The Trump Economy, Illegal Immigration Conspiracy, and Farming in the Age of Covid-19

Sharyl at the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York for Full Measure

One of the things that makes this week’s cover story on Full Measure so interesting is that I began working on it before coronavirus. I set out to find out what defines the Trump Economy. At that time, it was considered one of President Trump’s strongest arguments for reelection.

Then, coronavirus hit.

I ended up speaking with three experts: two who didn’t support Trump in 2016 and one who did. They’ll give their assessment on the key features of the Trump Economy as we head into the 2020 votes. Some of their thoughts might surprise you.

Sharyl with Steve Forbes, talking about the Trump Economy

Also Sunday, I’ll speak with the liberal, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jerry Kammer who has been studying the money trail when it comes to illegal immigration policy in the U.S.

He blames both political parties for codifying a system that has lost control of illegal immigration– by design. He’ll tell us what he’s learned.

And Scott Thuman is on the farm to show us how some in the agriculture industry have worked find a way to be nimble and creative amid the challenges of coronavirus.

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5 thoughts on “The Trump Economy, Illegal Immigration Conspiracy, and Farming in the Age of Covid-19”

  1. Good morning, I’m new to Parler and to your coverage. I must say it’s very refreshing to get “the news” unbiased and real. Thanks..

  2. I’ve been following your story since learning of the illegal surveillance you’d been subjected to by the Obama administration. You’ve been a credit to the field of journalism for exposing corruption in our government. Unfortunately, many of your colleagues in what I call the lamestream media have lacked your integrity and have abandoned their roll as journalists and are now propagandists in service of a leftist political ideology that does not respect the First Amendment and the free exchange of ideas. Keep fighting the good fight.

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