WATCH: The evolution of Adam Carolla

Entertainer Adam Carolla frequently addresses today’s cancel culture and the seemingly-widespread chipping away at the First Amendment. His documentary “No Safe Spaces” examines this challenge to free speech on college campuses. I spoke with Carolla in Los Angeles about his latest book “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal: Navigating Our All Woke, No Joke Culture.”

Adam Carolla: I just try to figure out which way the wind is blowing and I write my books, and my jokes, and my commentary based on things that either have happened, are happening, or going to happen. So you’ll read stuff in the book like it’s in the book, which is ‘we’re going to cancel Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima,’ except for that was written six months before they canceled Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima. So if you kind of have your ear to the ground and your antennas facing true north, you’ll start feeling and hearing things happening before they happen. That’s what’s in the book.

Sharyl: What is the value of knowing it if you can’t, if you disagree with it, stop it or change the course of it?

Carolla: I would say, take something like diversifying your portfolio, and I’m not talking about your stocks and bonds, but I understood which way the wind was blowing in Hollywood over a decade ago. The reason I make documentaries and we’re sitting in one of my warehouses where I do podcasting, and the studios that I built, and I write books, and I travel, and I do stand up, is because I understood. I didn’t know if there was going to be a place for me in a traditional Hollywood model doing a sitcom or whatever format. I knew I liked to speak my mind. I knew that my ideas did not comport with many other people in Hollywood. I suspected I’d be unable to earn a living if we got to where this is going, which is where we are now. But, you can’t cancel culture me. I own the building. You can try, but I make the docs, I write the books, I make the building. I live outside of the Hollywood world and that was intentional.

Sharyl: Looking at “No Safe Spaces”, you have liberals and conservatives agreeing about the value of free speech and looking at some of outrageous behavior that’s happened. But what kind of reception has that gotten and what’s your response to that?

Carolla: Well, I think the people who went into it with a preconceived notion of not wanting to like it, those people have sort of made it into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where ‘I told you it was right-wing propaganda’ or whatever it was. I think anyone who watched it, who entered from a neutral kind of balance, open posture which is, “Oh, what is this? I would like to consume it,” they probably walked away with a completely different point of view or opinion. Like many things in our society, it’s been kind of predetermined by whichever side you’re on, to either embrace it or reject it before it’s been sampled, which is not what we’re looking for as a society, but it’s definitely where we’re at.

Sharyl (on camera): Carolla’s “No Safe Spaces,” is out now and features comedian Tim Allen, and former Obama adviser Van Jones among others.

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1 thought on “WATCH: The evolution of Adam Carolla”

  1. Sharyl,

    This is the next-third part of my
    “Open Letter to Walter Williams”

    Copy it to paper, then nix it :


    This time, you’re being asked to observe what you clearly see is happening around you, then to check it against what a farsighted “conspiracy nut,” Lt. Colonel Archibald Roberts, had predicted and documented (with references, but not included here) in his booklet, “The Anatomy of a Revolution,” originally published in THE WOMAN CONSTITUTIONALIST on August 3rd, 1968:

    “[Page 18] The tax-exempt Ford Foundation, which poured in more than 500 million dollars during the year 1966 to finance revolution in the United States, is also a promoter of one-world government…to dissolve the United States of America; to subject her citizens to the dictates and whims of alien courts; to transfer U.S. military personnel and material to a one-world army; to directly tax the American people so as to reliably support one-world government; to establish a serf-society, which shall be paid for its labors at a rate to be determined by the self-appointed Caesars of the world [[ think of those empire-building one-worlders surrounding President Bush, professor ]]; to move this captive labor force anywhere on the globe at will [[ you may recall my essays, “A Borderless World is Terrifying,” “Globalism Dissected,” and “North/South Corridor,” in which I relate the HOW and the WHY and the WHO of it ]]; and to void private property rights [[ hmmm!, professor, does that ring a bell for you this summer? ]]—except in the case of the mattoidelite [[ “mattoid” means “a person of unbalanced mind bordering on insanity,” which term correctly characterizes those empire-building NEOCONS ]], who shall have title to all.

    “The aristocracy of finance [[ he means the Jewish/Anglo Big-Banking cabal and the international/transnational CORPORATISM it now controls ]] thus clearly predicts the disenfranchisement of free men [[ in ALL Western democracies ]], the breeding of a submissive world population [[ through an open-borders, interracial, forced INTEGRATION—and its resulting mongrelization of once-racially homogeneous communities; especially of those too-resistant white communities in the West ]], and the elimination of any independent intelligence [[ think of the corruption and dumbing down of MASS MEDIA, of ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTIRES, of PUBLIC EDUCATION and of CHURCHES these past 60 years, professor ]] which might, now or in the future, challenge the man-gods of this ‘Brave New World.’

    “There is a terrible familiarity about the totalitarian concepts of the Ford Foundation. The thought persists that we have heard these degenerate ideas promoted in recent times—allegedly backed by the authority of the United States government.

    “But, of course! These projections are incorporated, and identified as official policy, in the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) [[ are your eyes fluttering a bit, sleepy professor? ]] , in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and in the highly propagandized but technically obscure Kennedy Round.”


    “But, of course! These projections are incorporated, and identified as official policy, in the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) [[ are your eyes fluttering a bit, professor? ]], in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and in the highly propagandized but technically obscure Kennedy Round.

    “The gradual approach to CONTROL OF WORLD TRADE [[ my emphasis ]] as an objective of world government [[ hmmm!, would you and Rush Limbaugh support those free-trade treaties if you really believed their purpose was to establish one-world government and enslave Mankind to it; and, ergo, to shred the U.S. Constitution for a borderless North America then world? ]], under the United Nations, was overtly made by the financial-industrial cartel, via GATT, in 1947. In his 1961 Report to the Congress on U.S. participation in the United Nations, President John F. Kennedy (hence the subsequent designation of the ‘Kennedy Round’ for the third phase of this progressive plan) said, in effect, that under United Nations mandate the United States is OBLIGATED TO REBUILD THE WORLD [[ my emphasis ]], to pour all U.S. wealth into the hands of international cartelists for redistribution to the ‘have-nots,’ and to emigrate the U.S. population as their skills and energies are needed in the underdeveloped nations [[ and, professor, we may have to emigrate to our now-exported manufacturing plants just to survive ]].

    “In the second phase announcement of 1964 [[ are you staying with me here, professor? ]], President Lyndon B. Johnson revealed that emerging nations are to be industrialized [[ to include Red China ]] under UNCTAD. Small and medium-size business owners destroyed by such relocation of production [[ think Wal*Mart importing Red-China-made goods, professor ]] and labor skills [[ think Mexicans, Central-Americans and South-Americans taking American CITIZENS’ jobs through both OUTSOURCING and INSOURCING ]] will, he said, be compensated for such losses by loans from the United Nations International Monetary Fund, which theoretically will enable ruined American businessmen to enter new fields of endeavor [[ reminds me of your IGNORANT and SMUG advice to that caller from Maine, professor, telling him – simple-mindedly so! – to find other employment if NAFTA had devastated industry there ]]—leaving the market open to tariff-free imports from UNCTAD-industrialized nations.

    “The Kennedy Round, implementing the provisions of GATT and UNCTAD, went into effect on January 1, 1968.



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