Another fake “fact check” from Facebook

The following is a news analysis.

Once again another “fake” Facebook “fact check” that is nothing more than disinformation and propaganda.

This “fact check” takes on a peer-reviewed, published scientific study about the effectiveness of masks when it comes to virus spread. The Facebook “fact checker” gave his or her opinion that the information in the study is “false.”

This sort of information manipulation by Facebook, Twitter, Google and other Big Tech companies is increasingly intrusive and dangerous, in my view. That means they are no longer merely platforms; they are editorial publishers. They comprise a group of political activists disseminating false information and trying to censor and shape public opinion. As such, they aren’t entitled to lawsuit protections under section 230.

Previously, Facebook fake “fact checked” a documentary about the origins of coronavirus. Facebook falsely claimed the information in the documentary was untrue. In reality, the “fact checkers” were in no position to know. Furthermore, the documentary did not make any claims about the origins, it simply looked at various discussions and evidence.

When digging around and looking for context about the “fact checkers” in that instance, I learned that Facebook was relying, in part, on a U.S. scientist who worked at the Wuhan, China lab in question to disparage any notion of the virus coming from that facility, though she admitted she had no information on the matter! That conflict of interest was not disclosed in the fake “fact check.”

Circulate the link and the study that Big Tech is trying to censor:

Fight information control.

Make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

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26 thoughts on “Another fake “fact check” from Facebook”


  2. Why on earth do you bother with publishing your information on Facebook? Seems to me that your being there at all gives them credibility. And most of the people who are with you no longer associate with facebook.
    Feel free to discuss this with me and enlighten me as to why you continue to publish on facebook.

  3. Thanks for further evidence that FB is super sleazy. I deleted my FB account in April and am much happier without it. I’ve quit all social media and am now eliminating Google from my life.

    Regarding the study, while I don’t support mask mandates, you’ve missed an important disclaimer published in the study:

    “The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections, because the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection. During the study period, authorities did not recommend face mask use outside hospital settings and mask use was rare in community settings (22). This means that study participants’ exposure was overwhelmingly to persons not wearing masks.”

    This, of course, doesn’t “prove” that masks are indeed effective, nor does it speak to unintended consequences of wearing a mask at work for eight hours. And of course, it doesn’t address the ethics of forcing people to wear masks.

  4. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism. Keep your Integrity and do not stray from the path of righteousness. That slope is slow and insidious, as you have seen in your colleagues that have succumbed to a greater entity at work. But if you stay the course you will be rewarded. GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU.

  5. So glad I’m following you. In a world that one can’t trust a thing the media and platforms say, I’m relieved at least you are coveting the old school of journalism.

    I bought your book, Can’t wait to read.

  6. censorship is now totally out of control! Have evidence of Facebook trying to censor my posts merely by attaching something I posted back in SEPTEMBER (now stating it violated their rules?) it didn’t violate any rules in September? Why now ….? Because I’m also posting updates to election fraud allegations and Facebook wants to suppress this information
    They are imposing THEIR political views!

  7. I was “fact-checked” so frequently I stopped posting! I am one of the ~7% of people that follow the “See Why” and after their confusing commentary it usually boils down to a word, a date or if it was a post (not favorable) about Biden but true (their popular go to) “misleading”!

    It is unbelievable what is happening today! There are so few gutsy Americans left (especially in the media). These few are falling left everyday; Fox was bought (obviously), for a minute is seemed as though they didn’t take all the anchors with them but alas even Tucker is gone. Hell, they even got Libertarian Ben Shapiro on the liberal left.

    The truth is the real COVID-19 is the Democratic Party because their “clique” is more pervasive and contagious than COVID could ever dream of being. I’ve never been more alarmed or saddened by what I’m seeing and hearing. I’ve also never, even NOT known what the hell to do.

  8. I have researched masks for months, finding opinions all over the place, My personal opinion is they do not prevent one from contracting any virus. The may filter some of the virus droplets which get caught on the fabric, but many more virus droplets pass through just like the air you are breathing. They may help reduce the droplets an infected person is spewing into the air but they will not eliminate them. Are they a cure all? No. Are they better than nothing? Yes.

  9. I so enjoy your daily newsletter. I have also pre-ordered your book and know I will enjoy it. Keep up your good work. It is so refreshing in this new journalism world we find ourselves in.

  10. They do the same thing to John Stossel – two of the guy’s names on his “fact check” never saw his video. They are constantly marking my posts as false and limiting its views; they also refuse to let me post to other pages and limit my ability to comment on other pages. They don’t research the material either. They always take the PC position. I don’t think this is the kind of fact checking they were supposed to be doing. Meanwhile fake contest pages multiply like dust bunnies. Fake old stories recycle that are quite obviously fake to any normal person. But differences of opinion cannot be tolerated, even if they’re peer reviewed.

  11. Thank you for your work. I am so saddened and frightened for America everyone believes what is published on FB and what is reported by the bias media. Without question they accept what is reported with no effort to evaluate what is said on their own. I very much appreciate your voice as validation of my questioning everything that is happening. We have lost the last thing that made us a democracy and kept us separate from all of the corrupt countries. It is indeed a sad time in America’s History.

  12. I am an MD, PhD, practicing neurologist, and free thinker. I am part of a Large, Private, FB group of likeminded Physicians. Our group has been continually discriminated against and censored for months on FB. Whenever FB “fact checks” our comments, I have to laugh at the absurdity and audacity! FB is going to “fact check”, someone with an MD, PhD, who is a neurologist? Huh… Here is the thing, FB has every right to censor whatever they want on their platform, they are a private company. That said, there is no requirement to participate. Most of my group are making a transition to other platforms. My hope is that if enough people do this, FB will start losing advertisers ($$$). By the same token, like it or not, social media is here to stay and now represents a major way we “speak”. to each other, As a nation, we REALLY need legislation to protect social media as free speech. THat would shut em down real quick.

  13. Children’s Health Defense has filed suit against facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and two of fb’s “fact-checkers” :
    “CHD also raises detailed allegations about how Facebook accomplishes its censorship of CHD’s page through its surrogate “fact-checkers,” who are neither “independent” nor objective, and why this agency relationship cannot insulate Facebook from liability under the federal Communications Decency Act, Section 230.”

    Recently, author/activist Candace Owens also filed suit against fb. Her suit makes an interesting claim. She is very popular, (her page was averaging $35K/day in ad revenue) and by censoring her posts, the fact-checkers draw eyes away from her information to theirs, and essentially act as parasites to profit themselves:

    Some tweets from Candace re: the suit:

    When threatened with the suit, Politi”fact” withdraws their censorship:

    2021 should prove an interesting year for fb and zuckerberg!

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