STUDY: Masks make no significant difference

A new study indicates there is no statistically significant difference when it comes to wearing a mask or not outside the home to prevent Covid-19 spread.

According to the study, 1.8% of participants with masks got coronavirus. That compares to 2.1% of participants without masks.

A recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, incident SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with no mask recommendation.


The study is from the Annals of Internal Medicine. It is titled:

“Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers, A Randomized, Controlled Trial.”

Read the study here:

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149 thoughts on “STUDY: Masks make no significant difference”

  1. Obviously more peer review and study is needed here. If masks are useless then what does work or do we just wait for a vaccine?

    1. It’s a virus. There is no “work” with a virus; you get it.

      That’s why your immune system is so critical, and why wearing the face diaper is bad for your health, and your immune system.

        1. This is advocating for people to throw themselves into harms way just to try and have an argument against masks. Masks don’t help the wearer, they’re for the people around the wearer. It’s to prevent other people from potentially getting covid from you.
          While this seems annoying and like you shouldn’t have to wear one if you know you don’t have covid: almost 40% of people with covid don’t present symptoms. You could simply just not know. Also, if you don’t have covid, good on you, but what about other people who do? It is easier to commit to an action as a whole, and simply protect everyone than to get involved in some round-about process to avoid just wearing a simple piece of cloth.

    2. Earl,

      Do your own research. The masks havent worked from the beginning. The virus is actually small enough to go through the mask. Wearing nothing is safer than the mask. it allows you to breath with taking in less oxygen putting more strain on the body. This makes the body more susceptible to a weakened immune system. Take some vitamin d and go work out.

    3. If masks don’t work, the lockdowns don’t work, and there’s no vaccine, we might have to rely on the immune system that’s been in place for the entirety of human existence. That system is 99+% effective across the whole population. For the highest at risk group (75+yrs old) the survival rate is about 95%. The vaccines they tested on healthy younger volunteers are 90-94% effective with nasty side effects they’ve only begun to start cataloguing. Your choice, but I say eat good food, exercise a little bit, and enjoy whatever life is your to live. Death comes for us all some day.

    4. Nothing will work. It’s a virus and spreads just like influenza. Masks are useless. Even vaccines won’t stop all people from getting it. Every year millions of people get flu shots and still get the flu.

      1. Exactly!…are we gonna have to have a covid shot every year too? I don’t do a flu shot and probably won’t do a covid shot either…j/s

      2. But, the typical influenza vaccine is only 40-60% effective. So, infection in some of the cohort that was vaciafed is to. E expected.

      3. You’re absolutely right. So long as humans live in social communities, all parasitic life forms that depend on humans to survive, will find a path to infect them. The only known factor regarding viral transmission is the fact that it is the quantity of virus exposure (viral load) that has a direct relationship to the severity of the illness. A light exposure typically results in little to no symptoms while heavier exposure increases the likelihood of more severe illness. So avoidance of heavy exposure is the only proactive strategy. It is unreasonable to expect to control exposure but reasonable to control the amount of exposure. Masks are not the answer, but they do signal to everyone that the environment is ripe with virus and we need to limit our exposure to mitigate the risk.

        1. I’ve heard that too. Makes lots of sense. I remember in my animal health classes a million years ago the prof saying “A virus needs a host”….which means it’s not like a bacteria that can form a spore and live in the soil for years……I have to assume that might still be true……

      4. Ding Ding Ding

        We have a winner!

        However people willfully disregard this because the MASK gives them a (false) sense of SAFETY / SECURITY! The MSM has perpetuated this hoax for 9-10 months now and the washing of the brain has taken hold solidly.

        It will take months, years to undue the damage to individuals psyche.

    5. Having conducted peer review I wonder, what exactly do you expect others to find with the data that has been provided?
      Are you disputing the data or the results.
      Studies aren’t designed to appease conformation bias.

    6. Unless you are immune challenged, it doesn’t matter anyway. This virus is lethal to less than 1% of the people who contact it. When you consider the government incentives to increase the count it may not even be as deadly as the flu.

      Did you know that even with seat belts and air bags, people still die in auto accidents? Should I assume that you don’t drive?

    7. What does work? A working immune system. People with metabolic related diseases are the most vulnerable. If you’re vulnerable, stay home. Otherwise, quite being afraid of a virus with a 99% survival rate.

    8. As Hamilton said “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master and deserves one.

      Short interpretation: use your Creator given unalienable right to life and make your own decision how to protect it.

      I’m a retired atmospheric chemist and choose not to wear a mask for a myriad of reasons.

      I’m not a doctor, but ones I trust choose to be prophylactic with Trump’s first medicine. Works for me.


  2. That is not news, they were two virologists out of Michigan, high-level scientist, who produced evidence that a mask was not effective. They went on to reveal in their video that in fact, wearing a mask was a greater health risk than not wearing a mask. This is about “control.“ There is a whole world of sheep out there who have been conditioned to no longer have critical thinking skills and to rely on government to dictate their lives. I am not one of them!

  3. This study should be repeated. In an era where false studies are planted in medical journals to make political hay, repeating the same design in other countries s/b worth the trouble.

  4. Over the years, study after study conclude that masks are ineffective against a virus and essentially act as a safety talisman. This year, on the other hand, these same results are condemned in the press and the Leftist politicians.
    Study after study shows that the Left ends up destroying what they control: science, governments, sports, journalism, education, etc.

  5. Does this mean strictly outdoors? “Outside the home” is a big vague. Does it include inside grocery stores, for example, where people experience closer contact? I’m not surprised not wearing a mask in a part doesn’t spread it. I do it all the time. Can you clarify this, please?

  6. If this true than how do you explain that republicans are 4 times more likely to catch and die from COVID19 than democrats. I can’t believe that the virus is political.

    1. Who told you that? New York City, New Jersey. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Michigan were hardest hit. Not exactly hotbeds of conservatism.

  7. I think people should concentrate on improving their immunity instead of relying solely on outside mitigation strategies. There is so much you can do for yourself. Just working on things like Vit D, C, melatonin, better diet, losing weight, good sleep, exercise, being in nature- all attainable, a lot of it free.
    Doing these things alleviates much fear and gives you control over the situation. Also, if you look at all cause mortality stats in U.S. to give you perspective you will find that about 2.3. million people die in the U.S. each year. This averages out to around 230,000 people each month (stats from CDC). Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc (all comorbidities for Covid-19) are listed.. The total number of Covid-19 now? 275,00 deaths in 9 months? How many would have occurred normally? What can you work on now for your immunity?

  8. The mask reduces the risk of being exposed to virus, but the important thing is that if you are having the virus you are less likely to transmit it.

  9. Yeah, trying to stop a virus (particularly an RNA based corona virus) is a little like trying to stop a sandstorm with a chain-link fence.

  10. I think we have to be careful in drawing conclusions.

    My understanding is the study says, in our present climate, where nearly everyone is wearing a mask, it doesn’t matter for the healthy if they wear a mask.

    However if the sick and asymptomatic were not to wear masks, we don’t know if masks are useless.

  11. This from Major General William Gorgas, MD,  
    Surgeon General of the US Army, 1914-18.

    During the height of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, there was an Army-Wide MASK requirement. However, soldiers continued to die in drives. Accordingly, General Gorgas issued his opinion regarding masks as follows:

    “While the donning of face coverings during this influenza crisis may appeal to many, its benefits in reducing the spread of infection is dubious.  The only benefit realized, is that it reduces the number of men who chew tobacco, from spitting on the streets.  Beyond that, the only other benefit realized, is that it makes our citizens constantly aware of the crisis at hand.”

  12. Appreciate to post courageously a study. Although it raises many questions. There are microfilter masks and there are masks just for requirements which neither filters any pathogens nor covered enough with openings around.

  13. Differs from some other studies but remember, you’re not wearing them for yourself, you’re wearing them for the people around you. I didn’t read the study but the article doesn’t address that.

  14. is data analysis by a group of very serious scientists and they show in the data that masks and shutdowns are ineffective!! S h are it would be great if a serious and legit reporter like you interviewed this group.

  15. WestcoastDeplorable

    Sharyl, I wonder if the Covid virus isn’t just chapter 5 of the book. Look, we had the Clinton email offense, then the Russia collusion, then Mueller, then impeachment, then the virus, and now election fraud. Think about it…if all the events are connected and intentional, it’s almost too horrible to contemplate. This is MUCH WORSE than 9/11, especially if it’s true as the scientist/defector stated, China developed Covid 19 as a bio-weapon and intentionally released it. What if they’re in collusion with the dems?

  16. If this is news to anyone then they haven’t been paying attention. We’ve known for years that masks won’t stop a virus. But…you know…control of the population and all. They need to get us used to obeying the orders of tyrants on the Left. Americans won’t obey such orders unless they’re afraid for their lives…so the Left MUST create a panic throughout the population. Add to the ineffectiveness of masks the fact that the virus has a 99% survival rate and you begin to recognize that this is as big a scam as Biden’s “victory” over Trump…

  17. GIven that the eye’s are a likely infection site for many viruses — Masks without eye protection are about as useful as a condom with the top cut off.

  18. This is not surprising…. considering there are mask mandates all over the country and have been in place for months and all of a sudden the uptick in cases. You don’t need a study or to be a scientist/physician to figure that one out.

  19. Daniel G. Sheridan

    sharyl, you’re my hero. in a former life, i was an award-winning tv news producer. it’s sick what these slobs have done to a once-proud profession.

  20. I do not believe in this “pandemic”. I believe this to be just another flu as we have had in the past. Yes people have died from it just as in the past many have died from the flu. Many years ago I had a flu shot and about a month later was terribly sick from the flu, no need for hospitalization but missed Christmas with family.
    I do believe it is a propaganda weaponized against the public. It is a great test in controlling huge populations and is being fined tuned for future use. It is destroying many people and especially families who are suffering from unemployment resulting in loss of income which then results in hunger, home eviction and ultimately depression and possibly domestic violence.
    I put all blame on the politicians who are using this “pandemic” into scaring and thereby controlling the population into submission with not only the “disease” but fines and arrests.
    I have not worn a mask 3 times in my grocery shopping and was first told they would enforce me wearing a mask and second no one,not anyone looked at me sideways. I have felt free again. I urge people to question this “pandemic” and take back their freedom. BTW, I am 71 y/o a real potential victim of C-19 ovid but I have been just fine.

  21. The “face mask” is not designed to protect the person wearing the mask so, of course it does not reduce the odds of the wearer catching the disease. The “face mask” is designed to protect other people from catching the disease from the wearer. On the other hand the “N95 face mask” does protect the wearer.

    1. Even the N95 mask only protects as far as it is worn in very precise conditions. You can’t touch things all around your environment with your hands then touch your mask even to adjust it. You have to have frequent mask changing to new sterile masks. And more specific rules that us medical professionals are trained to do. This is all only with N95 masks or better not all these cloth masks etc.
      It’s a nice thought to think that we could have control over things like Covid-19 but just that a thought. There is no realistic world application of mask wearing period.
      Our immune systems always do better when we eat healthy, exercise and take care of ourselves. People who are high risk do their best to stay away from Gornal public until heard immunity but even that is mostly unrealistic.
      Masks for children especially young children is horrifying because there are so many reasons a mask can have adverse effects. All kids should be in school too. People don’t realize that school is literally a life line for so many kids K-12.
      For the whole of society the treatment should never be worse then the disease.
      Basic logic goes a long way and I know things can be scary but we all have to fight the fear because a society ruled by fear is heartbreaking.

  22. It’s just the flu. The numbers don’t add up. I lost a uncle to this flu. 84 years old.. Why? Because he waited tell he was so sick he had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. He survived for 3 more weeks. Pneumonia set in and that is what he died of. Just as one might with a more common flu or cold.

  23. It’s almost a year, not worn a mask, no issues with Covid19, this is a scam to make people sheep and lemmings & sadly many are following. Businesses that force mask wearing I do not go too, These businesses would get more business if they posted signs that read they are not responsible if you get Covid19 entering their store mask-less.

    Race Trac gas stations, my bank and other businesses have this posted outside and they are thriving while others are not.

    There is no medical mask to date from my research that will prevent air born virus except perhaps a full hazmat uniform with oxygen tank.

  24. What I find to be interesting is that no one is saying that wearing a mask may be adding to the problem. Is that implausible? After all, people have been wearing them (a whole lot of people, even during riots) and the number of cases have skyrocketed. So, maybe masks are only exacerbating the problem.

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