in total agreement! FBI and CIA and any other agencies like these need to be investigated. It’s not just the top layer anymore which is corrupt. The corruption is. Now the culture and people know by becoming political this is how they get promoted. Where is the DOJ on all this

      1. The FBI hanging in near silence at many months in of having computer information suggests they’d have concluded and commented by now if nothing is of consequence or there’s a pretty involved investigation on-going.

    2. According to a time-line I saw on another site, the computer was turned over to the FBI sometime during or shortly after APRIL, 2019. Regardless of whether it was then or in December, the FBI has apparently had it for months and said nothing publicly. But – surprise! – just as the information becomes public through separate channels, the FBI suddenly announces that it is investigating the matter not as evidence of possible Biden corruption, but as possible “foreign (read, “Russian!!!”) disinformation, and the left immediately ran with that talking point. This has a bad smell to it – has anything changed at the FBI?

    3. Well said. The FBI better be held accountable for telling us what they have since when amd why they have been sitting on it for almost a year now. FBI needs to be investigated! Trump 2020 ??

  5. Are you kidding me calling the FBI more corrupt than the Trump administration that’s a stretch and you know it total misinformation as I’ve read they really don’t know were this computer came from and if it was even Hunter Bidens that would certainly be a reason not to go public until they really have a good idea if it’s fake anything to do with Rudy cannot be trusted

  6. Barakus Obamaus Corruptus

    The FBI is corrupt as is the IRS. The Biden crime family should be knee deep in tax evasion to the tune of millions with all this graft going on from China, Russia, Ukraine, and who knows where else.

  7. I can not believe Christopher Wray is still at the F.B.I. he is deep state, I would probably get rid of the top 25% of F.B.I. just to be sure you got all the rats

    1. Remember the big fit the democrats threw when he fired Comey? What are they going to do with 17 days away from the election.
      Wray and Haspel both need to be fired for insubordination, there is still time for the documents to be declassified! ASAP, Without President Trump they will all go away! Theres got to be some way to let him know We have a right to know!!! Wray and Haspel are interfering with the election by not allowing us to have the information!

    2. He needs to keep everything status quo until Nov. 3rd. Nov 4th, send Wray packing. He’s an insider part of the deep state.

  8. I have a mind to calling for the defunding of the FBI, but I think a better idea would be to call in an independent investigative agency, (like maybe from Uganda or Costa Rica), and hand them the keys to everything. They would have the pleasure of exposing every crooked cop and political op and have the good American people in their debt.

  9. Send the guilty ones to Gitmo for military tribunals. Execute these traitors. The Enemy Within should be hanged publicly.

  10. We are fighting on all front..this is a real war..they will silence us…they are doing it now…Communism 101…take the peoples voices…

  11. Did the FBI obtain the computer itself or only a copy of its contents. If it’s the latter, that opens up a “manufactured evidence” defense.

  12. Here is a link to part 1 of a very important investigation into the Bidens Ukraine connection done by a French investigative journalist about a year ago. Very deep dive into the people involved. It is a long 4 part series and worth the time to see them all particularly part 3 in which they take a deep dive into exactly how the US media have misrepresented and lied about the affair by examining how the WaComPost and others used out of context quotes to change the meaning of what the principles said.
    If you want to know the truth of UkraineGate take a look.

  13. It appears that Comey loyalists sat on this information during the impeachment hearing, in which Trump was accused of improperly suggesting to Zelensky that the activities of the Bidens in Ukraine merit investigation. They will offer the excuse that they were investigating possible “Russian disinformation.” The time has come to shake the truth out of them. They have to know whether those emails are authentic, or somehow forged onto the hard drive. Just a matter of identifying the computers they were sent from, and interviewing the senders (Blue Star Strategies, for instance.) If authentic, the great stone wall thrown up to block inquiry into whether Joe monetized the powers of office must come down, and answers given.

  14. Wait a minute, who has the computer and hard-drive? Does the FBI have the computer or just printouts? Giuliani said he had the computer or was it just materials? In either case, FBI need to analyze the cpu itself otherwise their analysis is nearly pointless. Anyone shed some light on this process?

  15. With the FBI and CIA actions during the Obama years, the Russian Hoax, now Biden’s Ukraine and China scandals it is clear that the FBI and CIA needs to be cleared out of all existing people. The leadership needs to be checked fully for corruption. The DOJ also needs to be checked and probably cleared out. Nothing in seems good.


  17. You have to wonder why the investigation of presidential CANDIDATE Donald TRUMP was termed RUSSIAN COLLUSION but absolute physical evidence with pictures with e mails and absolute confirmation that this information is from Hunter Biden’s Lap top yet the FBI won’t investigate Joe Biden s connection to China and the Ukraine or how Hunter Biden was peddling his VP fathers influence and making millions . THE FBI under This FBI director is STILL FILTHY .

  18. Now, for all the clueless fake news feeding clowns out there, how come all of the sudden that the news about that lap top and the information on it has been exposed by a whistle blower is the FBI trying to say it’s Russians ? Again the FBI and liberal media are using the same disinformation and lies they used to cover up their last corrupted conspiracy, and they are doing the same now. Wake up people, the FBI director Christopher Wrey is corrupted, Gina Haspel of the CIA is corrupted, and people in our DOJ are corrupted and they are lying to the American people taking them for fools, again, and they are trying to cover up more Democrat corruption and trying to help a Democrat win an election, again, just as they did in 2016 for Hillary, and used the dame lame excuse to cover that up to. How many times are American going to believe the Russians did it ? Here’s whatt I knowe as a fact, Russia has meddled in every Presidential election since I was born (a long time ago) and the FBI and CIA all know that, and both were definitely ready to deal with that, why in 2016 and why now did the FBI feel the need to come out and tell us months before an election like they did in 2016 and did in this election about Russian meddling ? Each time they didn’t offer evidence, or their plane to do anything, but now when they are caught in another cover up, they fall back to that Russian cover story again ? I say Russia is a cover story corrupted FBI officials are using to try and cover up for Joe Biden because they had the laptop for months, and most likely Russia was the cover they’d use if the information about that laptop and Hunter Biden’s emails got out. What a shame our intelligence agencies and DOJ were totally corrupted over the years and are now working against us.

  19. According to Rudy Giuliani (on the Life, Liberty and Levin Fox show) the computer shop owner told the FBI that he was concerned about his safety because the Bidens are very powerful. The computer shop owner said the FBI told him that “nothing happens to people that don’t talk”. Giuliani said that that statement could be taken two ways and he didn’t know how to take it. Interesting statement since the FBI sat on this for 10 months.

  20. The anti-Trump media through Facebook and Twitter are running interference for Quid pro Quo Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden (Joe Blow Jr.) Biden has a lid on his campaign and is hiding in his basement trying to run out the clock. Differential News in action

  21. Let’s see if I have this straight. We have a laptop that may or may not have belonged to Hunter Biden that may or may not have been left in a repair shop that may or may not have e-mails from Hunter Biden that may or may not be legitimate that may or may not say something about a meeting between Joe Biden and some Burisma representative. Wow! It’s practically the Pythagorean theorem!
    We’re apparently supposed to believe that Joe Biden has made decisions that have benefited his son. All without any hard evidence. But Trump has now admitted to owing $400+M to unspecified parties, and we’re not supposed to care about that, probably because Trump is such a good businessman (I mean, it’s not like he’s ever gotten in over his head before and had to declare bankruptcy(ies) or anything like that).
    There is corruption going on here, but it is the corrupting influence of Trump. He attacks those who have served their country honorably their entire lives, and a whole bunch of people immediately believe that those folks are really dishonest people. Suddenly, they are members of the Deep State whose sole motivation is to bring down Trump. Well, count me out on that unless and until a lot more evidence is found.
    The people clamoring for an investigation are not doing it in order to find out the truth. For they have already made up their minds.

  22. daniel william ahlstrom

    The only thing more corrupt and immoral than the Democratic Party in this country is the Main Stream Media. Its amazing their LACK or curiosity on certain stories that don’t fit their agenda. We can only hope that the American public realizes this natural market forces bankrupt them.

  23. Sharyl, When Ron Johnson was recently interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, he seemed like a deer in headlights when she asked him why his senate Homeland Security committee hadn`t subpoenaed Hunter Biden over the entire year that his committee has been investigating Hunter`s dealings. Senator Johnson just said it has been very difficult to get that done and then he turned the conversation to an irrelevant statement that a democrat senator had made.
    So here`s the question. Who is protecting Joe Biden. If we read Peter Schweitzer`s books we learn that THEY ALL DO IT . And “it” refers to working the loophole that congress has enacted that disallows their spouses in pay to play deals but allows children and close friends. So is Joe being protected because he`s such a nice guy and everyone in the club likes him…..or is it because if somebody speaks up it would be like a circle shoo?. I notice that NOBODY, except Schweitzter in his book (but not in TV interviews!) mentions anything about Mitch McConnell and his father and sister in-law who are on the board of one of China`s largest shipbuilding corporations with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party military.
    So why did Ron Johnson`s committee never even attempt to subpoena Hunter?
    Can we say swamp?

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