“Agent Under Fire”: A new book about the mysterious attack of ICE agents in Mexico during Fast and Furious scandal

Below is the description of a new book by the federal agent, Victor Avila, whom I interviewed on Full Measure here, and who’s story I covered on CBS News.

Author and Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent (Ret.) Victor Avila shares his true story of being shot in the line of duty and a plan to work towards a secure border in Agent Under Fire: A Murder and a Manifesto.

Victor Avila’s story on “Full Measure”

The drug cartels are part of Mexico’s criminal underworld and a center for human trafficking, money laundering, drug-running, mass murders, and government evasion.

Avila was shot and his partner murdered by Mexican cartel thugs amid controversy over the Fast and Furious scandal during which U.S. federal agents allowed thousands of guns to be trafficked to the drug cartels.

In addition to sharing his story, Victor also outlines his personal solutions to the violence and corruption in Mexico, our southern border and its direct effect to our national security.

“Long after police identified the Mexican cartel hit men who attacked Special Agent Victor Avila and his partner, Jaime Zapata, in 2011-the mystery lingered as to why their supervisors sent them, unprotected, on what was virtually a suicide mission.” – Sharyl Attkisson, Full Measure Managing Editor, Investigative Reporter and author

Order Agent Under Fire here— or wherever you like to buy books!

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1 thought on ““Agent Under Fire”: A new book about the mysterious attack of ICE agents in Mexico during Fast and Furious scandal”

  1. Here is Marxists’ open-borders ultimate goal/purpose :

    — to erase America’s founding race, culture, and religion,
    as explained in my 2008 essay —

    [[ Sharyl, copy this to paper, for future reference, than nix it. ]]


    Recent calculations about U.S. population trends have shown that whites are to become a minority within their own civilization by 2043, which fact ought to cause concern in white men—if not rage in them. // “Why would conservatives be angry at liberals and liberalism?”—leftists often wonder and ask that question; especially after some white guy breaks down and begins shooting. // It’s as if Leftists/Libertines are unaware, or haven’t been in the U.S. these past forty years of radical change—as if they’re unaware of the rapid decline in the quality of life for the progeny of British and European whites who conceived and built this nation; // unaware of the breakdown of families and morals and civil society; // unaware of the proliferation of mind-corrupting, family-destroying music, pornography, feminism and Hollywood and TV bilge; // unaware of the FORCED integration of black ghetto culture into white civil society and its resulting destruction of America’s public education, dumbing down every aspect of American society to accommodate that anti-white culture; // unaware of the vulture capitalists who sell-out their country and culture to increase the bottom line by shipping jobs and technology to Third World countries; // unaware of a revolving-door criminal justice system for rapists, robbers, murderers, child molesters, muggers, druggies and white collar criminals (30 years of it, until conservatism had reduced that civilization-wrecking, Left-/Libertine-driven trend during the Nineties); // unaware of the confiscatory taxation that enslaves the productive to the needs of the unproductive, driving this nation towards bankruptcy by giving something-for-nothing Great Society “aid” to the poor; // unaware of undemocratic and tyrannical Congress and courts, hell-bent on destroying white civil society for the benefit of every minority ethnic group now invading America from the Third World, who receive special financial aid and legal protection for their efforts, against whites’ best interests; // unaware of nation-destroying multi-culturalism, multi-racialism and multilingualism infecting every white community; // unaware of the assassination of Mrs. Randy Weaver, and the mass murder of an entire church community by Left-/Libertine-driven federal thugs in Waco (the Clinton White House had had a visceral hatred of anything right-wing—particularly of fundamentalist Christianity); // unaware of just how far from the Founders’ America this federal government has strayed in setting up its Marxism-sympathizing and minority-serving social engineering programs; // unaware of just how fearful and hateful the tax-paying and law-abiding majority of white citizens has become towards its federal government; // unaware that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed on the heated promise that it would not lead to quotas and discrimination against white people (recall that Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson had promised to eat his hat if it ever led to discrimination against white people); // and unaware that the Immigration Act of 1965 was passed on the promise — Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s and his democrat supporters’ promise! — that that legislation WOULD NOT (( NEVER! )) be used to alter America’s racial mix from its dominant white majority to a non-white majority. // Why wouldn’t white men be concerned or angry at the loss of their Western civilization to anti-white/anti-white-male/anti-Western/anti-Christian, People-Of-Color tribes?


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