The media’s Big Miss–Again! Also: “Fleeing California” and “Apocalypse Never”

After 2016 and the media’s Big Miss when it came to analysis and polling… there were big promises to self reflect and correct.

This week on Full Measure, we set out to learn whether they kept their promises.

It turns out that in 2020, once again, the polling and pundits were wildly off.

It seems pretty clear now that there’s a crisis of confidence in the systems we’ve relied on for decades when it comes to reliability. Polls appear to be used to shape public opinion rather than accurately measure it. We’ll dig into specific examples and show you some of the most wildly-off projections.

Also, since its beginnings, California was a go-to destination. But now people are fleeing in droves amid high taxes, illegal immigrant crime, and huge debt, to name a few factors.

We’ll talk to Will Witt, the maker of the documentary “Fleeing California.”

Will Witt of “Fleeting California”

And we’ll hear from an environmentalist who says “environmental alarmism” is needlessly scaring people to death.

Michael Shellenberger is author of “Apocalypse Never.”

Michael Shellenberger, author of “Apocalypse Never”

Lastly, there’s a new museum opening up to honor Medal of Honor recipients. We’ll tell you about that, hear from one honored hero, and see the video of his heroic actions in war.

James Rosen joins us with that story.

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2 thoughts on “The media’s Big Miss–Again! Also: “Fleeing California” and “Apocalypse Never””

  1. Deep into the weeds, re how we got here, Sheryl
    (( nix my report after copying to paper )) :



    An Open Letter to Professor Walter E. Williams


    Other Somnambulistic Free-Traders on the Right

    Date: July 29, 2005

    Dear Professor Walter Williams,

    Re: the just-passed CAFTA treaty and its hidden purpose

    [[ To get to the crux of this letter, scroll down and begin reading below the double solid lines. ]]

    During your hosting of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show today, you covered the recent passage of CAFTA, giving your listeners your reason for supporting it, which reason was the traditional libertarian defense of individual freedom, and which freedom would include, say, allowing the U.S.-based merchants of McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications to sell rocket technology to our enemy, Red China, so that she’s able to target U.S. cities with nuclear-tipped missiles from Chinese soil. Right, professor?

    Well, those free-traders did sell that dual-use technology to Red China, and, recently, its Peoples Liberation Army officers threatened America with a nuclear strike if she interfered with China’s claimed property, Taiwan.

    You, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other conservative-/libertarian-leaning rightists, too numerous to list here, are WEAK-MINDED on the subject of GATT-engendered “free trade” treaties, which have as their underlying purpose the establishment of what this scribbler terms, Global Economic Socialism—effected by THIRD-Way-hatched, ONE-WORLD-government machinations (explained below).

    Yes, I mean to give offense by using that term, “weak-minded,” as you and Rush and the rest of so-called “FREE-TRADERS” appear to be BLIND, but USEFUL!, dupes for the architects of Global Economic Socialism and one-world government.

    Or are you folks privy to the secret plan and supportive of it?


    You and Rush and the rest are wrong!, and you are either clueless about the underlying purpose of CAFTA, or you are agents for GLOBAL ECONOMIC SOCIALISM and ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    In the past, you’ve used Rush’s term, “kooks,” to put down anyone who even hints at embracing the idea that a diabolical conspiracy exists to destroy Western democracies — particularly the U.S. because of its wealth and power — and to establish one-world government, but while you resolutely and contradictorily argue in defense of America’s constitutional RULE OF LAW!—as if you really cannot see any contradiction in touting trade agreements that DIRECTLY remove U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY – that is, directly diminish America’s CONSTITUTION-PREMISED SOVEREIGNTY – and gravely alter U.S. CITIZENS’ social/cultural/political/financial life, which life the Founders and Framers had constitutionally sought to protect (I was just now overwhelmed by a sense of futility in trying to reach you and Rush, but I’ll continue).

    As we, and the rest of the world, become more and more steeped in the tyranny that those GLOBALIST-DRIVEN conspirators are applying day-by-day, you doubters and naysayers ought to be waking up about now.

    The evidence is too stark for you to ignore, professor—to keep on snoozing while America – the West – is being destroyed!

    But alas, it’s as if you and Rush and the rest have ABANDONED REASON FOR MADNESS, because the stark evidence was there for you folks to see several decades ago!

    This and so many other paleoconservative scribblers have tirelessly worked to sound the alarm, but to no avail (the recent loss of Dr. Samuel Francis was a stunner for my political camp).

    So this letter is a very tedious repetition for me, trying once again to wake-up you SOMNAMBULISTIC free-traders on the Right.


    This time, you’re being asked to observe what you clearly see is happening around you, then to check it against what a farsighted “conspiracy nut,” Lt. Colonel Archibald Roberts, had predicted and documented (with references, but not included here) in his booklet, “The Anatomy of a Revolution,” originally published in THE WOMAN CONSTITUTIONALIST on August 3rd, 1968:

    . . .


    Unblock this, if you
    wish to learn more. -Rick

  2. Just a comment on the green energy aspects of environmental alarmism. When I was in graduate school back in 1979, the prospect of replacing oil and gas with renewable energy or other sources was discussed extensively. We heard from a number of workers in the field and the only viable alternatives to the oil industry were:

    1. Nuclear
    2. Solar hydrogen

    Nuclear because the fuel was readily available and solar hydrogen ( using solar cells to make hydrogen from water) because it solves the storage problem. Keep the hydrogen in pressure vessels until needed.

    No other solutions are practical as Mr Shellenberger has said. We knew this in 1979, but continue to pretend otherwise.

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