Senators: FBI and CIA are still blocking release of docs on govt. misbehavior in Trump-Russia probe

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Top Senate Republicans are still having trouble prying information about the government’s improper actions in the Trump-Russia probe from the hands of the FBI and the CIA.

The head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), and the head of the Senate Finance Committee, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), have sent new letters to FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel demanding the outstanding material.

“We are concerned that your agency has thus far failed to respond in full to our oversight requests,” they write in the new letter to Haspel sent Wednesday. “Further delay is unacceptable.”

The FBI failed to meet the latest deadline Tuesday to turn over long-subpoenaed documents in the controversy. The senators’ letter to Wray outlines their longstanding document requests that continue to go unfulfilled, including for alarming material related to an intelligence report generated during the 2016 campaign indicating the Hillary Clinton campaign was planning to stir up a scandal about her rival, Donald Trump, linking him to Russia. 

“On April 16 we requested all intelligence records, foreign or domestic, received or reviewed by the Crossfire Hurricane team, as well as all FBI records about those intelligence products. In response, the FBI directed us to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, but has not produced any other records responsive to that request,” reads the letter to Wray. Crossfire Hurricane is the name given to the Trump-Russia probe. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and others ultimately concluded there was no evidence Trump, his campaign, or any Americans, colluded with Russia.


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18 thoughts on “Senators: FBI and CIA are still blocking release of docs on govt. misbehavior in Trump-Russia probe”

  1. If Wray doesn’t respond it means he is part of the deep state and should be fired and tried for his part in the scandal.

  2. What is going on? Do these people think President Trump is going to lose the election and if only they can hold out until then they’ll be off the hook? If President Trump loses this election there is something extremely wrong with the process. Four years ago when President Trump was elected a fellow told me that he would be the LAST President of the United States. I kinda laughed it off, but now I wonder if he was right.

    1. I’ve also heard he will be the LAST President of the U.S. via and his youtube channel, “PaulBegley”!! I’ve also heard it from other people that are “real” prophets, not some phony “God speaks to me” Charlatan!!!

      Paul reports on TODAY’S EVENTS as they relate to the Bible!! TRULY, I believe we are in the “End Times” and the WOES of Revelation are just around the corner :-(

      1. If that’s the case then we should be looking forward for The Rapture of the Church. Can’t believe God put Trump in for just 4 years.

    2. Our current anti-democratic president may lose but he won’t go quietly. He is lying about lots of fraud in mail-in ballots so that’s why the republicans are trying to disenfranchise as many democrats as possible. One drop off box per county…crazy unless you want to make it near impossible to drop off your vote! If these guys however, are dragging their feet they should still face the heat regardless of who is president.

      1. Don’t most people have machines known as automobiles? Some can even travel at relatively high speeds. Why would driving to a centralized ballot box be impossible for people? Most people have at least one of those newfangled contraptions.

  3. It’s the swamp. they will never let the documents loose till the presidency is decided. There is simply too much first and slime there…………….All the ill will and evil acts will never be out. Obama was in this this to his neck. 24/7 and him and friends will never see jail unless full disclosure is obtained.

  4. It was not misbehavior it was CRIMES documented they are slow walking this till Statue of Limitation’s Have run out on the CRIMES they have committed

  5. I hope you’ll investigate WHY and HOW this is happening? Cannot President Trump order them to comply, or be terminated? The media uproar of their firings would be drown out by the contents of the documents, I would hope.

  6. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Much of USA Intelligence was compromised by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent by the name of Robert Hanssen who conspired with Russia. Whatever damage CIA Agent Aldrich Ames did, was only furthered by Hanssen. Today Hanssen resides at SuperMax in Colorado, after he avoided the Death Penalty. No doubt there are other traitors operating inside the USA government today. The FBI and CIA must examine themselves and stop clinging to their failures by continually hiding their mistakes. If not, they are unwittingly participating in the destruction of the country they swore to protect and serve. Sacrifice and Honor is what America expects of its agents, not Peter Strozk like behavior. If the Justice Department cannot get its act together, the leftists and people like Soros will succeed in ruining this USA. Honesty and transparency are not popular terms in the Intelligence community, but if things continue on the current secrecy path, this divided country will split, and the aftermath will be ugly. Transparency will be done – One way or another.

  7. Unfortunately these people do not feel real pressure since the MSM is part of the Democratic party.

    This election is not about Trump or Biden. It is clearly whether we want law and order, border security and yes the economy. The best thing that can happen for the Country is that president Trump wins by a landslide.

    The Country can only survive if the MSM is honest, objective and cares about the Country first and only. If the MSM had been real journalists these past four years the Democrats would have never been so destructive to the Country.

  8. Why can’t Pres. Trump, tell these 2 deep staters, to have those documents on my desk in 24 hours or have your desk cleared out and be gone. Your fired! He knows they’re, stone walling, probably because they’re up to their ears in swamp water.

  9. Remind me again, echo thought the idea of a national police force was a BAD IDEA?

    That’s right! The Founding Fathers, that’s who.

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