Rare earth minerals, COVID-19 funding and criminal spending, and “SLANTED”: a new book about the troubled news industry

There’s a little discussed race to unearth rare minerals found in the floor of the deep sea.

This week on Full Measure, Lisa fletcher will take us to see what lies beneath, and tell us why the search for these elements is not only a matter of technological advancement, but also national security– particularly when it comes to the U.S. competitive position with China.

Also, billions of your tax dollars have been devoted to coronavirus relief. Anywhere there’s federal spending, experts say there’s the potential for waste, fraud and abuse.

We’ll follow the money and tell you about some of the outrageous criminal cases that have been uncovered so far. One of them involves an NFL player charged with cheating to get himself and family members millions of dollars they weren’t entitled to.

And we’ll borrow a page from my new book to be released next week: “SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism.”

SLANTED explains a great deal about the-death-of-the-news-as-we-once- knew-it, and today’s complex, chaotic, unbelievable media landscape. (Preorder your copy today, anywhere!)

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5 thoughts on “Rare earth minerals, COVID-19 funding and criminal spending, and “SLANTED”: a new book about the troubled news industry”

  1. Sharyl,

    regarding :


    —blame traitorous Western/American capitalists (( read my 1993 report )) :


    — Chinese Tortoise Passes Russian Hare to threaten Western hegemony —

    The character, temperament, and intelligence of any homogeneous people are genetic-based and uniform, and mostly unaffected by influences outside natural evolution. You need only study China’s history to exactly predict her future; unlike the unpredictability of the Western mind with its inherent penchant to try this and that and radically alter its course—a mind at once trusting and fearful in its willingness to send advanced technology to an enemy. Yes, China is an enemy of the United States.

    The ancient and deep psychological character of China is feminine, collectivist, and inward-looking—until she wakes from her deep introversion. Communism suits her nature well (there is no word in Chinese dialects for “private.” The closest term for describing the idea means “loneliness”). Her experiment with capitalism is only means to an end: expansionism. Tibet is a “good” first step, then Hong Kong (which the West is handing to her), and then Taiwan and strategic interests across the Russian border.

    China is a stretching Titan, rubbing the scales of slumber from her eyes before swallowing her neighbors. Russia might stop China when she marches, if it can momentarily abandon its Balkanization to meet the challenge.

    Many pundits think that that’s an absurd evaluation, but when her massive war machine begins to march they’ll be apologizing for their naiveté.

    China only toys with the West’s cultural proclivities; she’s not adopting Western values or its economic freedoms—only temporarily using them as means to strengthen her military. China is a communist nation; it won’t abandon what suits its people’s character and leadership quite well.

    The domination of the emoting feminine mind over the rational masculine mind in the West explains why America’s leaders can’t see the coming end to the American Experiment—or China’s eventual, despotic influence on the world.

    I pray my conclusions are wrong.

    —From my 1999 essay, “Why Wall Street Capitalists Hate Families and Nationhood” : “Why would ‘American’ businessmen care whether you and your family are safe from Chinese nuclear rockets? They don’t, which is why American merchants McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications betrayed their nation for profit, as Lenin predicted: ‘ The capitalists of the whole world and their governments will close their eyes on the kinds of [grim and unscrupulous] activities I have described and will become blind as well as deaf-mutes. They will extend loans which will provide us with the equipment and technology we lack and will thus help rebuild our military industry, which we need to launch subsequent victorious attacks against our suppliers. In other words, the capitalist nations will always work to prepare their own suicide. ‘ “


  2. Georgia produces Kaolin. Some rare earth minerals are taken out of the kaolin. It just cost more to refine them out into usable minerals than it cost to buy the Chinese. However y’all know they put the screws to us when ever they feel like it. So we’d best start getting our own sources developed

  3. My opinion:
    Many years ago my interests delved into the REO or REM and Nano; it was declared a top priority by a number of counties, chiefly, the US intelligence community; likewise, China has the best quality REO in the world – US decide to counter this by man made technologies – looks like it has been a difficult alchemy to achieve. Some of the best best communication devices are from China – probably never part with the resources, imagine a small decisive group of people capable to communicate crystal clear/clarity miles through rock/mineral mountains, and under the sea without being detected. The explorations is heating up and been that way for a long while, especially under the oceans/seas, as it has the greatest quality of immense resources from PGM to REO & REM, better be quick who ever gets to claim the waters; oh, yes, the waters are disputed maritime highways

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