Trump’s approval better than Obama’s at same point in presidency (Rasmussen Reports)

The numbers fluctuate daily, but as we bear down on the final days before the election, President Trump’s approval is one percentage point higher than President Obama’s at the same point in his presidency.

That’s according to the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

On Friday, the poll showed 51% of likely US voters approve of President Trump’s job performance and 48% disapprove.

The 51% is slightly higher than President Obama’s 50% approval rating just days before his reelection in 2012.

Also, according to Rasmussen Reports: “40%…Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 44%…Strongly Disapprove.”

See the entire comparison here:

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s approval better than Obama’s at same point in presidency (Rasmussen Reports)”

  1. Common sense tells us Trump will win by a landslide.. This election is not about Trump or Biden. It is about law and order, border security and the economy. Regardless or party, most Americans want law and order, border security and a prosperous economy.

    Hopefully the MSM will reflect and realize that as good Americans they MUST favor America instead of of the Democratic party. Hopefully the Democratic party will reject the extreme left and believe again in law and order and border security.

  2. Aleksandra Thostrup

    More and more regularly, I find myself coming to your site to get a sense of what is real, what is true and what is spin, and to be reminded of what journalism actually is (or, often, was). I am Danish, and if I had any say in the matter, The Smear would be required reading for every single Danish pundit and media-person. They assume American media is like Danish media which is not a good thing and, to put it mildly, has skewed the perception of America, Americans and the President quite a bit over the past decade.
    Thank you for what you. I am buying Slanted for my father this Christmas. He moved to Michigan a few years ago and is continually befuddled by how politically partisan and corrupt the media is.

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