WATCH: President Trump posts video before surprising well-wishers

President Trump recorded another video Sunday from Walter Reed hospital where he is receiving treatment for coronavirus.

I learned a lot of about Covid,” says Trump. “I learned by going to school… the real school.. I get it and I understand it.”

He then made a surprise visit to the “patriots on the street” holding vigil outside the hospital.

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5 thoughts on “WATCH: President Trump posts video before surprising well-wishers”

  1. je suis Français et un inconditionnel du President TRUMP je souhaite qu’il gagne et nous sommes nombreux en Françe a esperer sa victoire qu’elle chance vous avez d’avoir un President qui se bat pour votre drapeau jeanloup THENOT

  2. Glad the President is feeling better. I am not a fan of the photo opt though, covid-19 patience are quarantined for a reason, I am sure all the folks that have to surround the president for this are not happy that they are getting exposed.

    I think us normal people would be in a lot of hot water if we were out with folks as a carrier.

  3. Caroline McCampbell

    No matter what political party affiliation, when people are infatuated constantly by a person’s rhetoric and will believe and follow this person as if an image of “God” this is much similar to a cult following. There is lack of thinking and reflection about the messages our “leaders” espouse .

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