Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) CENSORED

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

From AAPS:

In early 2019, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) contacted leading interactive computer services, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, to encourage them to de-platform or discredit what Schiff asserted to be inaccurate information on vaccines. He then posted the letters and press release on the website. 

Information Is Blocked; AAPS Sues

In response to Schiff’s letter, Amazon removed the popular videos Vaxxed and Shoot ’Em Up: the Truth About Vaccines from its platform for streaming videos, depriving members of the public of convenient access. 

Under a policy announced in May 2019, Twitter includes a pro-government disclaimer placed above search results for an AAPS article on vaccine mandates: “Know the Facts. To make sure you get the best information on vaccination, resources are available from the US Department of Health and Human Services.” The implication is that if information is not on a government website, then it is somehow less credible. On Facebook, a search for an AAPS article on vaccines, which previously would lead directly to the AAPS article, now produces search results containing links to the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Visits to the AAPS website have declined significantly since March 2019, both in absolute terms and relative to the decline that would result from a story’s losing its recency. 

On Aug 9, 2019, Amazon suddenly announced the termination of AAPS, after 10 years’ participation, from the Amazon Associates Program, which by its own description is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world to enable website owners to earn commissions based on their traffic. 

AAPS is not “anti-vaccine,” but rather supports informed consent, based on an understanding of the full range of medical, legal, and economic considerations relevant to vaccination and any other medical intervention, which inevitably involves risks as well as benefits. For two decades, AAPS has published informative articles pertaining to vaccination, which continue to draw visitors, even years later. 

Schiff creates an arbitrary binary divide, simplistically labeling all speech on vaccinations as either “pro-vaccination” or “anti-vaccination,” with the latter taken to mean “anti-science” or unintelligent and uneducated and thus unworthy of public access. 

WHO has declared “vaccine hesitancy” to be a major public-health concern. Thus, any information, however valid scientifically, that might influence a person to decline a  vaccine, could be labeled a public-health threat and censored.

AAPS notes efforts by the AMA and others to declare that many controversial issues are public health threats—such as “gun violence,” “climate change,” or lack of convenient and affordable access to abortion or “sex-change” surgery. A precedent to censor speech on vaccine adverse events has broad implications.

AAPS and Katarina Verrelli, on behalf of herself and others who seek access to vaccine information,  have filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Plaintiffs allege that Defendant Adam Schiff has abused government  power and infringed on their free-speech rights ( 

“The First Amendment protects the rights of free speech  and association. Included within the right of free speech is a right to receive information from willing speakers. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to hear all sides of every issue and to make their own judgments about those issues without government interference or limitations,” Plaintiffs argue. “Content-based restrictions on speech are presumptively unconstitutional, and courts analyze such restrictions under strict scrutiny.”

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4 thoughts on “Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) CENSORED”

  1. January 3, 2021

    My Post Below

    Sharyl’s PAGE :

    Full Measure Team,

    Saturday night news – NBC News, by Lester Holt –

    reported a VERY C U R I O U S phenomenon, in

    order to GET OUT FRONT of a growing number of

    people ASKING : Where is the normal year-to-year

    FLU-bug statistic (( that graph-line!, which is NEVER

    shown in news reports next to the Covid-19 line )) ?

    Well, NBC had reported this Orwellian reason/LIE:

    “Flu and cold cases
    are down 98%.”

    Why ? ! /

    What ? ! /

    Huh ? ! /

    Where’s my “Take-A-Bromine” pill ? !

    —Because, claimed the reporting PHYSICIAN :

    “All of the efforts
    used to combat
    Covid-19 dropped
    cold an flu rates.”

    So, our INSANE keep-safe efforts can knockdown
    the normal flu-rate, down 98% ! ! !—but can’t knock
    back that LOCK-Down-the-Christian-West Covid-19
    bug? – and its STAY-Locked-Down V A R I A N T ? ! –
    while the Christian-hating, ATHEIST-steeped China
    is COVID-Free, and back to NORMAL, as reported by
    both CBS and ABC last week ? !

    Now, YOU may SEE/FEEL just how DEEP and EVIL
    this Deep State’s Control and Power is—as if its having
    stolen this election from Trump for that BABBLING
    BUTT-Head Biden is not PROOF Enough for YOU !


  2. The suppression of truth is nearly complete.

    Notice that this excellent report has up to now ONE lone comment.

    Those scant few voices of dissent from the talking points approved by the CDC, WHO and the Covid-19 police are even suppressed AFTER publication. A major investigative reporter’s article has prompted ONE comment in two months? Really?

    What can loosen these chains? Before it’s too late (of perhaps it is too late).

    1. Attkisson and friends have created an excellent product with their unequivocally balanced and accurate reporting, and it is a shame they are not receiving the level of exposure they should receive in a normal world.

      I’m hoping she and many others in both the reporting and commentariate side of the news industry join forces into a large coalition committed to freedom of information and high-integrity reporting and analysis.

      I have never minded that Attkisson has some different views about policy than I — she has earned trust by the way she has conducted herself over the years whether reporting things I like or things I’d rather not see in print. There is a growing group who have found themselves in a similar place; those of us who appreciate what their doing should make it a mission go promote their work through our contacts and social media interactions. And they should intentionally work toward a broadening coalition to restore the Fourth Estate through grassroots adherence to the principles of an honest and free press. Restore integrity to the news industry and save our civilization.

  3. Sharyl Attkisson is doing a superb job! I bought and read her book. A very insightful read. Her website is now a great resource, and I try to check it daily. So much good info here. Thank you!!

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