WATCH: Why Ds and Rs collude to protect illegal immigration (Kammer)

Illegal immigration is a flashpoint, but one that defies the normal political divide. A new book by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jerry Kammer, called “Losing Control,” illustrates why and reveals it has a lot to do with money.

Sharyl: Just by way of background, where do you come from politically?

Jerry Kammer: I have always identified as a moderate liberal. That was from the time when the leading opponents of large scale illegal immigration were Democrats, concerned about the effects on the working class. And many of them have been terribly disadvantaged by our inability to control, especially illegal immigration. And so while the Democrats have moved toward the open borders position, I have felt that I can no longer identify with that.

Sharyl: In very simple terms, if you can, for people who don’t follow this issue carefully, what is our illegal immigration policy in writing and in practice?

Kammer: Well in writing, it is that those who seek employment in the United States must demonstrate that they are authorized to work in the United States. We have not enforced that. We have made the system easy to circumvent, to cheat with the fraudulent documents that are readily available in any city in the country. And so, unless you commit to what you have promised to do, unless you commit to enforcing the limits that were in the law, you’re going to have a chaotic situation, increasing public frustration, and a fragmentation politically where the left is increasingly saying that we cannot deport anyone who gets across the border, that that is an offense against human rights, and we have the right to say that we cannot reward illegal immigration because we have proven that when you do, you only get more of it.

Sharyl: But it’s a little more complicated than that because isn’t some of the right totally on board with the idea of allowing illegal immigration?

Kammer: Absolutely. You have the libertarian pro-business, that can’t get enough of hardworking people who are willing to work for a far less, and who are afraid to complain about working conditions because they’re fearful of being deported. And of course this puts authorized workers, native born, as well as legal immigrants at a terrible competitive disadvantage. Many of them have lost jobs. And when you combine that with the globalization and automation that has destroyed jobs over the past couple of decades, along with outsourcing, especially to China and also to Mexico, you have had a real hollowing out of the blue collar middle class in our country.

Sharyl: You go through how our immigration policies, the result of hundreds of business and academic lobbying groups that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars since 2001, contributing to politicians and trying to influence policy. What are some of the groups and their motivations?

Kammer: Well, the most prominent group is probably the National Chamber of Commerce, but there are many, many business groups, corporate groups. Mark Zuckerberg, and his group out there in Silicon Valley are very interested in the H-1B, the skilled worker visas. But you also have contractors, roofers, landscaping, businesses, restaurant associations, they’re all eager to have a loose labor market. That has always been what employers and with what capital wants. A loose labor market to keep downward pressure on wages.

Sharyl: Polls have consistently shown that most Americans want our immigration policy reformed. The trick is when it comes down to what that means, because probably half the people think it should be tightened and half the people think it should be loosened?

Kammer: Well, the polls show that most Americans want there to be limits and want the limits to be enforced. And that’s where they’ve clashed against the far better organized and better funded lobby on the other side. The lobbyists who wanted to increase immigration are a very established presence in Washington. And thanks to the Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group, we know how many hundreds of millions of dollars, even more than a billion dollars, they have spent to lobby for loose immigration policies. Meanwhile, as former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said, “there is no lobby for the working American poor.” No one to represent their interests, which have been harmed by the influx of competitive workers from many countries around the world.

Sharyl (on camera): A 1986 law was supposed to control illegal immigration, but Congress undermined it by giving amnesty to millions, which Kammer says triggered the backlash ultimately putting Trump in office.

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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Why Ds and Rs collude to protect illegal immigration (Kammer)”

  1. I did not watch because my computer is failing me.

    Both Frederick Douglas and Booker T Washington knew the Black workers did better when immigration was restricted. I am not sure what ‘Open Borders All & Jesse’ know what their forbearers did not. Booker had a great “Cast Down Your Bucket” speech which he frequently gave to audiences.

    I believe in the 1960s, several government actions set they US on a course to implode in at some point in the future. Immigraton was weaponized and aimed at America with the intent of destroying us.

    The 1965 Immigration Refrom Act slowed immigration from countries whose people made us a great nation and opened America to people from nations who do not assimilate. Border controls were gradually loosened.

    The 1986 Amnesty Act legalized about 2.5 million Illegal Aliens, by chain migration, another 16 million people legally came into the US. Chain migration allows esch legally admitted Alien to bring in an unlimited number of close relatives. They are a close relative if someone can write their name.

    About the same time, by Executive Order, Anchor Babies were created, also known a Birthright Citizenship. President Johnson perverted the 14th Amendment to create this travesty. Part of the 14th Amendment that was perverted was intended to prevent former slaves and children of slaves from being forced back into slavery by legal machinations of the Southern Democrats. The 14th Amendment was passed in 1868 and until 1965 if functioned as it was supposed to work.
    The issue is the meaning of “… within its juridiction … “. You kill someone, etc, yes, you are within the jurisdiction of the US. Is an male illegal alien required to Register for the Selective Service upon his 18th birthday? Before 1965, those here Illegally, travelers*, and children of diplomats were not included in the 14th Amendment protections. After 1965, children of diplomats were not included.
    * Is this where I should mention Communist Chinese birth tourism?

    1967, a Supreme Court ruling struck down the requirement of a 1911 Citizenship Act requiring immigrants to renounce their previous citizenship to become a Naturalized US Citizen. There are probably 50 million dual citizens in the US, most from countries hostile to the US. *
    * Again with the Chinese Birth Tourism and a Mexican can never renounce their Mexican citizenship. Mexican law, not ours.

    1. Here are other 1960s government actions that still plague us today.
      1963, President Kennedy said that if we continued to ship jobs out of country, it would hurt our economy in the future. He was appealing to the American people to put pressure on Congress. We live in a free country and if a business wishes send business overseas, they can. However, they should not get tax breaks.

      1965 The Great Society Programs have cost the US taxpayers and estimated $ 23 trillion dollars. Walter Williams estimate, not mine, There is no way I could calculate that amount.

      1968 Government Finance Reform Act provided that all incoming revenue would go into one account and all government expenditures are paid out of that account. Makes sense, right? Not so fast. This Reform Act by passes a previous law making monies for th Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds off-limits from Congress except for special legislaton. At this point all but $6 billion dollars remained on the WWII borrowings.

      I have more details, I did not include them for brevity and time. I can provide them if you wish.

  2. I worked in the cons’t trades for decades and marveled at the multi-billion dollar industry of fraud created to favor illegal aliens. It’s a story no one knows about but for those of us who colluded and befriended many of these workers. After all, they are like, though each with separate burdens, brought together through mutual exploitation.
    The onus is primarily on preceding Presidential administrations to order pertinent agencies to “stand down” thus allowing a quid pro quo with, in my case, the AFL-CIO and the DNC. Their conspiracy, as I have ascertained through fact checking, was to change the demographic voter totals in favor of Democratic control. Not to worry, I’m more a laissez-faire individual in favor of the likes of Dr. Ron Paul.
    I’m also able to estimate competitive losses of $300,000 due the RICO conspiracy. Not that I disrespect any person who works as hard as I do ..
    It’s quite simple, really.
    A worker provide a certification from his consulate for example: matricula consular
    That worker is provided a state driver’s license, without designation of origin or citizenship, usually.
    A tax ID number is readily available from the IRS.
    Those a lone are enough to satisfy an I-9 form required of US employeees.
    The fraud becomes expensive when the signatory contractors realize there is no enforcement.
    I won’t bore you with the details of altered book keeping and ID theft. I stole the documents, and, of course, spoke with many of my illegal colleagues numbering in the hundreds over my career.
    After all we were working under our own form duress together.
    This occurred to me again with news of certain stimulus package agendas recent.
    I’d also like to get my money back, but reporting instances only served to get me fired.
    I have persuaded a weekly PBS evening show to send a crew but they backed down when lawyers told them they couldn’t film workers climbing out a window.
    BTW, I did help in some small way to send that employer to prison. He was a little too greedy.
    As for our pension administrator, she might still believe I’m LEO.
    Good day Sharryl I might check that new email I gave you from time to time.
    Tell Kammer to stop beating around the bush. Congress deliberately has blown this off since Reno’s term as AG. The latest is the contractual housing of asylum seekers.
    |f I was one of them, I’d be doing the same thing.

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