READ: Flynn family statement after Trump pardon for Lt. Gen. Flynn

After President Trump pardoned his former National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the Flynn family released a statement on Twitter.

It reads, in part, “For four long years, our family and millions of American patriots stood arm-in-arm together with our brother, General Michael T. Flynn, fighting the vicious, deep-rooted corruption of government institutions and vengeful individuals intent on destroying General Flynn and our country in shameful defiance of justice and the Rule of Law… Today, the Flynn family is grateful to President Donald J. Trump for answering our prayers and the prayers of a nation by removing the heavy burden of injustice off the shoulders of our brother, Michael, with a full pardon of innocence.”

You can read the full statement below. Click on the image to enlarge.

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46 thoughts on “READ: Flynn family statement after Trump pardon for Lt. Gen. Flynn”

  1. Judge Sullivan should be disbarred. Totally shameful the way Flynn was entrapped by a disfunctional FBI and glad he is now free of the Democrats manipulations.

    1. You can’t even really call that hack Sullivan a ‘judge’, he was on an insane crusade to destroy and crucify Gen. Flynn that should have caused his expulsion from the bench! Hopefully it’s not too late to impeach, remove and disbar him, and file a massive civil suit to ruin him! That’s the way we have to combat these leftists and crackpots, use their own tactics against them!

    2. I agree but I question the reason for him deciding to do what he did. A lot of lawyers have stated him to be a reasonable judge before the Flynn case. I think he might be being blackmailed by the deep state. Uncover that story and maybe something will happen.

  2. My hat is off to a man of principle and integrity – and to his family. My question – why did Trump wait 4 years? And why did he ever cave in and dismiss Flynn as National Security Adviser to begin with, when he could have had a staunch and trusted ally by his side all along to help navigate the treachery. If Trump is able to prevail over the theft of this election, one of the first things he should do is appoint Flynn to a position where he can do the most good to help root out the endemic corruption that is personified by the Deep State. And give him the unfettered power and mandate to do so with all resources at his disposal.

    1. Family and attorney wanted to have complete withdrawal of charges by Judge who had no right to hold them still after DOJ said they are not interested in charging.

    2. You have to remember that the president had only been in office 25 days and was on the learning curve. Besides that he was getting some really bad advice from Obama inbeds who were pretending to be his friend. The president waited this long because Flynn would have much preferred to be fully exonerated from all wrong doing in a court of law . However where he expected justice he only got corruption. I agree he should be appointed to a position but would he even want it.

  3. The government is so corrupt in every department. The government should be cut in pieces, so small that it cannot touch the honest citizens in this country. I do not believe or trust anything the government says. CDC, FBI most of the Congress and senate. All profit from corruption. Sick of the lying and stealing they do from the
    American people.

  4. If the US Supreme Court doesn’t get this right and, if significant voter fraud is established, and the Court does not throw out the election results, for President, your republic may be irretrievably damaged, wrong=doers will go unpunished and the American people will believe that their democracy has been stolen from them. Civil wars have been fought over less. There may be violence in any event but the time has come for true Americans to do what they have to do to take back their country, whatever it takes.

  5. Emmett Sullivan and Sleepy Joe Biden should be thrown in the same jail cell for 10 years (if they last that long). Both have committed crimes against the American people and Nation. These rat bastards must pay the price for their corruption.

  6. So happy for the pardoning of General Flynn by President Trump !!! He has suffered greatly along with his family.He is innocent and I’m sure the Flynns are celebrating as we all should at Gods goodness!!!!

  7. General Flynn and his family should be compensated for all of their losses and then some. The people who brought false charges should be sued for all the damage they did to this fine man.

  8. God bless the Flynn family. What a shame that an American citizen, or, for that matter, any innocent human being, must endure the wrath of those who would manipulate our system.

  9. Thank God for General Flynn! King of Glory, we praise your righteousness and mercy. You make us free and deliver us from evil. Roll on, Prince of Peace! We are truly grateful for President Trump and General Flynn and Roger Stone. Let them bring Glory to Your Name! God bless America.

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