Bryce Mitchell’s “masks should be optional” message

Mixed martial artist Bryce Mitchell said he knew he was opening up a can of whooping controversy when he made a statement against children wearing masks while playing outdoors. He also said that masks should be optional.

The statement was apparently made in November but recently recirculated on Twitter.

…We did not vote for none of that. There was no vote that said we want our kids in masks, we wanna wear masks, we want our businesses to shut down, we want our restaurants at half capacity, we want our gyms at half capacity…There was no vote.

Bryce Mitchell

A transcript follows. Watch at the link below:


I’ve had something on my mind, it’s affected me and a lot of people that I love and I’m gonna take a lot of criticism for what I’m about to say but I’m gonna say it anyway because I feel it needs to be said. I was driving by elementary school the other day and I seen all these kids outside, they’re tryin’ to play on the playground, they’re tryin’ to run around, they’re tryin’ to swing on the monkey bars, go down the slide, and wrestle, and play tag, and they all got masks on.

And I see ’em out there, some of ’em takin’ their mask off so they can breathe fresh air, they get fresh air in their lungs when they take the mask off, and then you got a teacher walkin’ around pointin’ at ’em sayin’ “oh, put your mask on, put your mask on, put your mask on,” and that makes me sick that these kids can’t get fresh air and they’re there eight hours a day, they’re sittin’ six feet apart from each other and they can’t, they can’t breathe fresh air, I don’t agree with that.

And I just want to tell [Arkansas Governor] Asa Hutchinson: I think you need to have a little bit of backbone because we did not vote for none of that. There was no vote that said we want our kids in masks, we wanna wear masks, we want our businesses to shut down, we want our restaurants at half capacity, we want our gyms at half capacity, and I just don’t know who he thinks tellin’ us that we have to shut down our businesses or shut our businesses to half capacity without a vote. There was no vote.

And if he likes shuttin’ down people’s businesses and he likes tellin’ people what to do, he can go to California. They’ll love him over there. That’s what they do over there, the government’s all up in people’s business over there and we don’t wanna live like that, and I’m just askin’ to get our freedoms back. And I don’t think that’s much to ask for.

What I’m sayin’ is: make the masks optional in Arkansas for people who own restaurants and people who own businesses, make it optional. Why tell somebody you have to wear a mask? What if they don’t want to or if affects their breathing negatively and gives them headaches? You know?

And here’s another theory I got: if your mask works so well, why you worried about if I’m wearin’ one? Don’t you got one on? Why does it matter if they work so good why you worried if I got one? You wear one and you worry about you. Okay? And if you think you’re gonna get sick, you stay home. You think you’re gonna get sick, then stay home. That’s all I’m sayin’ and I think that takin’ away our liberties and takin’ away our freedoms without a vote…

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17 thoughts on “Bryce Mitchell’s “masks should be optional” message”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Bryce!! Well said. This is a Democracy! We have freedoms! All of this is not law. Why people are running scared from something that is 99% recovery rate is ridiculous.
    The media has been paid by CCP to scare Americans into believing this is the end of the world. Horse S..t!
    WAKE UP America! Trump is the way!

    1. Actually, we are a Republic, Constitutional Republic to be more precise. Other than that, agree 100%.

      If a person is concerned about catching something, China bug, common flu or anything else, let them wear a mask. Let everyone else do as they chose.

      Every year I keep my ears open to a flu bug going around. I know people in the medical field and some that know others in the medical field. Most years, not much happens where I live. When I do hear of a flu bug going around, I take precautions, on my own without the Govt forcing me to do so. It’s rare that I get the flu. I never have been one to get the flu anyway. Still, if it is a bad flu in my area, I take the precautions I think are needed. Generally, wet wipes is enough. I keep one with me while I shop and wipe my hands with it regularly. I add a little alcohol to my wet wipes since wet wipes typically only kill bacteria and flus, colds and the China bug are viruses. It helps to clean our hands but works better with alcohol added to it. Plus, when the smell is gone, get a fresh one.

      We are in charge of protecting ourselves. It’s not the job of the Govt to decide that for us.

    2. Re “something that is 99% recovery rate,” Russ Mills :

      January 3, 2021

      My Post Below

      Sharyl’s PAGE :

      Full Measure Team,

      Saturday night news – NBC News, by Lester Holt –

      reported a VERY C U R I O U S phenomenon, in

      order to GET OUT FRONT of a growing number of

      people ASKING : Where is the normal year-to-year

      FLU-bug statistic (( that graph-line!, which is NEVER

      shown in news reports next to the Covid-19 line )) ?

      Well, NBC had reported this Orwellian reason/LIE:

      “Flu and cold cases
      are down 98%.”

      Why ? ! /

      What ? ! /

      Huh ? ! /

      Where’s my “Take-A-Bromine” pill ? !

      —Because, claimed the reporting PHYSICIAN :

      “All of the efforts
      used to combat
      Covid-19 dropped
      cold an flu rates.”

      So, our INSANE keep-safe efforts can knockdown
      the normal flu-rate, down 98% ! ! !—but can’t knock
      back that LOCK-Down-the-Christian-West Covid-19
      bug? – and its STAY-Locked-Down V A R I A N T ? ! –
      while the Christian-hating, ATHEIST-steeped China
      is COVID-Free, and back to NORMAL, as reported by
      both CBS and ABC last week ? !

      Now, YOU may SEE/FEEL just how DEEP and EVIL
      this Deep State’s Control and Power is—as if its having
      stolen this election from Trump for that BABBLING
      BUTT-Head Biden is not PROOF Enough for YOU !


  2. I wish more would speak out. I’m sure you’ve noticed how those who are righteous always defer to the uninformed to avoid conflict. The problem is that the conflict never ends and for those who are deferential there is never peace.

    Time to stand up and say what is obvious. This pandemic is a political weapon. Some say don’t you care about others aren’t you afraid you’re going to kill someone. I say probably more concerned than you about life because I won’t text while driving or the big one I am 100% pro-life. Both kill far more Americans than not wearing a stupid, ineffective mask

  3. The oven mitt mandate is also absurd. If people want to take pans out of the oven with their bare hands they should be allowed to do so.

  4. I totally agree. The masks don’t work. If they did work we wouldn’t see cases still rising. It is all about control and nothing else. So many people are just being led to the slaughter like sheep. What is it going to take before wimpy Americans stand up against the liberal left and take our country back.

  5. They’re not going to let up on the mandates because it’s what politicians want. Power to control our lives. I made several comments to Walmart management shoving everyone thru a single door in the name of Covid. How does that help Covid? It doesn’t. It allows them to lay off more people as they did with the automotive department all summer long.

    It’s the new normal, the great reset and it’s purpose is to get Americans used to giving their God given rights away.

  6. I believe that our government is trying to be just like China and have control of everybody’s life as to what they can do and what they can’t. So unless we wake up it is going to end up exactly like them over there.

  7. That’s what I’ve been saying, but the people drinking the koolaid out number me. I went into Cracker Barrel to get a pre ordered to go. Order and the lady wouldn’t give me my food till I put on a mask.I said you were supposed to bring it to my car but after 30 minutes I came in to get.she wouldn’t give it to me , I. Said what sense is it you got people sitting all around here with no mask and I can’t pick up my food unless I put on a mask. Somebody proof to me why a person sitting can’t get COVID but a person walking can get COVID , left empty handed.

  8. I totally agree. Saw a video of a woman without a mask who was fed up. All these mask zombies harassing her about it. Some old lady with a shield, mask and gloves on threatening to call the police. She said go ahead this is not a law. I didn’t wear one in Walmart the other day. No one said a word. There were a few more without. It’s stupid. I’m not sick. Why should I cover my face. I’ve thought this to be bs from the start. Now I know for sure! Two weeks to flatten the curve, Now 12 months later. Take back your freedom. One mask at a time. It’s insanity. They keep pushing and pushing. This is how the Jews walked in to the concentration camps and into the ovens.

  9. Very well said … another example of following the “media” or examining the evidence on your own.
    Don’t forget all the events of this year, there’s always another election coming in two years …
    Take note of who stands with “exposing fraud” and those that hinder or do nothing — reject them..
    Those that mandate restrictions (closings, masks, etc) or promote freedom.
    The “media” outlets that are pushing only the narrative and those censoring truth — reject them.
    This is NOT the time for short memories. Draining the swamp is a bigger project than any of us comprehend and every little piece helps.

    1. If Biden is inaugurated and the Senate goes Democrat, we the people will never see another election. The COVID-19 BS the left has pushed on us has crippled the nation. When the left(Democrats and RINO’s) have total control, we will have zero say in how we live our lives. We will be told what, where, when with no why.

  10. Wearing a mask is a courtesy. The old, dirty masks most of us wear have not been subjected to any test protocol for efficacy so far as I know. If one gets a headache or otherwise inhibited, they don’t have to wear one. No one has to go to any store or Doctor Office. It’s a pretty painless courtesy though. Several months to go. As far as voting on it goes., you might have read elsewhere about representational governments. Ever two years of so, you get to choose based on a voting record or public disclosure. Liberals like laws. I like less government.

  11. I completely agree. It is not a courtesy to others to wear a mask. If the government mandated wearing paper bags over our heads, would it be a courtesy to others to comply? Courtesy involves actions that actually affect other people. Every single study on mask wearing, using scientific protocols, has found masks to be useless when worn by people who aren’t sick. Asymptomatic transmission has also been debunked. Every statistical analysis of the incidence of COVID in masking and non-masking conditions shows that masks have no effect. That leaves well people with zero reasons to wear a mask. And making children wear them is a form of child abuse, as well as totally unscientific.

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