Summary: Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bobulinski about Joe and Hunter Biden

Tony Bobulinski, former Biden family business partner

Below is a summary of the allegations and details about the Biden family business dealings with the Chinese as set forth by the Biden family’s former business associate: Tony Bobulinski.


Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden.


Beginning in 2015 through 2017.


Bobulinski claims to have alleged firsthand and documentary evidence, including emails, documents, audio recordings, and WhatsApp messages, demonstrating that former Vice President Joe Biden lied when he claimed “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” 

Bobulinski claims he personally met with Joe Biden on May 2, 2017, in a dark bar at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California; and also the next day. The meetings were allegedly part of a deal involving Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother, James, to convince Bobulinski to head up their new 50-50 partnership with a communist Chinese company. 

The company would be called Sino Hawk and would “invest in infrastructure, real estate, and technology in the U.S. and around the world… capitalized with $10 million [provided by the Chinese], and then grow to billions of dollars of investment capital.”


The communist Chinese company allegedly involved was state-owned CEFC Energy.

Watch the Tucker Carlson interview with Bobulinski here.


Bobulinski claims he disagreed with Hunter about Hunter’s alleged desire to have $5 million of the Chinese money wired directly to an entity affiliated with him, which was contrary to their written agreement.

Bobulinski claims Chinese funds that were supposed to be transferred to the Sino Hawk venture were never sent to the company Instead, Bobulinski says, he found out last month from a Republican-led Senate investigation that “the $5 million was sent in August 2017 to entities affiliated with Hunter.”


Bobulinski claims a May 13, 2017 email about compensation regarding the business venture proposed:

10% of the equity in the new company would be for Hunter; 

10% would be held by Hunter for “the big guy”: Joe Biden; 

The rest would be divided among:

James Biden, Gillyer, Biden family associate Rob Walker, and Bobulinsky. 

Final documents from the holding company allegedly indicate Hunter with 20% equity, which Bobulinski implies includes the 10% secretly intended for Joe Biden, held by Hunter.


Bobulinski claims the Biden family’s business dealings with China, which allegedly included a multi-million dollar loan to the Biden family, have necessarily compromised Joe Biden, subjecting him to the possibility of improper influence by the Chinese. He says the public should demand an investigation.


Joe Biden has repeatedly said he never took a penny from a foreign government, was not involved in or aware of his son’s foreign business dealings, and has never done anything improper. He’s also said he’s proud of Hunter, who he said has overcome obstacles such as a serious drug problem. And Biden has said his family has not sought to profit from his name or position.


Bobulinski says he was initially approached by James Gilliar in 2015, while Joe Biden was still vice president, to join a deal that would involve CEFC China Energy and “one of the most prominent families in the United States.” Bobulinski says he also dealt with Rob Walker, who was working with the Bidens.


Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson it’s a “blatant lie” that Joe Biden claims he never discussed business deals with his son. 

Bobulinski said it was “crystal clear” that Hunter had told his father about the Chinese business proposal and about Bobulinski. 

Bobulinski says the Bidens told him “they were putting their entire family legacy on the line” with the Chinese business deal.

Bobulinski says Hunter also told him he was acting as the “personal attorney” for the Chinese company’s leader, Chairman Ye Jianming, while China and the company were working on a $9 billion deal with a Russian state-owned energy company.

Bobulinski says when he asked Hunter if he was putting Joe Biden’s future presidential aspirations at risk with the Chinese dealings, James Biden allegedly responded with the phrase: “plausible deniability.”

Bobulinski alleges that he knew Hunter also had business irons in the fire in Ukraine, Oman, Luxembourg, France, Romania and Pakistan.


After Bobulinski recently came forward, he met with the FBI and provided the agency with the devices that contain the information he’s discussed. 

He says he kept copies of all of it.

Watch Bobulinski’s brief news conference:

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28 thoughts on “Summary: Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bobulinski about Joe and Hunter Biden”

  1. So…my thoughts are in 2017 Joe was no longer VP, He was a private citizen undeclared as a candidate, Is the thrust of this the lie he told about not discussing Hunter’s business deals? I s the main issue that because of the funds paid he is a risk as President as he is compromised?

    1. If you could read “Secret Empires” by Peter Schweizer, all would become clear. He has done extensive research into these known as “princelings.” Hunter Biden is not the only one benefiting from a relatives political connections, who is influencing legislation to those countries involved. Not considered illegal, but definitely unethical.

  2. It was Jim Biden, as Joe Biden’s advisor, that used the phrase “plausible deniability.”
    Thank you for posting this. I just preordered your new book.

  3. I disagree that Lt. Bobulinski “claims to have alleged firsthand and documentary evidence”. He claims to have firsthand and documentary evidence.

  4. As a Morse Code ‘Intercept Operator’ with USAF Security Service from 1966-1969, I personally had some very unique intelligence intercepts while stationed in Germany and Vietnam. The beginnings of the Russian led Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in Aug. of 1968, started with Russian Cargo Aircraft leaving Moscow by the hundreds for the staging area of Legnica, Poland – I had the takeoffs of those Aircraft beginning early in the morning copying a Polish Air to Ground Network of SIUM de IUM & SLUR de LUR. I still remember the unbelievable high-speed morse traffic reporting the take-off after take-off and position tracking along the way to Legnica of each aircraft. . Within a few minutes, intelligence analysts from the Communications center had plugged into my position and were reporting back to the White House of the huge volume of traffic. The Communist effort to settle scores with Alexander Dubcek and his permissive tolerance of the Prague ‘Spring Revolution’ of allowing some ‘Freedom of Thought’ would soon be coming to an end. The Russians would soon put the hammer down.

    I was soon transferred as a Morse-Intercept Operator to DaNang Vietnam and the 6924th Security Squadron. There, my primary mission was the Air-Defense HQ at Hanoi and Haiphong, tracking American air traffic over South-East Asia. For the first time in warfare, we were using the NSA ‘Iron Horse’ main-frame Computer to collect Intercept Traffic from several Operators and feed Coordinates and Tracks of All of the Aircraft in the Region on One Screen in a Visual Track, wherein our Surveillance and Warning Center could be relayed Via. Combat Apple EC-121 Aircraft flying in the Tonkin Gulf immediately to Pilots on Combat missions. The Program was the forerunner of AWACS, and EC-121 Operators in Communication with Pilots could provide information on Activation of types of Communist Radars, Activation of SAM Missile batteries or AAA batteries, and even if a MiG 17-21 aircraft was taking off of one of the dirt runways. End of Tracks was critical, as Jolly Green Giants were immediately scrambled to be sent to the last intercepted coordinates of the Aircraft. SR-71 Missions, SOG Missions, Special Forces Missions, and Firebee Drones all required special tracking and attention. NSA declassified this information just a few years ago, and for years have been silent, but at the age of 77, you want to share with someone who would understand.

    In reflection, the invasion of Czechoslovakia on August 20th, 1968 told the world that Communist theology would not be subverted with ‘Discussion’ about Freedom. In Vietnam, our Government sent me to do the job of preventing a takeover of the country of South Vietnam. I have always been absorbed with this concept of an authoritarian government willing to pay any price to remove the platform of the discussion of ‘Freedom’. Today, we see Government leaders desiring and advocating for limits on our Freedom of Discussion and the Rights of Free Speech. I am thrilled when I discover the efforts of Patriots like you, who step forward to defend our rights and freedoms. Know that I hold you in high regard as one of the best journalists in the country. Keep up the good fight.

  5. Hunter was not representing the Chinese premier, but the head of the Chinese energy company. The guy who has not been seen since 2018.

  6. Sharyl, i love your work. The smear, which i read when it first became available
    The consortium of most corporate news organizations as well as other international glabal corporations have teamed up with silicon valley not only to smear but also to surpress and belittle true news they dont want the public to hear.. All this you obviously know on a deeper level than me, a practicing ophthalmologist.
    So i watched tucker’s interview with BOBULINSKI last night. This morning I eagerly searched for what the news reported. Forget the left leaning mainstream media. But not a word about it in the WSJ. It is 9:30 am est and one would think they would put something online about it. I know the am paper comes out the night before, but shouldnt something be in there now? If you search (duck duckgo) only fox news reported it online. The am fox tv news reported it.
    Certainly the oped section of the wsj has been reporting on the hunter story but very little about hunter in the news section. Please explain. During the russian collusion news the news side reported like they were the nytimes. Kim Strassel kept pounding away investigating with the other perspective. So now it is happening all over with wsj news vs the oped folks over there. Doesnt the hunter laptop and bobulinsky info rise to the level of real news at News corp?? Not even the ny post has reported yet about the tucker interview.
    Maybe im jumping the gun and they will report later, but maybe not.
    Can you please enlighten me here. It is very frustrating. I feel like im living in cuba and venezuela with a state controlled news as was described in yesterdays oped in the wsj. See? The oped folks over at wsj get it.

  7. Reading this reminds me how multi layered out justice system truly is. It brings back flashbacks to the OJ Simpson days of the prosecutors having enough evidence to convict a poor man ten times over yet OJ walked!!! Sadly as we know from Hillary, Bill, Weiner, Obama Comey, Clapper, Brennan….. no one gets imprisoned!!! Instead they all write books to convince themselves of their wrongdoings being not being real and they earn millions more!!! Damn sad in my opinion! Trump wanted to drain the swamp but unfortunately the wildlife survives after 4 years!!!

  8. It was Jim Biden that said plausible deniability. And I believe it wasn’t Xi that Hunter was acting as a personal attorney to but the chairman of the Chinese company.

  9. 1. YouTube has removed video of interview (no surprise here).
    2. I believe it was Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, who mentioned “plausible deniability” to Bobulinski.

  10. Bobulinski appears to be “as honest as the day is long.” So does Joe Biden. The difference is Sleepy Joe Biden’s day isn’t all that long!

  11. When does “alleged” become proof positive? He has a paper trail, recordings, texts, etc.. When will the DOJ act? This is so blatantly corrupt that it is not funny.

  12. Dear Sharyl Attkisson:
    Your exemplary report not only gives substance to the old saying about politics being the second oldest profession, it also gives damning evidence why it so closely resembles the first.




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