NEW UPDATE: Attkisson vs. government over illegal spying

  • One defendant, a former federal agent involved in the spying, says he does not want my case to be dismissed as the Justice Department is seeking.

The following is an update on Attkisson v. Rosenstein et al.

As my lawsuit proceeds in Maryland court, the Department of Justice continues to use taxpayer money to defend the guilty agents involved in the illegal spying on me and my family.

Read background on the lawsuit here.

Meantime, one of the defendants in the lawsuit is one of the former agents who has actually admitted to spying on me (and other Americans) while working under Rod Rosenstein at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore. One of the other former agents being sued, a former Secret Service agent, is already in prison for other crimes.

The judge in the case recently invited this former federal agent to join the defense mounted by the Department of Justice on behalf of Rosenstein and former FBI official Shawn Henry, now of CrowdStrike.

The former federal agent declined the judge’s offer saying that he does not want my case to be dismissed. Instead he says he wants the illegal activity to be exposed.

Read the letter below:

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7 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE: Attkisson vs. government over illegal spying”

  1. This blatant election fraud cannot stand. I and 70MM others have had our votes stolen by fraudulent ballots brazenly dumped late at night to conceal the crimes..

  2. Sharyl, I remember when you were reporting news here in the Tampa Bay area and am praying for justice for you. Why is it so hard to expose the absolute corruption of the Obama administration…from the IRS and Lois Lerner to Hillary Clinton to Comey and so many others. And now the election is being stolen from us. So frustrating..keep fighting!

  3. Fight the Good Fight. I wish I could send some money to help with costs, but I cannot do it now.
    If America is to continue, this corruption must be eliminated.
    I am scared for our future and will do what is necessary.

  4. This group of globalist liberals are fixing to take over this country. I’m not a nut. MD PHD. History is repeating. Keep ur guns! This is outrageous and where are the Rs to yell like hell!!

  5. The Entire Judicial System is Corrupt. Please help us expose this plan for We the People to have a Real & Equal Voice in Fixing America. Heres the plan!
    David Frank

  6. I agree, if the cheating is allowed then we have no good future! Hold the cheaters accountable! Have another vote, no mail in, if you make it to a poll I’m sorry, put polls at our military spots for them.

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