Fast election facts: Record-setting number of votes for Trump, but (so far) still not enough

So far, Donald Trump has received 70+ million votes.

That’s more than any other Democrat or Republican ever, prior to 2020.

Trump has received 7 million more than he got in ’16.

He has received 5 million more than Hillary Clinton got in ’16.

Trump has received more than 24 million votes than Ronald Reagan got for his first term in 1980.

Joe Biden has 74+ million.

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5 thoughts on “Fast election facts: Record-setting number of votes for Trump, but (so far) still not enough”

  1. Trump has received more votes than any presidential candidate ever and yet Biden won? I smell a rat. We need to do something about the Demonrat Criminal Party’s penchant for stealing elections.

    By the way, in an interview with Newsmax, Blago, ex-Governor of Illinois who admittedly has reasons to be grateful to Trump, stated that the Dems have been stealing elections for years.

    1. Kathleen, yes!:

      This scribbler knew months ago, that a Deep State fix was in, as MSM had cropped all Biden campaign videos for national TV news—focusing closely on him in ALL reports on his campaign rallies (( Hillary had suffered the same lack of people )), avoiding any broad views of those in attendance—and as Biden waved far too high to mostly empty grounds before him (( just 57 people at one Biden event while Trump drew thousands at his )).

      Consider this, as just one example
      of how cheating had elevated the
      felon-in-waiting, Joe Biden :


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