POLL: Most do not “trust election results”

More than 70% do not trust election results and, among them, 15% say they “never” will.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 1,300 people at SharylAttkisson.com,

Only 3% said they trust the election results.

Twenty-five percent (25%) say they will trust the results when “all the challenges play out.”

I trust election results

3% True

55% False

25% When all challenges play out

15% Never

2% What election?

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14 thoughts on “POLL: Most do not “trust election results””

  1. “Controlled Resistance,” Sharyl, is the shadow government’s / the deep state’s / the SECRET swamp’s means to direct/control/influence at-large society; for effecting an eventual Global Economic Socialism (( my term, coined in the 1980s )).

    Ms. Magazine and National Review — and several other publications — have been Agency-built and -funded venues (( Buckley was an Agency spy, tasked with using his magazine to mock / embarrass / delegitimize the ANTI-COMMUNIST John Birch Society )).

    And, for decades, that SCHEME has been applied throughout the West, S E C R E T L Y!; an Agency-employed and sustained, mis-informing, corrupting LEFTISM—in order to I N C R E M E N T A L L Y seize power and control of the meritorious/capitalistic/Christian/male-directed West (( Note: Radical/Marxian/Non-Logical FEMINISM is an enemy of ALL of our noble, Christian, man-/woman-built history )).

    For WHAT PURPOSE, this ongoing dismantlement of America?—of the West?

    To sate LEFTISTS’ Marxian/Reptilian EGO, and its insatiable LUST for tortured/bleeding/pained/then-dead bodies, EVERYWHERE!; and always lusting after an immoral PROFIT-TAKING—to live in king-/queen-like comfort while the vast majority suffers gross indignation (( see Russia’s Marxian Bolshevism: totalitarian, equalitarian, vulgar, filthy, sadistic, murderous, and lustful ))!

    This scribbler had been a child-prodigy, mentally prompted to correct adults around me, whenever an illogical statement/opinion had been made by one of them (( INTPs are BORN that way, no matter the many among today’s Jungian psychologists opining: It is from NURTURING, not GENES )).

    So — to correct the adult — why is EVERYONE
    ignoring Powell’s brief reference, during her
    charge of a fixed election, this stunning, more
    revelatory remark ? :

    “A kid with a cell phone could hack them!”

    Find my post about Agency’s remote-control of voting machines, which is how Obama was INSTALLED—twice! (( by the way, Sharyl, you ought provide Left-Column (( on your PAGE )) LINKS to ALL of your reports—from the beginning )).



    I’ve explained the nature (( the psychology ))
    of that Marxian CABAL injuring President
    Trump—and its HATRED of his MASCULINE
    protection of the Founders’ AMERICA (( of
    Western Civilization! )).

  2. Let’s try this, Sharyl, re “untouchable subjects,” did you hear the live radio interview of Obama’s paternal grandmother, after Obama’s first INSTALLMENT—exclaiming her glee and joy, at having been present at Obama’s birth . . . in Kenya ?

    Re my post, “awaiting moderation” — re psychology of the CABAL — copy it to paper.


    1. P.S.

      As an avid student of world history, and particularly of the history of civilizations (( I have all of the volumes penned by Mr. and Mrs. Durant, and of many other sources )), this scribbler has traced the SECRET CABAL’s genesis and machinations to a DEADLY pre-Sumerian civilization—the nature/character of which can’t be decently described/published here.

    2. I believe 0bama is an Illegal Alien. I
      I don’t have time to go through the whole thing right now,
      I did not listen to that video, I never heard of it until right now
      In the 1960s, I believe 5 govt actions put the US on the path to implode or self-destruct. If interested, later.

  3. If Biden gets in, then the Constitutional, representative republic we all hold near and dear to our hearts will be lost forever. You may want to invest in a donkey saddle, to ride down main street USA. This is what the socialist/communist/democrat party has in store. May GOD help us.

    1. I am also a student of history and own Durant’s books.
      I may have read that book that traces everything back to a pre-Sumerian civilization.
      I have serious problems with that book.

      I had a response to your comments last night.
      apparently, it was moderated out of existence. I did not think it was that bad. I was eagerly awaiting your response.

      1. Kevin,

        This analyst introduced – in the early 1990s – this observation, to Michael Savage and others (( title of one of my 1,000-plus essays )) :

        “Liberalism is a Mental Disease”

        Non-classical liberalism, that is (( the Founders‘/Framers’ logical LIBERALISM )).

        Savage adjusted that charge, just a bit, to title one of his books.

        Now comes some evidence :

        “The results of the study, which was conducted off a self-reported poll by Pew in March, indicated that across all races and age groups, those who identified as conservative were far less likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness by a doctor. In the youngest bracket of 18 to 29-year-olds, 45.9% of liberals said they had received such a diagnosis compared to 20.1% of conservatives.”

        Full article, here :



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