WATCH: Giuliani-Powell news conference about election fraud allegations

The Trump campaign legal team held a news conference detailing allegations and evidence surrounding claims widespread election fraud responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of votes from Donald Trump.

Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani alleged the evidence shows Trump was elected in a “landslide.”

Among other matters, they discussed sworn affidavits filed in court. They also said they have testimony from an insider who they say unearthed provable fraud regarding voting machines and software used in multiple states.

They describe a process of vote switching as well as “trashing” Trump votes through a simple drag and click process.

Additionally, they say this election involved a manipulation of the ballot count in a foreign country.

And they describe multiple incidents where the number of votes cast far exceeded the population of the public in that county, including children.

Democrats deny there is any evidence of “widespread fraud.” They and the news media have broadly called the election for Joe Biden and urged President Trump to concede.

Below you can watch the entire news conference and hear the claims of evidence to make up your own mind as to what you think about it.

This is a massive, coordinated, well-funded effort to deprive we the people of the United States of our fundamental right under the U.S. Constitution to preserve this Constitution republic we all cherish.

Sidney Powell

This is real. It is not made up. There is nobody here that is engaged in fantasies…I can prove to you that he won Pennsylvania by 150,000 votes…The people who did this have committed one of the worst crimes that I’ve ever seen or heard.

Rudy Giuliani

Watch the news conference at the link below:

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28 thoughts on “WATCH: Giuliani-Powell news conference about election fraud allegations”

  1. I think that most computer people knew that, as soon as Dems started with the mail-in ballot thing, it was a scam to steal the election. I just didn’t know exactly how they were going to do it.

    The fraud became apparent the moment they stopped counting votes on election night. That’s when they were able to figure out how many votes, and where, would be needed for Biden to win. Then with that knowledge, they manufactured enough fraudulent votes in the right places to steak the win. To nullify your legal tax-paying citizen vote and your childrens’ futures.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I have checked other social media outlets and nothing yet is on any of them. I also checked to see if other news agencies had tuned in for the President’s attorneys. Nope Fox had it on but not Fox Business.
    This is outrageous that they just think they can ignore and spin other lies on air.


    I have forwarded this to The Winnipeg Free Press and the Brandon Sun here in Manitoba, Canada hoping to get someone’s attention. Maybe track this lady down and talk to her about that document she has. I personally do not believe there is a virus either and that this is in fact a part of an agenda. The truth needs to come out and we need to stop living in fear!

  4. Watching the conference I wanted to get angry. But I will pray that the light is shed through the land. If I was a reporter asking questions, I could come up with better ones to ask. But the purpose was to take info and share. Not ask dumb questions.

    1. todd r tilson,

      Lying journalists (( aka: “MSM reporters” )) are complicit in human suffering and death!, because their LIES protect life-threatening EVILS : :

      “Did you hear about the 43 South Koreans that died from flu vaccinations that the mainstream media just continues to bury? There are medical treatments that help and that hurt. The ones that hurt humanity are buried and covered up in the mainstream media (MSM). The MSM is least trusted organization in America today. Such is the way of the MSM as they obfuscate the truth for personal gain. 
      During the election cycle and the immediate aftermath, Fox News showed the world what I have been saying . . .”


  5. Thank you for sharing this. I truly hope they don’t give up and hope they have the goods to take to court. The integrity of our election system is at stake. People responsible for this fraud need to be prosecuted.

  6. Thank you for speaking the truth. The tainted MSM, including most of the one’s in the press conference, refuse to listen or see. The public is being led by puppeteers spewing fake news.

  7. Wow, I just found a journalist who reports the REAL news. Thank you for having integrity and for doing an honest work. Wish there were more like you..

  8. We have stepped through Alice’s looking glass into a very dark and twisted land. Biden is the Cheshire cat, grinning his disembodied leer, babbling cryptic nonsense and then disappearing. Hillary was born to play the Red Queen. The mainstream press is played for comic effect as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Does Trump offer a better Mad Hatter or Alice? This election has been a trip, but not a good one. I keep hoping to wake up but it appears for now at least, we’re all staying in Wonderland.

  9. Finally we are witnessing the truth! Thank you for proving what journalism is truly supposed to be. Fair and unbiased, and stating facts!!

  10. lol rudy and syd spout hearsay. its inadmissible. its the voting machines soft war stupids! read up on the issue of how the software programming is near impossible to get correctly. smh. its easier to point and blame.

  11. Thank you Sharyl, I follow you on Twitter and watch your Sunday show Full Measure. I can’t wait until Twitter stops shadow banning you. They have been doing it to me for over 3 years now. At this point I just use them as a research tool. Although it’s not very helpful for my local research. In fact I think that they specifically make sure that people don’t find information locally. I watched it with an article concerning stuff going on with Abbott. But boy they sure don’t mind sharing stuff on Paxton. Kind of funny how the FBI started an investigation into him about the same time he went after certain County election heads before the election. Trump may have won the state of TX but I see some hanky panky going on here in Williamson County. Fulton County’s election guy used to be ours and now we have Cameron Counties guy. He had some issues in Cameron and Fulton’s guy had some issues when he was here.

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