Most are not optimistic about the future

Most people say they are not optimistic about the future. That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 1,600 people at

53% say they are not optimistic about the future.

18% say they are.

23% say they feel mixed on the question.

Are you optimistic about the future?

18% Yes

53% No

23% Mixed

5% I have no idea

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12 thoughts on “Most are not optimistic about the future”

  1. I am very worried about the future. I expect that Biden will steal the election and seems to want to undo all of the successes that President Trump has made. I am afraid that the bureaucrats in the FDA and CDC will go back to their slow approval process and it will take longer to make the vaccines available. Biden wants to go back to the failed policies with Iran and the Middle East. I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel maybe with it’s new Arab allies bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities before inauguration day. ANTIFA and BLM will feel free to increase their violence. Biden will impose more regulations and taxes. Within the next 12 months I expect the Biden recession. My retirement savings have greatly increased in value but I probably will start selling the stocks and mutual funds in them soon before the stock market plummets.

    1. I agree with yo Jeff. If the dems get away with this the integrity of the vote is gone. How do you fight against some thing so sinister as the democrat party? There is no end to their corruption. Trump was a ray of hope and after 4 years of being maligned by mass media for 4 years the man is still The President. I am plenty worried The streets are filled with hateful thugs and yet the talk of defunding the cops. Our safety means nothing to the dem party.

      1. What worries me is that I personally can’t see any scenario where Joe Biden takes the oath of office on 1/20/20 in a peaceful transfer of power. Far too many people witnesses the very swing states that are proving to have serious election integrity issues, in a coordinated effort cease reporting of results. In every single instance the President was up by seemingly insurmountable numbers, yet by dawns early light his lead WASN’’T still there. Statistically implausible results are reflected in each situation and we all know what the Dems did in their Democrat fiefdoms. I fear America had hit a fracture point. The Dems crossed the Rubicon with this fraud. Even if Trump remains in power, now, b/c of the damage the media has done, they will react violently to a 2nd inaugural. If you’re not already prepared, you’d better get on it. My gut tells me January is going to be very rocky!

  2. The future is precarious at the moment. The trends of media, big tech and the left feel very threatening, and if there isn’t a powerful movement to fight back, in a meaningful way, the future feels doomed.

  3. Sharyl Is one Awesome Journalist who is not afraid to speak her mind. Her reporting is right on the money. She has earned my respect.

  4. As the nation teeters on the brink of a major upheaval and quite likely violent conflict, it is difficult to feel positive about the future. Mind you, I am only lately come to this position. I first began to sense unease in 2004, as Bush, 43 began his push for reelection. I almost didn’t vote for him that year. I wish I had not.

    Bush practically paved the way for Obama in 2008 and the GOP ran yet another pathetic campaign in 2008. I am convinced the Democrats thought they had 2016 in the bag and did not prepare sufficient “insurance” and didn’t cheat quite enough to insure victory. They clearly didn’t make that mistake again in 2020.

    Regardless how the election is decided two large camps exist and the Bolsheviks have already unleashed threats and violence against the rest of America. I don’t think they will cease if they prevail since political violence worked for them. And I don’t think they will cease if they do not prevail because they have worked up their base into a rabid fury at everything American.

    There is not much reason for optimism at this point.

  5. To put it short, back to the status “‘quid pro quo””… red tape, injustices, and possibly a shift to … SOCIALISM…

  6. With Donald Trump as president, there is hope and promise. If the Globalists manage to steal the election, it will be gloom and people would need to move into Survival Mode.

    1. I agree. If Biden/the Globalists, manage to steal the election, it will be bad. The Useful Idiots that support the Democrats will be in for an ugly wake up call. They will not like it.

  7. As a friend of America, please stop making something simple like voting into a complex, corrupt technology-driven event.
    1) You need a pencil and a piece of paper to vote.
    2) You get the piece of paper and pencil after you present your ID when you register at the door of the voting station.
    3) You place your cross against the Presidential candidate of your choice.
    4) The election for President stands alone. All other elections for Senators to Dog Watcherd are held at a different time.
    5) A representative of each candidate is present at each counting station because that’s the right thing to do.
    6) The Electoral College and State votes fast remain as per the constitution.

    That’s it! One last thing America – remember you are voting for the Leader of the Free World, That requires a simple choice, a simple voting system and a great responsibility. Just do it!

  8. What’s to look forward to? We are being manipulated by the most corrupt people on the planet. I’m just content to be 73 yrs old instead of 23 yrs young.
    God Bless our grandchildren.

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