The Transgender Divide in Sports, On the Farm, The Debate, and Erasing History

In Connecticut, Chelsea Mitchell (center) runs between two athletes who switched over from the boys’ team

Should transgender high school athletes be able to switch over from the boys’ team to the girls’ team?

Across the country, high schools are grappling with the question. Sunday on Full Measure, we investigate both sides of this controversy.

First we speak with a group of girls in Connecticut who have lost numerous races to athletes who ran on the boys’ team until just a couple of years ago. They say the switchover robs them of opportunities guaranteed to women under Title IX civil rights law.

We’ll also hear from advocates who say transgenders should be able to compete on either team they choose.

In an interesting twist, some gay and lesbian feminist groups are siding with conservative women on this issue.

We’ll hear from both sides Sunday on Full Measure.

Also, Scott Thuman takes us to the farm to find out what American farm families are going through in the age of coronavirus.

He also stepped out to do debate duty and will look at notable moments from presidential debates in the past.

And Lisa Fletcher reports from Boston on the trend of removing statues and erasing history.

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6 thoughts on “The Transgender Divide in Sports, On the Farm, The Debate, and Erasing History”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but Title IX prohibits discrimination in education and educational related activities based on sex. Now women are trying to use Title IX to discriminate based on sex???

    Women did use it to force their way into areas and activities that were mainly or solely male, along with the argument that there can be no separate but equal. This is exactly what they are now trying to argue, separate but equal and based on sex.

    I seem to have missed the clause in Title IX where is says it applies only to women or when women want it to.

    1. I’m sure having children cut off their genitals and men dressed up as women breaking faces in women’s sports was just what people who wanted equal rights had in mind.

    2. To your point , if that’s the case, why are they pretending to be women? Why not just enter into the events as men? Women didn’t pretend to be men just so they could be included. They “FORCED” their way in as BONAFIDE WOMEN, but for the life of me I know not why. Being equal to a man seems to be three steps backwards, IMO.

  2. Until Born Females AND Born Male Trans compete at the same level as Born Males in their respective competitions, there is NO EQUAL of the sexes.

  3. Santosk Sarkisian

    It is ironic when there is an attack on “black manhood” the media cares not, but a few rare high profile transgender persons negatively impacting white female athletics then the far right media is obsessed with the story. So is a “boy” with Kleinfelter’s syndrome he has s X chromosome is “he” a “girl” this is said to happen in 1/500 births. What about a girl with Turner’s syndrome her X chromosome are faulty giving her a “masculine” appearance is “she” a “he” or what? Turner’s is rarer than Kleinfelter’s. Something to think about.

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