Amid a new lawsuit filed in Georgia by President Trump, allegations of widespread irregularities and fraud are building

A lawsuit filed on behalf of President Trump today alleges that in Georgia alone, there were illegal votes from more than 395 people who voted twice; 2,423 people who were not registered; up to 2,560 felons; 2,664 who received absentee ballots outside the deadline; 4,926 people who registered in another state after Georgia; 8,718 dead people; and 66,247 underage residents.

A little more than four weeks after the contested 2020 presidential election, as votes are officially certified in crucial states, a cascade of claims and evidence has emerged alleging widespread misconduct and fraud impacting millions of votes. 

In Michigan, witnesses say they watched election workers rescan ballots for Joe Biden up to ten times each. In Georgia, new surveillance video presented at a hearing purports to show election workers dismissing observers, then pulling out large stashes of ballots they counted without the legal observers present. Multiple postal employees and election workers have testified they were instructed to illegally backdate ineligible mail in ballots. In several states, observers say they were blocked while votes were counted illegally; signatures weren’t properly matched; voter ID laws were circumvented; and voter turnout exceeded the number of voters registered. And analysts have identified what they call statistical anomalies: massive vote dumps in the middle of the night that exceeded machine capacity and flipped the 2020 presidential contest. In that race, President Donald Trump, a Republican, appeared to be heading toward a landslide victory on election night, only to have former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, flip the script as giant batches of absentee and mail-in votes were counted in the days following the election amid cries of irregularities.

The claims are contained in hundreds of sworn declarations, affidavits, videos, statements, witness accounts, arrests, and expert analyses from election observers, Republicans, Democrats, attorneys, and statistics specialists across a nearly dozen states. There are complaints ranging from process errors, incompetence, differences over election laws, and accidental errors, to outright fraud.

It’s impossible to know at this stage how many of the claims can be verified and, if proven, how consequential they could be in the big picture. And it is increasingly clear how difficult it is to nail down any evidence and details in the time frame required to seriously challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. 

On the Trump side, evidence has been gathered on a drastically truncated timeline and without benefit of the normal evidentiary tools afforded when criminal fraud is suspected. Typically, in a voter fraud investigation, law enforcement builds a case and collects proof at no cost to the alleged victim over a period of months if not years under a discovery process that uses subpoenas to compel production of documents, testimony and other evidence.

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But in the dispute over the 2020 election results, no law enforcement body has publicly stepped in, so Trump and his supporters have been left on their own to pursue civil lawsuits in multiple states. They have acted quickly to meet tight deadlines, while struggling with a general lack of access to compelled testimony and forensic evidence, such as voting machines and video recordings. And some courts have already indicated that to consider throwing out large numbers of votes or overturning an election, they expect monumental and overwhelming evidence on the front end, even if in practical terms it is out of reach. The Trump campaign filed four lawsuits prior to today’s filing in Georgia. Dozens more cases have been brought by voting rights advocates and Trump supporters. 

There have been some sporadic victories in court for Trump’s side, such as a federal judge this week temporarily ordering that voting machines in Georgia not be reset or erased. But so far, most court decisions have fallen on the side of Biden and the accused election officials who argue the claims of mischief or fraud lack specific evidence, or fall short of what is needed to prevail.

Still, the court challenges and a series of election fraud hearings hastily-convened by Republican-led state legislatures have provided a forum for specific claims, evidence and witness accounts. Taken together, they form a pattern of alleged widespread disorganization and purposeful fraud. The following makes up a small sampling of the claims.

(To read more detail and access source documents and news articles, visit here.)


An anonymous email to the Justice Department and other officials outlines a plan to fraudulently inject 35,000 votes into the tally for each Democrat.

1.9 million mail-in signatures were not properly verified.

Election workers were instructed to let people vote even if they were not registered in the state, produced out-of-state driver’s licenses, or otherwise failed to meet legal requirements.

Masses of votes were counted without the required Republican observers present.

Votes for Trump were counted for Biden once they were place in machines.

Maricopa GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman said that she and her Democratic partner saw “more than once” Trump votes default and shift to Joe Biden as they were entering votes into Dominion machines from ballots that the machines couldn’t read.

Sworn affidavit by Maricopa GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman

The process was so fraught with problems, one county alone showed a vote count that inexplicably fluctuated by 6,000 votes.


Trump was leading Biden by 103,997 votes until 16 vote dumps over a six hour period, in statistically improbable increments, that gave Biden 104,984. 

In Fulton County, all 900 military ballots went for Biden: statistically unlikely.

Election officials suspended the count on election night using the excuse of a water pipe leak, then counted thousands of votes that went exclusively to Biden after Republican observers left.

Ballot signatures were not properly verified.

Multiple witnesses saw Trump votes added to Biden’s count and say legal observers were blocked from observing.

An attorney and Democrat acting as an observer heard election workers going through a stack of absentee ballots and call Biden’s name more than 500 times in a row.

More than 1,000 early absentee votes listed improper addresses at post offices or FedEx.

There was a 9,626 vote error in Biden’s favor in the hand recount in DeKalb County.

Memory cards with more than 5,800 uncounted votes, most of them for Trump, were found two weeks after the election.

Security camera video purports to show a few officials pulling four cases of ballots from underneath a table and counting them without legal observers present.


Dominion’s voting machine server connected to Iran, China and Serbia.

Poll workers were directed to backdate about 100,000 absentee ballots.

Poll workers skipped voter ID checks.

The wrong winner, a Democrat, was called in a local race in Oakland County. A “computer issue” was blamed for incorrectly counting results for seven precincts twice. 

“Machine error” then “user error” was blamed for a 6,000 vote error in Biden’s favor.

Election workers manually entered fake birthdates on the records of non registered voters to override the system and allow their votes.


40,000 people voted twice.

Voting machines were neither secure nor password protected.

Votes disappeared and appeared on machines after workers logged off.

8,443 people who voted did not meet legal residency requirements.


1.8 million absentee ballots were mailed out but 2.5 million were counted.

1,400 ballots improperly listed postal facility addresses as home addresses.

There was a suspicious string of voting ratios, as in Georgia, benefiting Biden. On election night, Trump was leading by about 285,000 votes. Then, 347,768 votes were dumped in 44 batches until Biden surpassed Trump four days later by 46,000 votes.

Republican observers were kept from observing ballot tabulations.

There were 47 missing USB cards.

A statistical analysis estimates 54,000 ballots were illegally requested or sent to people who did not request them, and Republicans mailed up to 45,000 ballots that did not get counted.

A Dominion Voting Systems vendor inserted and co-mingled flash drives from voting aggregation machines, possibly hampering a proper audit and certification. 

A subcontractor for the U.S. Postal Service claims a trailer he was driving with 288,000 ballots that were being shipped from New York to Pennsylvania, disappeared from its parked location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after he dropped them off.


A subcontractor for the U.S. Postal Service claims he was told the postal service planned to improperly backdate tens of thousands of ballots after the Nov. 3 election.

Affidavits and statistical analyses allege more than 318,000 illegal ballots were counted, 15,000 mail-in ballots were lost, 18,000 were “fraudulently recorded” in the names of voters who never asked for mail-in ballots, and 7,000 ineligible voters who had moved out of state voted illegally.

Election officials in two counties improperly fixed ballots that had no witness address or had missing voter certification, potentially impacting more than 238,000 ballots.

Elections officials twice found batches of missing ballots inside voting machines. 

There was a 238% spike in voters registering as “indefinitely confined,” which allows them to be exempt from presenting a photo ID to vote: they numbered 72,000 last year and, by election day this year, reached nearly 244,000.

Nearly 400 absentee ballots not initially counted were later found. Officials blame “human error.”

Trump led in the state until 170,000 votes, 5% of the total state count, came in one giant dump 17 times larger than average. Before the dump, Trump was ahead by 108,000 votes. He fell behind by 9,000 votes an instant later.  

Dominion Voting Systems

There is also a wide range of allegations focused on Dominion Voting Systems and its associates. Dominion executives have reportedly cancelled appearances or declined requests to appear before state legislatures to testify about alleged irregularities and flaws in their voting machines.

However, they have repeatedly denied any improprieties in statements on their website, calling their systems provably accurate, reliable and secure.

Even so, multiple election security experts have pointed to what they say are vulnerabilities. 

Princeton professor of computer science and election security expert Andrew Appel testified that Dominion machines can be altered to manipulate tallies in just a few minutes using malicious code.

The voting machines are susceptible to hacking or remote tampering because they are connected to the Internet, even though they’re not supposed to be, according to a lawsuit.

A ballot can be spoiled or altered by the Dominion machine because “the ballot marking printer is in the same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot box,” finds a study by University of California–Berkeley.

Dominion machine operators can change settings to exclude certain ballots from being counted, can put them in a separate file, and delete them simply, according to software and cyber-security expert Ronald Watkins. Watkins also stated that final vote counting involved machine operators copying and pasting the “Results” folder onto a USB drive, a process he calls “error-prone and very vulnerable to malicious administrators.”

And there is evidence of remote access and remote troubleshooting, “which presents a grave security implication,” according to a declaration by Finnish computer programmer and election security expert Hari Hursti. He also states that the activity logs of the voting machines can be overwritten by hackers to erase their steps.

All of those implicated in irregularities or alleged fraud have denied wrongdoing. Attorneys defending claims in court have dismissed them as easily disproven or not part of a grand scheme to commit fraud and “steal” an election. 

In a recent interview, President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr reportedly said that his agency, the Department of Justice and the FBI have been following up on specific complaints but, “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

Trump’s attorneys point out the FBI only recently began asking advocacy groups to show the FBI evidence they’ve collected, and the FBI appears not to be making a serious effort to gather their own evidence, interview key witnesses, or conduct an in depth investigation.

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48 thoughts on “Amid a new lawsuit filed in Georgia by President Trump, allegations of widespread irregularities and fraud are building”

  1. Wow, this update is the best compilation of the myriad things going on, plus I love the explanations about difficulty in gathering data that law enforcement would normally do.

    It seems that if you want to steal an election it is pretty easy as the burden of proof is so high for the short timeframe. You almost have protection via the legal system. Scary.

  2. Thank you Sharyl!
    You save me so much trouble explaining what’s going on with all the election fraud news. You, being a universally accepted journalist in my circles truly helps me not look like a nut.

  3. Yeah and there is no fraud. You all are just dumb Democrats that lie steal and commit fraud. You think the rest of the world is stupid!!! Well Biden will never be my president. We are going to be living in a communist country now. I pray the God comes back soon and takes my family to be with him!! Ugh. Fed up!!!!

    1. The only law of the land is now THERE AIN’T NO LAW. Please act accordingly, you are hereby granted the freedom to do whatever you like about it. There must be a myriad of non-violent ways to capitalize on this new American ethic.

  4. Fantastic reporting, and a concise compilation of systemic coordinated multi state criminal acts perpetrated by the Democrats.
    How can this information get past the mainstream media to the currently misinformed population..
    All the media say is that all recounts show a Biden win, not word one of the monumental middle of the night vote theft crimes.

  5. Thank you again for fantastic investigative reporting. Love your show and and appreciate all your hard work in investigating stories across all categories. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks for the truth. It’s in short supply!
    Your in our prayers as we all fight on together.
    They started this OUR LORD will finish it.
    In his glorious light for all to see and understand.


  7. I Am The One Holding ALL The Files From The Servers. You Elite Are Something Else .Making A Killing Off Of A Military Operation

  8. Thank you for the update State by State, and for your unbiased opinion. Loved your interview on Mark Levin, he is great!! God Bless you, our Great President and our Country!! Keep up the fight!!

  9. Excellent article! It truly outlines all of the fraud.. Then you close with the quote from AG Barr saying there is not evidence to effect the outcome of the election. Very curious statement from Barr.

  10. Sharyl,

    Read the CDC’s plans to effect Russian-Bolshevik-type restrictions on us :

    Tonight – December 4th – ABC Evening News
    reported China as “Covid-19 free,” showing Wuhan streets
    full of people, masked and unmasked; and featuring a
    young Chinese girl scootering off to her work!—at a cafe.

    Yesterday, that same news broadcast reported Taiwan
    as being Covid-19 free.

    So, there are no “spreaders” ?—no “A-Symptomatic
    Spreaders” in either Asian nation ?

    Just like the anti-Trump vote-fraud being statistically
    – impossibly so ! – biased toward a Biden “win”—those
    two Asian nations are I M P O S S I B L Y free from
    the so-called “pandemic.”

    Oddly, the report claimed China had had only 4,500
    deaths!—while the West suffers DEATH blows to their

    Go figure !

    Extrapolate !

    Or surrender to Communist China ?


  11. Sharyl – thank you for chronicling the myriad and mounting evidence of widespread skullduggery. That it is happening ( and has been happening albeit on a smaller scale) is so shameful. Where are our 3-letter crime fighters – FBI, DOJ, etc.? The republic is in severe jeopardy if this doesn’t get properly addressed. Thank you for your work – you’re a true patriot!!

    1. Chris,

      “Where are our 3-letter crime fighters . . .?, you ask.

      All agencies have been compromised by globalist
      movers and shakers (( aka: the Marxian Globalist
      Cabal )).

      For example, the Charlottesville riots were Agency-
      staged, in order to smear white men, who sought
      only White Preservancy (( of their culture )), not any
      Supremacy!—as all of that orchestrated theater had
      been a pre-planned, Soros-instigated event, with
      much help from city police, ordered NOT to keep
      the opposing sides separated but to aggressively
      drive them into each other (( there are reports of
      busses arriving the day before, disembarking
      “protesters” carrying oppositional signs and wearing
      oppositional garb.

      And that anti-Jewish chant was staged by Agency-
      provocateurs embedded in the march, which is why
      so few voices were heard chanting—with video
      camera ready at the right time and place to catch it.

      There is an innocent young man in jail for having
      ACCIDENTALLY killed a young women, after he had
      PANICKED when protesters struck his car and threat-
      ened him with violence.


      1. Sharyl,

        My first contact had been to provide
        documentation for you, re Charlottesville.

        I require a way to hand it to you, or to an
        agent (( or office? )) of yours to receive it.


  12. America and a great President are being ham-strung by the Lilliputians amongst us.
    They are treacherous and morally corrupt.

  13. If Dominion can change votes, how do they cover their tracks when there’s a vote count? On the other hand, If you can stuff the ballot box, you don’t need the machines to change votes. These two methods of cheating are both alleged but the ballot stuffing seems the way to go.

  14. How much corruption is permissible under the law?
    How many illegal votes are allowable under the law?

    If the answer is zero, the courts must nullify the elections.
    If the answer is more than zero, then there is no Nation of Laws.
    In such a nation, We The People are surely entitled to revert to the God Given rights that our Constitution protects.
    King John Roberts needs to get his act together – or he may lose his crown, and everything under it..

  15. The American voter is under attack to render his/her vote as useless. If this isn’t fixed or listened to by the Supreme Court our legal system will have failed and the projected coup has won. There cannot be anything more serious attacking our republic. Our vote will never count again. The only thing I know we can do is call or e-mail our senators and representatives and if they can’t or won’t help get the legal action we need, we have to protest in such numbers that we cannot be ignored. We need some organizing amongst some patriots or we’re just going to be mowed over. Are we going to let that happen America???????????

  16. Are they actually going after the people that cheated the system? Are they telling the cheaters fess up or we will go and try to prosecute you? They need to be had accountable. Drain the swamp!

  17. I’m no lawyer, but the fact that almost all of these complaints have been dismissed puzzles me. The dismissals usually say (1) that the complainant “lacks standing”; (2) that the complainants provided “no evidence” of fraud or irregularities; and (3) even if there were irregularities, they were not sufficient to change the results of the election.

    There is a fourth reason that is usually stated indirectly, or is implicit, i.e., that to seriously question the election is unthinkable, because taking a serious look at the evidence might involve unprecedented remedies such as: tossing out thousands or even hundreds of thousands of ballots;
    prosecuting dozens or even hundreds of election workers in several states; re-doing the vote in several states; delaying the inauguration; and even overturning an election which is viewed as final by millions of Americans, possible leading to massive civil unrest and rioting, as well as to personal attacks on and threats to judges and their families, ranging from denunciations in the press, to mobs on their front lawns, to actual violence and death threats.

    So it seems to me that these judges have strong motives to look the other way and not even give the evidence a fair hearing, but to pre-emptively dismiss it as non-existent, flawed, or insufficient. Personal animosity to Trump might make these impulses even more likely. The press will gladly view these dismissals as proof that the complaints were “without merit,” and insist that we move on. Any further discussion of possible voter fraud will be aggressively censored.

    1. I am no lawyer either but I was a soldier and it sure seems like it’s going to require those rusty skills soon. Let’s hope this thing works out in the jury box so the ammo box isn’t necessary. We have to trust the elections, we fought collectively to get that right for the Iraq, and we can do better America.
      Thanks for such a complete run down of the fraud Sharyl!

  18. Excellent article. Your report is such a stark contrast to the lack of reporting and non-existent investigative journalism from the biased and incompetent MSM. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  19. Quite the summary.
    Here’s a pop quiz: Has there ever been an issue such as this one that combines these three characteristics: (1) seriously massive consequences if the allegations are true, (2) complete lack of evidence substantiated in a court, and (3) no matter how many times it loses in court, it just won’t go away. I can’t think of any.
    Another question: if you’re going to just list all of the allegations without any accompanying analysis, shouldn’t you at least provide a summary of how the other fraud allegations have fared in court? Especially since some of these charges sound awfully similar to those in previously dismissed lawsuits. That only seems fair.
    For example, how do these “observer”-related allegations differ from the other “observer”-related allegations from past lawsuits?
    And fairness would require a summary of the explanations already provided for some of these allegations. For example, consider the allegations related to the voting system. While it’s true that a professor at Princeton was able to hack into a voting machine in 2016 and cause it to change votes, honesty requires that the rest of the story be told. For to accomplish what he did, the professor had to purchase a machine, disassemble it, remove the circuit cards and the memory chips on those cards, hack the code, reprogram the memory chips, and reassemble the machine. I don’t believe that anyone has made any allegation of physical alteration of any of the machines let alone produced any evidence that such an alteration took place. Let alone on a scale that such an alteration would have had to have taken place to affect the outcome of a statewide race. And this same professor has signed a statement affirming that the 2020 election was technologically secure.
    I believe that any rational person would have been satisfied by the hand recount in Georgia in which the paper ballot results matched the machine results. Yet we are told in this article of all kinds of possible bad things associated with the voting machines.
    Here’s another: “1.8 million absentee ballots were mailed out in Pennsylvania, but 2.5 million were counted”. According to Pennsylvania election officials, this isn’t true. The 1.8 million figure was true for the primary election. In the general election, almost 3.1 million absentee ballots were sent out. So the fact that about 2.5 million absentee ballots were returned isn’t all that newsworthy and is certainly no indication of fraud.
    Yet none of this information was deemed important enough to include in this article. Instead we are told that “allegations of fraud are building”. Or we are told that “taken together, they form a pattern of alleged widespread disorganization and purposeful fraud”. This article mentions the “dozens” of cases brought by “voting rights activists” and “Trump supporters” without mentioning that every single one of them related to fraud has been dismissed (or perhaps more accurately, Trump has not won a single case related to fraud). That would seem like relevant information.
    And don’t get me started on the argument that the poor Trump legal team is swimming upstream against an unacceptably indifferent government. It seems to me that the government has bent over backwards to placate that team. Every time there has been any allegation that wasn’t completely loony, judges have ordered some further audit or recount, I assume just to remove any doubt at all. The Trump legal team hasn’t been stymied by an indifferent government; they’ve been stymied by a lack of facts. But some people are simply never satisfied.
    This article says that judges have stated that they will require “overwhelming and monumental” evidence to overturn the election (which only seems right to me – what standard would you like them to apply?). I’m not sure where this comes from. Perhaps it’s a generous interpretation of the dismissal in one of the Pennsylvania cases in which the judge said this: “One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption. Instead, this court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by the evidence. This cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters in [the] sixth most populated state. Our people, laws and institutions demand more.”
    There are many other examples of claims for which perfectly logical rebuttals have already been made, but for some reason those rebuttals did not find their way into the article. This creates the strong impression of some genuine evidence for voter fraud when none exists thus far. That’s not right.
    Final question: if these lawsuits suffer the same fate as all of the other ones, will we see a summary of the dismissals in a future newsletter article?
    Those still crying election fraud need to ask themselves honestly if there is anything that could possibly change their minds.
    All of these lawsuits share the same characteristic that they attempt to take simple human error on a small scale and extrapolate that into some massive overarching conspiracy involving countless poll workers and election officials across multiple states. This is jurisprudence by cooking spaghetti – throw a bunch of it at the wall and see what sticks.
    So tell me where I’m wrong.

  20. A few issues stand out:

    One. Which is true: that massive fraud occurred or that it didn’t occur?

    Two. How will be be able to tell whether there was or was not massive fraud?

    Three. If there was massive fraud, but it is not prosecuted, and the president-elect is inaugurated, what will that mean for the safety of citizens’ rights in the face of widespread, overarching chicanery?

    Four. Will failure to identify and prosecute such fraud lead to the unassailable future security of the powers-that-be behind the fraud?

  21. Sharyl, in my opinion, you are one of the most honest and well-respected investigative journalists in the business, if not the best. I am a former practicing lawyer in Canada and I cannot fathom how politicized (naw, let’s call it corrupt) your administration of justice has become in the US, from investigation to prosecution to judging. How can William Barr, the current AG, whom most believed to be an impartial, straight-shooter, NOT be pulling out all the stops to investigate this apparent massive fraud in the 2020 election. And he is supposed to be at least, nominally, on Trump’s side (or so his critics claim). And the case currently before the Supreme Court is deserving of serious time and attention in terms of its importance and effect. Every consideration MUST be give to the millions of potential voters who could be disenfranchised by a fraudulent election. If the Dems have lost their votes because of illegal, unconstitutional acts on the part of the 4 swing states, then it is only them they have to blame.

    The US is now on the precipice of illegality, anarchy and totalitarianism and it appears to this rational observer north of the 44th parallel that only the SCOTUS and the swing state legislatures stand in the way of that disastrous outcome.


  23. I am beginning to believe that 2016 was our last fair and free election. Maybe, there wasn’t enough cheating in the proper places. Or was it 2004,?
    2008 & 2012 had what I consider to be an Illegal Alien winning the election. There was no investigation into the allegations. 0bama was allowed to post his ‘birth certificate online instead of presenting it in court of law where it could be analyzed.
    There has been no investigation into the irregularities in 2020.
    Nothing was done about the 0bama-Hillar Crime Cabal for the plot about Trump. I think there was an investigation, but I don’t know because there were no indictments.
    Nothing has been questioned.
    Tens of millions of dollars spent trying to frame or set up President Trump, they couldn’t produce anything, yet he is still guilty.
    Numerous felonies committed in releasing 20 years of tax returns, the same tax returns that they knew would provide evidence of a crime wave. I never could understand why people believed that the 0bama IRS was too stupid and too corrupt that they were incapable of reviewing Trump’s tax returns.

    The Democrats care enough to cheat. The Republicans do not care enough to object.
    Has the US reached the end?

  24. This election was the equivalent of China sending us a nuke. They engaged in cyberwarfare against us working with some Venezuelans, the DNC and its lapdog media. Sidney Powell laid it all out on Lou Dobbs Thursday evening (12/10/2020) I urge you to watch it, this election was stolen from Trump because China knows they’ll have free rein to dominate the world, including us, with Biden in the WH.

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