WATCH: Trump posts a video message before heading to Walter Reed

President Trump recorded and posted a short video prior to heading to Walter Reed hospital for treatment for his Covid-19 infection. Trump announced overnight that he and his wife, Melania, had both tested positive for coronavirus.

In the 18 second long recording, Trump says he thinks he’s doing okay, says the First Lady is doing well, and thanks the public for their well wishes.

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10 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump posts a video message before heading to Walter Reed”

  1. Rich and Bonnie Labonte

    Dear President Trump and Melania,
    80% of the state of Idaho, including my wife and I, are praying For your fast recovery and continued good health.
    Rich and Bonnie Labonte
    Emmett, Idaho.

  2. Take this time to rest , Mr. President. You deserve all the time you need. You have already done all that could be done, and more to bring our country back on track. the only thing you would be missing instead of taking this time for yourself, would be the “debate horror show, where any common sense does not resonate. Thank you for your service, Sir. God Bless our FLOTUS and all your administration as well.

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