By the numbers: President Trump makes the case for widespread election fraud

The following is a summary of the video announcement (see link at end) made by President Trump. All information is attributable to that statement. When Trump says “we,” he’s referring to himself and his supporters.

By midnight election night:

  • We had a commanding lead in swing states
  • We won Florida and Ohio by a record number of votes
  • We won Iowa by 8.2% far different than the false narrative in media

Election night, we were up by:

  • 293,000 votes in Michigan
  • 112,000 votes in Wisconsin
  • 356,000 votes in Georgia
  • Nearly 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania

All states later claimed to be lost to Biden.

Overnight, vote counting abruptly stopped in multiple states. Massive, statistically inconceivable “vote dumps” overturned the results in state after state.


At 6:31am, suddenly reported 147, 224 votes: 94% for Biden; 6% for Trump


At 4:42am, suddenly reported 143,279 votes: almost all of them for Biden.


At 1:34am, similar story, almost all for Biden.

  • We won 18 of 19 bellwether counties that have correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election for last 40 years.
  • We won Florida, Iowa and Ohio by historic margins. Biden would be first candidate since 1960, and the second in American history, to win the White House by losing all three major states.
  • Democrats lost 25 out of 26 house seats: a record. They were projected to pick up 15 seats, but lost 14 seats.
  • We won more votes than any president in history almost 75 million.
  • We won approximately 12 million more votes than 2016, the largest vote increase for an incumbent president ever recorded.
  • We won the largest share of nonwhite votes of any Republican in over 60 years.
  • We did better with African American and Hispanics everywhere except handful of cities in key swing states notorious for fraud such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.
  • No president has ever lost reelection while making such extraordinary gains across the board.
  • We are to believe Biden received 11.7 million more votes than Obama, and did better Obama all over the country.
  • Pennsylvania Secretary of State suspended all signature verification requirements, breaking state law, not to mention big illegal ballot drops.
  • Michigan Secretary of State flooded the state with absentee ballot applications even though Michigan law strictly limits distribution of absentee ballots.
  • In one Michigan County using Dominion Voting Systems, 6000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden. The same system was used throughout the majority of the U.S. and no satisfactory explanation has been offered for how this could happen.
  • In Wisconsin, major Democrat cities deployed over 500 unmanned, unsecured ballot drop boxes paving way unlawful ballot harvesting and fraud.
  • Georgia Secretary of State began illegally processing ballots weeks before election day and destroyed signature verification system, in violation of the law.
  • Security camera footage in Georgia shows tells observers leaving before poll workers pulled suitcases of ballots from under a table and counted for hours. The excuse given of a major water main break, never happened.

At the same time mail in ballots were the highest ever, the rejection rate was the lowest ever by far.

  • In 2016, 6.4% of Georgia’s mail in ballots were rejected.
  • In 2020, fewer than a tiny percentage of 1% were rejected: 30 times less.
  • Same in Pennsylvania and other states.

In no swing state is there any meaningful attempt to verify citizenship, residency, identity or eligibility for mail in ballots.

Hundreds of witnesses have testified under penalty of perjury about cheating and fraud they saw with their own eyes:

  • Poll workers illegally backdated thousands of ballots
  • Counting batches of same ballots many times
  • Unloading all bearing the same signature and all for Biden
  • Hundreds of pristine mail in ballots with no creases or folds, all for Biden, meaning the ballots weren’t actually mailed

Republican polls watchers were physically removed from rooms and denied crucial access as hundreds of thousands of votes were counted in Democrat cities in essential states.

Watch President Trump’s entire statement below.

For counterpoints to Trump’s claims, see the article below or most any news publication.

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28 thoughts on “By the numbers: President Trump makes the case for widespread election fraud”

  1. I believe all of the information provided yet the Judicial Branch of these states won’t consider the evidence for one looming reason in my opinion, any admission of guilt will just make them look like the failures
    They seem to be. If this isn’t remedied we are one step closer to an Atlas Shrugged society, Lord help us all

  2. I wonder if these folks understand if they take away a open fair elections it leaves bad options that no one wants. If people can’t believe in the election system trouble isn’t far behind.

    1. Exactly. Look at what just two (evil) men did in OKC retaliating on the 2nd anniversary of the FBI/ATF atrocities committed in Waco.

  3. I’m glad someone has been paying attention and doing their due diligence! How Barr or anyone can say with a straight face there is no evidence of voter fraud is inconceivable unless they are a pathological liar or extremely compromised. STAY THE COURSE!!!

    1. Robert,

      Most all fraud today may be traced
      to public education having taught :

      There is no right or wrong—that each
      child has his/her own TRUTH.

      In other words: public schools have
      been teaching ATHEISM :

      —teaching “Values-Free Instruction”

      Extrapolate the above approach to
      teaching children, begun in the
      1960s—then you’ll understand why
      so-called “journalists” lie to us with-
      out any conscience; and why our
      Agencies are riddled with criminality.


      1. P.S.

        Values-Free Instruction shuts down
        the left-hemisphere‘s EXECUTIVE
        function, which must be trained to
        resist wrong behavior—to feel any
        guilt about lying or cheating.

        Such a person doesn’t think but EMOTES;
        that is, he/she picks a side of an issue not
        by extant FACTS, but emotional likes and
        dislikes (( superficial concerns, such as
        appearance )).

        CBS reporters Mary Bruce and Norah
        O’Donnell come to mind, as they glom
        onto a FEELING about Trump, then LIE
        in keeping with that EMOTIONAL trigger.

        This student of Freud and Jung has named
        that phenomenon: Brain-blindness (( an
        adjunct to that is my term, “ UTOPIpsychosis .“

        Both of those women (( and “male” reporters
        who EMOTE like them! )) have little access to
        the Left-Logical side of the brain.

        I’ve developed a new psychology – “Politics of
        Cross-Lateralization” – to explain the CAUSE
        of opposing political camps—cause of conflict
        WITHIN each of us!, and projected out onto the

  4. John Stephen Walsh

    You’d think EVERYONE would be curious about this, and JOURNALISTS would jump on and investigate this thoroughly.

    Mainstream journalists don’t seem to care that the American people consider them biased propagandists. You’d think they would.

  5. You can argue with Trump’s evidence and witnesses and statistical analysis, but that would be too much work for our media and our fearful judges. Better to just ignore the evidence and repeat the mantra that Trump is making charging electoral fraud and malfeasance “without evidence.”

  6. See also Basham’s interview with Levin recently : all the dozen of so non-polling metrics never wrong before were all wrong for the first time ever.

    At 30,000 feet it’s obvious it was stolen, and sea level thousands of affidavits suggest the same, but in the middle is the democrat machine guarding the actual evidence.

    We focus too much on Dominion. See Jovan Pulitzer on twitter for how ballots themselves can be scanned for fraud by specialty paper scanners.

  7. When I went to sleep on election night, Trump was up in PA by over 12%, more than 800,000 votes. Then, early the next morning, there was a huge dump of votes, 570,000 for Biden and 3,200 for Trump — that’s about 99.5% for Biden and 0.5% for Trump. And they’re telling us there was no fraud? How stupid do they think we are?

  8. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Consider a bit of D I S C L A I M E R protection,
    such as this, or some variant, on your page :

    “My columns may be reprinted, disseminated, and translated on the condition that a link be provided to the articles on this website, and that the following disclaimer is understood and accepted:

    “My Permission to reprint columns, or to cite posts below them, does not imply that I endorse the posts or websites or media or organizations that might republish my columns—or that I necessarily approve of the content of the republishers views.”


  9. Census bureau = 156M registered voters in 2020
    WaPo = 66.2 % voter turnout
    2020 voters (simple math) = 105.6M votes
    CNN says Trump got 74.2 M votes
    Simple math says Biden got 31.4M votes (105.6 – 74.2 = 31.4)
    Where did the other 50M votes come from?
    Even with’s estimate of 219M registered voters, simple math using the 66.2% turnout figure (146M votes) tightens the race to 74.2M Trump votes (CNN and WaPo) to only 71.9M for Biden. Where did the other 10M votes come from?
    Anyone can do a Google search to get these numbers. That’s what I did. Trump won. Biden cheated. Election was rigged. A 6th grader can do this. But no one in the media wants to investigate.

  10. As someone who works the polls, in a honest one! We would never work again, for trying any of the BS (like Ruby & crew did)! We are now being punished for doing an honest job! By media con’s, Demonrat leaders, Courts, etc… so Unconstitutional, & UnAmerican, I weep for thee not me.. the honorable Patriots that gave so much! GOD HELP US ALL! Let us rise


  12. After watching the speech and reading this analysis, I read the AP rebuttal. The mere fact that the “Associated Press” published a one-sided argument is bad enough, but the whole thing bases all claims on appeals to authority, without any independent research or analysis. How did virtually all of the bellweather counties go to the alleged loser? AP is not curious. Why did we see video in GA of poll watchers kicked out and ballots counted that were hidden under tables? Again, no inquiry needed. Why did Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) previously raise concerns about foreign ownership of voting machines? Down the AP memory hole.

    Alas, I am just a conspiracy nut who looks for (dare I say) evidence to back up AP’s claims. They only give me rhetoric and so-called experts with axes to grind.

    1. Tango268,


      You’ve correctly cited one of the many FALLACIOUS appeals: Appeal to Authority,
      used to persuade (( there are 200-plus types of such failures in the study of logic ))

      I admit to just a B-grade understanding from my college course (( by the way, it had had the highest drop-out rate of any subject, in the Sixties )).

      Sharyl publishes a site to an I.Q. test. New Scientist magazine had featured an article, some years ago : “How can smart people be so stupid?”

      Turns out, it’s not I.Q. that’s so important, but R.Q. (( reasoning quotient )).

      Psychologists are developing a panel to evaluate reasoning/THINKING ability.

      R.Q. is why some low-I.Q. folks appear smarter/WISER than “smart” folks.


  13. I have followed Sharyl’s personal fight against the gov’t snooping into her computers and private life and her articles are stellar. I just wish someone would edit a post like this…The mistakes take away from her professionalism and diminish the message.

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