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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: Mark Levin interviews Sharyl Attkisson about the sorry state of the news media”

  1. Yes. Many have been saying it for years but it is more true now than ever before. The vast majority of media show their bias not only it what and how they report but in what they conspire to not report. No matter how many speak up against it it only appears to have become more insidious and more brazen. All the more reason for real journalists who follow the facts regardless of pressure and consequences to stand apart from the herd. they should be acknowledged, encouraged and supported for doing their jobs..

  2. I have been listening to and watching some of your broadcasts and podcasts during the past week. My husband and I heartily concur with your general message. He has been a sports writer for more than 30 years and I was a news reporter for ten years at small and mid-sized papers. We miss the days of national reporters presenting two or more sides on an issue. We know of friends, even in the sports world, who have left their jobs because they were being pressured by editors and publishers into asking leading questions that reflected strong political bias during press conferences. Thank you for your heroic work. I ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it.

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