WATCH: Poll watcher in Michigan cites evidence of significant improper ballots

This woman, who is reportedly a citizen poll watcher in Michigan, cites numerous instances of improper ballots.

She says she and others are flagging the ballots and that the poll workers are supposed to put them in a separate box.

Watch the video below:

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8 thoughts on “WATCH: Poll watcher in Michigan cites evidence of significant improper ballots”

  1. Sharyl,
    The damage was done in the mail-in process. Anybody with a $20 LED flashlight and knowledge of the ballot/envelope construction could sort the Biden votes from all others, and the APWU members had unsupervised control of all mail-in ballots between the voters and the counting process. Think about that. And I can prove that reading the ballots inside the envelopes was easy. But nobody with a platform seems to care.
    Not that it matters, but I am a 75 year old retired CMSgt, USAF, and the retired GS-15 Chief of NGS’s Geodetic Surveys (Geomatics) Division with 42 years of measurement, analysis, and federal government management experience in geodesy and geodetic surveying.
    Best Regards,
    Bob Nelson
    8408 Paola Cv
    Round Rock, TX 78665
    Home 512-614-4621

  2. Lost faith in government because of election results. Can’t believe Biden got all those votes. My niece in philly worked at polls and was shocked to experience voter fraud. She and her extended family of 29 all voted for trump, all college educated.
    Still think Trump won, despite all the arrows in Pelosi’s shiv.

  3. This election has been stolen, and most of the media is complicit. A bloody war is coming. People will not be silenced by criminals.

  4. Wow, this is so disheartening. I was an election worker in CA during the 2012 general election. It’s so hard to see these volunteers not taking their job as election workers seriously. I’m so glad this lady spoke up and reported this.

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