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3 thoughts on “After Hours: Live chat about behind-the-scenes at CBS News (PODCAST)”

  1. For me it started months and months ago (of two weeks to stop the curve) with my own investigation into HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE. I was frustratingly blocked In every way from finding the facts. Going to Europe (on computer) helped slightly. I’m a detective in my way of thinking. Suddenly the news hit us that the drug was actually dangerous. Hmmm- I traced this information the media was was running with. The whole study report was fraudulent- and In fact had to be retracted. Only then did the fun actually start. Nobody believed me. And the story was conveniently buried. Tracking it down and even showing it to people amazingly still had no impact! It was then I had my ‘Slanted’ moment. It is now my yardstick. You are both wonderfully correct. Many are content to be in a protected alternative reality. Logical contemplative Thinking isn’t required. But please bring your shrill emotions. How else can you cancel and shout down the truth?
    I’ve become a fan of yours. And that doesn’t happen often. The book is sharply wonderful. Thank you warm regards,
    Steve Zen

  2. I really wish The President in all the many many times he used the term, “Fake News”. Would have instead simply said, “Slanted News”

  3. WestcoastDeplorable

    Sharyl, I’ve known about the potential ill effects of the aluminum in anti-antiperspirants for some time. I don’t remember where I learned about the breast cancer connection, but the kidney probs is a new one. We use deodorant instead and it works just fine.
    Thanks as always for your reporting. We’re seeing your show here in SoCal on KDOC and of course on the ‘net. Looking forward to buying your new book; we really enjoyed “The Smear”.

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