UPDATE: Federal judge issues third Sunday order regarding preservation of Georgia voting machines

Monday update: The following is an update to the below story: on Sunday night, the judge in the case instituted a third order, again stating that the voting machines are to be preserved and not wiped or reset.

From Epoch Times:

The judge declared in the meantime that defendants are “enjoined and restrained from altering, destroying, or erasing, or allowing the alteration, destruction, or erasure of, any software or data on any Dominion voting machine in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee counties.”

He also ordered the board to “promptly produce to plaintiffs a copy of the contract between the state and Dominion.”

According to an affidavit from a GOP poll worker that was filed as part of the lawsuit, an election official had said on Nov. 25 that some ballot-counting machines were to be reset on Monday so they could be used in the full recount requested by the Trump campaign due to the less than half a percentage point margin between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The deadline to complete the recount is midnight Dec. 2.

Upon seeing the message, the poll worker said they notified their supervisor because they were concerned about wiping the machines.

“I am seeing lots of notices from lawyers about possibly impounding the machines,” the poll worker wrote, according to the affidavit. “Lawyers are now saying that the machines should be confiscated immediately before this happens to protect forensic data. They are saying those machines need to be impounded ASAP. Yikes. Maybe I’m being overly paranoid but let’s be sure this is what we’re supposed to be doing.”

The supervisor responded: “It’s what we are supposed to do. It will take a court order to stop this process—so I guess we need to keep watching the news. If we get a court order to stop, we will see it in our SOS information.”

When the poll worker asked if the reset will wipe the forensic info from the machines, the manager said that “Atlanta already did it.”

Read more at The Epoch Times here.

Amid rumors that Georgia elections officials intended to alter or wipe voting machines used in the 2020 election, a federal judge has ordered that the machines be preserved in their current state. He then abruptly reversed that order, according to the attorney who asked for it.

The order was made public several hours after Georgia Republicans complained that elections officials had kept them at a distance for hours while election officials worked on the machines.

On Sunday, November 29, attorney Lin Wood tweeted the following:

GA officials performing “software update” on Fulton County voting machines at this very moment at World Congress Center. They are trying to erase the evidence by scrubbing the machines with litigation pending. BLOW YOUR HORNS. PATRIOTS. This cannot stand.



Shortly thereafter, an order from U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Batten, Sr. was made public:

Defendants are ordered to maintain the statue quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.

US District Court Judge Timothy Batten, Sr.

Read Judge’s Order

But not long after that decision, attorney Wood tweeted that the judge reversed his decision on the machines, based on claims that Georgia counties control the machines. The judge says the defendants do not control the machines and, therefore, he cannot order them to be preserved in their current state.

Read Judge’s Second Order

Meantime, a hearing on Wood’s broad ranging requests related to election fraud allegations is set for Friday.

Wood has also asked for a forensic audit and security tape videotape evidence.

Read the judge’s order summarizing the requests below.

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41 thoughts on “UPDATE: Federal judge issues third Sunday order regarding preservation of Georgia voting machines”

    1. Ga got fedmoney to buy the machines !all the more reason we the people of GA
      And all America Also Have rights to seize and freeze opting machines! No evidence tampering

    2. Last night on Lou Dobbs, Sidney Powell reported that after the judge said they could seal the machines, when they went to get them, the SERVER for the 3 of them was mysteriously MISSING………. oh yeah! There’s no fraud and this election was the best ever!! They really DO think we’re STUPID……I’m not accepting that.

  1. Of course the Feds AND Georgia taxpayers own the machines. This Federal Judge represents the Feds, and by jurisdiction represents Georgia taxpayers. ???

    1. Destruction of evidence should not be permissible no matter which entity owns the machines. The machines are tools. The votes are legal entities.

    2. Ayn,

      “This Federal Judge represents . . . Georgia taxpayers,” you opine. Really ?

      From among the 1,000-plus of my essays—all of them about ROOT causes of the West’s dismantlement (( Sharyl, copy this to paper, then delete it )) :



      Marxian Activist Judges

      Trash Greek Legacy

      – – –

      Stable and Concrete Rule by Laws


      ‘Living and Breathing’ Rule by Feelings ?

      Everyone knows, Left and Right, what “activist judges” means, as Marxian leftists make no apologies about legislating social policy from the bench, arguing that our Constitution “lives and breathes” to accommodate “necessary adjustments” to society, which living and breathing accommodation may expand or alter a law’s meaning, in order to “accommodate America’s changing social attitudes and circumstances”; an argument driven by FEELINGS, not by any SOUND LOGIC nor ORIGINAL INTENT.

      -from my collection of 3000-plus thoughts on the root causes of America’s steep moral/cultural decline, “Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder”:

      1396) Marxian liberals conceived the ideas “penumbras” and “emanations” to make, contradictorily so, a “living document” out of our rule-of-law Constitution, allowing liberal lawyers and judges to find constitutional “rights” where none exist, such as a right to privacy and a right to an abortion, both of which actually cast privileges upon select groups against the public good—privileges that have been (are) terminal cancers on American civilization; a privilege of privacy used against majority interest by criminals, presidents, congressmen and government agencies; and a privilege of abortion used by women against the interest of wombed HUMAN babies, of their biological fathers, and of the public good found in this noble idea: “HUMANE SOCIETY.”

      Rightists argue against rule by feelings because such judicial activism destroys the rule of law—because – and using irrefutably sound logic here – if a “law” lives and breathes according to changing social attitudes and circumstances, then it cannot be a law—but a whim, according to every traditional and accepted meaning of the word.

      Laws are stable and concrete rules that DO NOT CHANGE meanings with external circumstances, nor by the internal biases of judges—excepting, of course, these liberal social-engineering judges who thumb their elite NORTHEAST-LIBERAL nose at the Constitution, at Congress, and at America’s now-numbed citizenry, who suffer Marxian activist judges’ tyrannical power to remake laws, or to make new ones, which change society from the bench—in this purported democratic “will of the people” republic!

      Liberalism’s activist judges trash the Greek legacy of the rule of law, possibly Greeks’ most precious legacy bequeathed to us, after freedom of speech—that ancient crucible of white Western civilization to which we Westerners owe every freedom from the brutal hands of tyrants, all of whom seek – more than anything else! – the power to enslave the classes beneath them to their every whim: autocrats (dictators): kings, queens, oligarchs, gods, and these present-day would-be-gods: Marxian activist judges.

      One powerful example of rule-by-whim judges badly informing and changing our democratic republic for the worse, is that shallow-brained Justice Thurgood Marshal (“shallow-brained” because he was emotion-driven not law-driven; and because his hide-the-ignorance law clerks had produced his “scholarly” opinions), who had expressed his FEELINGS-BASED “reasons” in court during hearings on Brown vs. Board of Education, and which extra-Constitutional “reasons” for enacting FORCED INTEGRATION of white and black children included voicing his emotional concern for the “hurt feelings of Negro children” who are being taught apart from Caucasian children.

      Brown vs. Board of Education was decided on FEELINGS, not on the rule of law set out in the U.S. Constitution, and which rule of law requires a congressional amendment to its ORIGINAL INTENT to effect change; for example, that awful tyranny of FORCED busing!—but not according to those tyrannical Marxian gods on the bench.


  2. This entire election has been the most corrupted I have ever witnessed in 63 years. They are asking for proof and it’s been given by several sources. We all watched as counting stopped on election night and Donald Trump was up in all swing states. When counting resumed everything was a complete mess. All states had flipped. Several people have come forward in these states as well as watching irregularities on tv. If this is not redone Americans like myself will never believe we have had a fair election. This has been a mess from day one and can not be considered fair or free in any way.

    1. Mail in voting. Quit being dumb. That’s why Biden’s numbers went way up. Look at the numbers. JFC. How many times are you people going to post this lie over and over? Everyone with a clue knew this is exactly how it would go once the mail in ballots were counted and added AFTER the in person ballots. And thanks to Trump, most of his voting base didn’t mail their ballots in while Biden’s did. Common sense ??? Lol

    2. Jean,

      Would that you had been alive when Abraham Lincoln had been Chosen, Groomed and Installed by the Invisible Hand . . .

      The Founders/Framers would have warred against Lincoln and his Marxist infected administration (( research the Marxian “ Forty-Eighters’ “ great escape to Russia and America, escaped to save their lives!, after their Europe-wide revolution had badly failed )).

      Study black economics Professor Walter Williams’ writings about Lincoln’s Folly, as that war was not a “civil war,” but a British-Judeo bankers’ war against the Founders’/Framers’ well-established Constitution, premised on Self-Determination!—a war not about slavery so much as subjugation of the self-governing states into a communist-like, CENTRALIZED Bureaucrament (( my term ))—in/through Lincoln’s lustful, Marxian, power-and-control administrators.

      Everywhere else in the West, slavery was being peacefully dismantled, by Christian-minded men and women—save those Quaker women, who had cajoled, pestered, protested, mocked and shamed Lincoln into bloody war.

      The Quaker and author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin had prompted Lincoln to say this upon first meeting her :

      “So you’re the little woman
      who started this great war!”

      Yes, feminist energy/emotion helped to drive brother to kill brother, as the nation split into a self-determined South and a tyranny-for-economic-gain North (( Professor Williams explains how Tyrant Lincoln and his Marxian administrators lusted after economic power and control—the Marx connection is my own, as Karl Marx had written to praise Lincoln for his bloody aggression )).

      There’s much more to that story, but space . . .


      1. P.S.


        essay :

        “Novelists Tell Lies!”

        which F A C T U A L I S M therein (( my term for re-naming JOURNALISM )) reveals some of the psychology in LEFTISM destroying the West.


  3. Sam Snyder PhD MPH

    At this point, we have an insurrection and coup, therefore, the military should be brought in. We can no longer trust state officials to do the right thing, nor the judges. Some retired flag officers like Mullen and Mattis are propagandizing on behalf of the criminal demonrats. This must not stand or we lose our Republic and our constitution.

  4. I love how Pres. Trump cares so much for our country. I love our country as well and something has to be done about this! It’s criminal!

  5. This Election is a sham set up by All Democrats to subvert the will of the People. We the people are being forced out of our own election by the socialist democratic party.

  6. I don’t mean to be rude, but should I assume from all of this that the judge is incompetent? I’m having less and less confidence in the judicial system and the government in general, including the Keystone Cops (aka, The FBI). We are reaching the tipping point, and if the justice system cannot get its act together posthaste, then welcome the revolution.

  7. Lin probably could have used the assistance of a lawyer who knows something of Georgia election laws in drafting the complaint. Time constraints made it impossible to identify all of the local officials who would need to be parties.

  8. Vous les Americains vous ne savez pas la chance d’avoir un president comme Mr TRUMP car c’est un president qui dit ce qu’il fait et fait ce qu’il dit, il est surement le sauveur de vos libertes et meme pour nous et surtout pour nous qui vivons en europe sous la dictateur du larbin des banques et de sorro le denome macron sans majuscule . Alors soutenez votre president Trump et priez pour lui pour qu’il ne lui arrive pas les memes mesaventures que JFK

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