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25 thoughts on “A semi-comprehensive list of 2020 election fraud allegations (PODCAST)”

  1. Thanks for your courage and impartial investigation. I wasn’t there but the global Great Reset feels like it’s 1940 Germany revisited. The media has deteriorated & abandoned journalism for propaganda. When you can use a flimsy ‘a water pipe burst, everybody out’ to rig an election, the future looks dire.

  2. They say they want us to “move on”!To what?To more of the priviledged committing more treasonous activity with no one of these characters even being interviewed under oath by law enforcement while the FBI plans more entrapment of the innocent.Let me ask you,where do any of us who have had our votes stolen through fraud and collusion?Unless the 2020 election is made legal,there will never be another accurate presidential election again in this failing republic!

  3. Is there a URL to the article where Sharyl mentioned about the case in Georgia at 7:50? She mentioned that we can find the link in her website.

    1. You might find what you’re looking for under “Hard to find election links” story or the one that is a fairly complete list of election fraud claims (see Georgia).

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