COVID-19 vaccine info you didn’t know (PODCAST)

How do the vaccines compare when it comes to side effects? How long do they last? Why so much misreporting?

Here’s the information from the CDC, the FDA, and the vaccine makers.

(Always visit and for the latest information.)

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32 thoughts on “COVID-19 vaccine info you didn’t know (PODCAST)”

  1. Dear Ms. Attkisson,

    I want to applaud you for all of the work you have done w/regards to the COVID-19 vaccine information.

    I have shared your information with all the people I know.

    Thank you,


  2. I hope you follow this rabbit hole wherever it leads because, as we have discovered (now that Biden’s the heir apparent) the emperor really is naked and “they” don’t care if we know it now that we can do nothing about it.

    We either cured the flu or CV IS the flu right?

    And I don’t see the ticker-tape parades about curing the flu…

    No matter what’s left, no matter how improbable, must be the answer.

  3. I would not take vaccine.

    I had tuberculosis and hepatitis b vaccines and they were disastrous.

    Vaccines are not good stuff for sure.

    Enjoy your work.

  4. these aren’t vaccines they are MRNA gene editing for lack of a better word software. the idea isn’t to provide a benefit. look at the yearly deaths there is a spike in suicides but we are almost 200k below normal mortality numbers. oh and Sharyl you are a heroic journalist I’m so happy you do what you do.

  5. The Vaccines, isn’t necessary, the longtherm sideeffects are unknown. The only sideeffects is, the money in the banks for the Deepstate

  6. – Vaccines typically use the term effective differently than with other drugs. From the producers’ point of view the vaccine is effective if it raises the antibody levels beyond a specified level. This doesn’t mean it stops the disease nor that it inhibits transmission. For example it may promote asymptomatic transmission or spread of more virulent forms of the disease. Marketing also allows them to claim 95% effectiveness even though those getting the vaccine felt sicker than the unvaccinated who go the disease.
    – Drug companies frequently use the term placebo for any treatment which they consider benign. With or without evidence. For example: another vaccine (such as for meningitis). You need to double check which trials were using which “placebos” when comparing side effects.
    – Phase 3 trials showed higher rates of side effects and severity following the second dose. It will be interesting to see what happens this time.
    – Booster shots normally become less effective each time. Some vaccines (for example Pertussis) show reduced long term resistance to the disease compared to those getting it naturally. They also need to watch for non-specific events. Such as increased susceptibility to other diseases. Early data suggests that the antibody levels don’t last for this disease. What’s the long term plan?
    – Various diseases (infertility, cancer, immune issues, …) typically aren’t detectable in the short term. Current plans are to offer the controls the vaccine. What’s the long term plan?

    1. I do not trust Pfizer or moderna. I am concerned that both big pharmacy are in bed with bill gates to begin getting tracking chips injected into Americans. I would not put it past them and big brother. Joe sleepy creepy biden likes the way china runs their gubment.

      1. ?. #metoo

        Have you read conclusions by former head of Pfizer? He said in its own description does not have any effect on COVID

        1. Can you share this please? Link or screenshot?
          I’m just sick at the level of censorship and straight out deception.
          Thank you!

  7. They skipped the animal testing on this vaccine! This is extremely important to rule out what will happen to “people “ once they receive it. They know it changes DNA! This is horrible. This is NOT safe to do without knowing about long term effects of thes changes, they already know and expect problems with getting pregnant! Come on!

  8. Full Measure Team,,

    The Shadow Cabal controls the
    snake-oil/magic-elixir businesses :

    CDC and FDA.

    They are EVIL!, because they effect
    illnesses in America (( the West ))—
    in order to generate more and more

    Why do they NEVER champion GOOD nutrition?, Full Measure Team, as their “recommended daily allowances” are exactly that :

    — The MAXIMUM they’ll ALLOW/tout,
    as sufficient for reaching good health —

    Well, they are so under-recommended
    as to keep you/us in a near-constant
    state of BAD health !

    Where do you post that recently released research, FULL Measure Team, demonstrating a STRONG inverse relationship between vaccines given to children and ill health in them—throughout their lifetimes ? :!

    THE more vaccinations given to children,
    THE less healthy they are, as compared
    with LEAST-vaccinated kids !

    Hmm . . .


    1. P.S.

      The father of vaccinations, Pasteur, was a snake-oil/magic-elixir salesman—for whatever motivation : recognition ? profit ? both ?

      One of the many writers/researchers
      about the TRUTH of modern “medicine,”
      trying to expose decades-old ruses :

      “Be’champ or Pasteur ?,”
      by Ethel D. Hume (( 2017 )) :

      Page 364, “The worst diseases – pneumonia, cataarhal fever, etc. – have exclusively struck down the animals SUBJECTED to INJECTION [[ my emphasis ]]. It follows from this, that the Pasteur inoculation TENDS to ACCELERATE [[ my emphasis ]] the action of certain latent diseases, and to hasten the mortal issue of other grave affections.”

      Re-read “chee chow” post, above,
      Full Measure Team !

      This scribbler hasn’t known one champion of flu-bug vaccination, who got the shot, and who hadn’t – mere days later! – suffered flu-bug symptoms!—to include radio-host Jeff Katz (( East Coast Market )), who had severely MOCKED those among his radio audience declining any flu-bug shot.

      And this listener had warned him, that he WOULD contract the flu from his shot, which made him so angry, he had threatened to broadcast my address on-air (( adding to his anger, he couldn’t believe I had discovered a cure for flu-bugs in 1990 )).

      While hosting for Limbaugh a few days ago, Katz had described his agony from suffering symptoms of the flu—after taking the shot ? !


        1. P.S.

          Sharyl, for the sake of your loved ones and friends, copy to paper Bill Sardi’s
          report, below, and search his recent reports listed in his archive, at—re personal health management (( he and I have exchanged information on Nutrition Science for a couple of decades )). :

          — And Now For Plandemic #2 (Dark Winter) —

          By Bill Sardi

          On August 27, 2020 I posted a report entitled “The Really Scary Part.” It was a report about the epic film documentary PLANDEMIC about covert efforts to create and spread a mutated respiratory virus throughout the world. There is reference to a United Nations (World Health Organization) report entitled WORLD AT RISK that claims there would not be one pandemic, but two. The first was to be a simulated exercise of a “rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen.” And the second?

          Now ominous reports of a deadly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus are being echoed by politicians. It is designated as “Dark Winter.”

          Vaccination efforts have slowed. According to a report at Global Research, officials claim an utter disaster is about to come. Joe Biden and a bevy of other politicians have begun to orchestrate reference to a deadly “Dark Winter.”

          COVID-19 outbreak is copy of anthrax epidemic in 2001

          The Global Research report recalls the threat of an anthrax epidemic following 9-11 in 2001 that mimics the buildup to today’s Dark Winter. Graham Macqueen’s book THE 2001 ANTHRAX DECEPTION is referenced.

          Dr. Heiko Schöning in Germany speaks out how the 20-year old anthrax deceptions are a blueprint for the coronavirus pandemic today. The same code words are being used, says Dr. Schöning. Eventually the anthrax came out of a US army laboratory.

          Like the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a simulated exercise three months prior to the anthrax attacks, notes Dr. Schöning. CIA operatives were at the planning tables both for the anthrax and COVID-19 epidemics.

          Slowdown of vaccination

          The American populace may be pinned down economically by an even more hyped mutated virus. Without enough vaccines to go around (so authorities say), the populace must be quarantined. While there is precedent for quarantining infected individuals like those with tuberculosis, there is no precedent for locking down healthy people with more resultant deaths from the restrictions than the infectious disease.

          Dr. Schöning says the people who refuse to comply with facemasks and social distancing will be blamed on Dark Winter. God only knows what consequences objectors will now face.

          Mutations usually cause viral outbreaks to fizzle. Not this one.

          Most of the time viral epidemics fizzle out as viruses mutate. This time, the public is being told it is a more deadly mutation. But not all gene variants are more lethal. A review of the “most plausible mutations” did “not identify a single recurrent mutation in this set convincingly associated with increased viral transmission.”

          What, no selenium?

          Instead of even stricter lockdown measures over a mutated form of coronavirus public health authorities ought to be advising the public to supplement their diet with selenium, a trace mineral that is highly effective in minimizing the virulence of coronaviruses. Selenium deficiency can result in one particular strain of coronavirus being 270-times more virulent.

          Gaming the population

          The re-categorizing of normally-occurring deaths (~8000/day in the U.S.) to COVID-19 is made possible by a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that produces 99% false positives and detects any present or past coronavirus infection. The PCR test has spawned other pseudo-epidemics. The greater the intensity of testing is used to falsely claim COVID-19 is becoming more prevalent. The only way to know prevalence is to test everyone in a given population.

          The objective of these over-reaching restrictions appears to be intended to wipe out small business and to bury Americans financially in preparation for a global reset of the economy that would change the social contract of Americans with their government, namely abolishing Social Security for guaranteed income and Medicare for some other unspecified health care plan that may limit care those Americans of advanced age.

          Weaponized anthrax spores emanated from government

          “Weaponized” anthrax spores traced to a US Army testing lab at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, were initially attributed to a lone microbiologist, but that theory has been questioned in more recent times.

          With the realization the nation’s stockpile of antibiotics was not sufficient to protect the many millions of Americans who may be exposed to this spore-forming anthrax bacterium, this reporter recalls his search for cheaper and more available alternatives to prescription antibiotics.

          I discovered that garlic is successfully used by farmers to kill off anthrax. I then found the following reference in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 1977. Note that garlic produced a broader kill zone in a lab dish than other antibiotics.

          Garlic’s main active ingredient (allicin) kills off anthrax as well as viruses. Alkalinized garlic prevents stomach acid from blocking the synthesis of allicin from a crushed garlic tablet.

          The dietary supplement industry quickly reacted, denying any of their products cured, prevented or treated any infectious disease, which would expose millions of Americans to a bioterrorist’s slaughter if anthrax spores were to be dropped from airplanes, which was one scenario deliberated in 2001.

          Garlic is also a potent natural remedy against all known viruses and specifically against COVID-19 coronavirus. Garlic inhibits viral replication.

          With a delay in delivery of vaccines, and the realization no vaccination may be found to be safe and effective against COVID-19 coronavirus, natural remedies have adequate science and are largely free of side effects. It is unlikely ANY anti-COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine will gain licensure given that a decade of research has not produced a single approved vaccine for any coronavirus. The National Vaccine information service warns that COVID-19 vaccines may not prevent infection or disease transmission.

      1. I have taken the flu shot only two times in my whole life. Both times I got seriously sick. The last time I ended up with one of the worst cases of pneumonia the doctor has ever seen. It took three months of three different antibiotics to get rid of it. The third antibiotic was one they use on cancer patients. That’s how bad this was. So to say that I was probably going to get that anyway, when I have never had a case of pneumonia ever in my life, is absurd. I completely agree. It took three years before they didn’t get pneumonia. That was last December, one year ago. It was also when a unknown virus went through our business and debilitated whoever got it for two weeks. There was no antibiotics for it. It had all the symptoms (pneumonia-like) and effects of CV 19. It was the first time I didn’t catch any respiratory virus in 3 years!

        Never again will I inject my body with these mercury laden injections.

        Thank you Sharyl for all that you do. You are appreciated and needed.

  9. Read an interesting article concerning Dr. Fauci. It seems he had somewhat “fibbed” concerning the %tage of people required to obtain herd immunity. Apparently, he went from 60% up to 80%-90% because he wanted more people to get the vaccinations. The man just persists in keeping his 15 minutes…!

    1. Yazda,

      There does exist a “vaccine” for FAR LEFT STUPIDITY :

      Well-Balanced Education!!!, as LEFTISM has been inculcated
      in the youth by FOCUSING on right-hemisphere interests (( not
      the needs of the left-hemisphere—for training in LOGIC )).

      Leftism’’s growth is explained, in part,
      by these 4-decade teaching trends :

      —Drawing on the right side of the brain.

      —Teachers’ making of their “education” lessons FUN
      (( read ARISTOTLE’s warning against doing that )).

      —Focusing on MUSIC and ART, to avoid teaching kids
      how to THINK; focusing on “Emotional Intelligence,”
      which is mainstreaming in schools, even though the
      author of the idea and book ADMITTED to MAKING
      it all up!

      Public schools have performed, in essence, an HEMIS-
      PHERECTOMY (( erasing the talents of the logic-based
      left-hemisphere of the brain, in kids and adults )).

      To where did you think SONG and DANCE and ART and
      HOLLYWOOD would lead the West while ignoring
      REASON-oriented EDUCATION (( getting fathers out of
      the family amounts to the same affect on society )) ?

      There are some more critical reasons, to explain the rise
      of stupid LEFTISTS, but . . . find a copy of New Scientist
      Magazine, featuring this cover page :

      “How can Smart People be so Stupid,”
      published a few years ago.


      1. P.S.

        Yazda ( and Full Measure Team ),

        Below, find my elaboration / correction / edit, re CERTAIN of
        my points made above—about LEFTISM in education, in
        our public schools (( the private schools are not far behind, in
        trending that way—toward utter S T U P I D I T Y ! )).

        [[ As an aside, there are no REAL men in mainstream media,
        today. John Stossel may have been the very last, successfully
        marginalized by feminine/emoting “men” in MSM’s upper
        management—and in the Shadow Cabal. Find and study
        this book, for an indepth truth-telling about radical feminists/
        FEMINISM, such as MS. “Logic does’t matter!” Gloria Steinem:
        “The Feminist Lie,” by Bob Lewis (( pseudonym; for protection ));
        and as CONTRAST to Lewis’ Logic-/Fact-based revelations, read
        Lisa Selin Davis’ book, “TOMBOY,” which – from beginning to end –
        would make far more RATIONAL sense if every word written
        therein were just this one: “Grunt!”—much like the sound chimps
        make. She is a lesson in why mental institutions ought NOT to
        have been dismantled by the American Communist Lawyers Union,
        although, if you do buy and read it, you’ll find Gloria Steinem’s
        INSANITY and LEFTISM well-exposed by her : Freud’s hypothesis
        on “Penis Envy,” and his “Great Secret” about female psychology. ]]


        There does exist a “vaccine” for

        Well-Balanced Education ! ! !

        LEFTISM has been forced/taught/
        inculcated/drummed into our youth,
        and, ergo, into at-large society—
        throughout the West, by FOCUS-
        ING on right-hemisphere, EMOT-
        ING interests (( not the means to
        effect left-hemisphere THINKING,
        such as: WHAT keeps High Culture’s
        Civilization?—that bequeathed to us
        – the world! – by our Founders and
        Framers; and bequeathed to them by
        those ancient, liberty-/logic-loving
        Greeks; find and study : “The Greek
        Way,” by Edith Hamilton )).

        Leftism’s growth is explained, in part,
        by these 4-decade teaching/emoting
        trends in education (( and Hollywood )) :

        —Drawing on the right side of the brain.

        —Teachers making of their “education” lessons: FUN
        (( read ARISTOTLE’s warning against doing that; and
        just as high athleticism requires HARD work, being
        well-educated requires not a HAPPY-dance but rigor-
        ous brain-training—as had been the case before
        Marxism’s 1960s sexual/hedonist/make-lust-not-love
        REVOLUTION !—turning from sacredness in marriage
        and family into lust-filled sacrilege everywhere ! )).

        —Focusing on MUSIC and ART, to avoid teaching/
        instructing boys and girls in how to THINK; focusing
        on “Emotional Intelligence,” which is mainstreaming
        in public schools, even though the author of the idea/
        book has ADMITTED to have MADe it all up !

        Public schools (( and Hollywood )) have performed, in
        essence, an hemispherectomy (( erasing the talents of
        the logic-based left-hemisphere of the brain, in children
        and in adults, to instill an E N T E R T A I N M E N T-
        LEVEL of (mis)understanding / of (mis)comprehending
        / of Brain-BLINDNESS ! )).

        To where did you think SONG and DANCE and ART
        and HOLLYWOOD and LUST and POLYAMORY would
        lead the once-Christian West, while ignoring/avoiding/
        rejecting/hating VIRTUE-/REASON-oriented EDUCA-
        TION (( REMOVING the male influence – logical fathers –
        from family-life amounts to the same BAD affects on
        once-High-Culture societies in the Western world )) ?

        There are some other reasons, to explain the rise of
        stupid LEFTISM, but . . . just find a copy of New
        Scientist Magazine, featuring this cover page :

        “How can Smart People be so Stupid,”
        published a few years ago.

        Finis ?


  10. My wife, who recently died, had COPD, Fibromyalgia, and neosinipril asthma, chronic diarrehia. If she had taken this vaccine I think the vaccine itself would have triggered her death, given the side-effects mentioned here. Something to think about for people who have a lot of “co-modbidities” vis-a-vis COVID-19.

    1. Richard,

      I know the level of your grief/adjustment !

      “Carry on, my wayward son”—to quote a song about an OBE.

      “Death,” dear Richard, is TRANSITION—not an end :

      Find and read Dr. George Ritchie’s little book, “Return from Tomorrow.”

      He and I were in a 3-person prayer group,
      at his church, in the early Eighties—and his
      TRANSITION experience, as revealed in his
      book, began the world-wide research (( see
      Moody and Kubler-Ross )) in “death and
      dying” phenomena.


  11. Very professional. A breath of fresh air in my search for accurate news. It’s great to know there is at least 1 honest journalist left in the world. Congratulations!

  12. As a college nursing professor, I am dedicated to providing my students not only fact-based information, but also education about how to find and assess information to determine its integrity. I am teaching a class on this topic in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if you have a link to the CBS broadcast mentioned early in this podcast. I have searched quite a bit and cannot find exactly what you referenced. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Sadly, the misinformation persists:
      Here’s where CBS mistakenly claims the Moderna vaccine is “100% effective” in people aged 65 and older on Dec. 15.
      See about :15 into the video.
      (No vaccine is 100% effective in any population not to mention that it lacks context: the effectiveness was at the time for a 2 week period.)
      As you can see, Moderna says the correct figures is 86% effective in the over 65 population for the short period it was tested.

      1. Thank you so much! Your tireless work in pursuit of the truth is greatly appreciated. Perhaps I need to explore your site more, but if you made a tab of stories like this about false or misleading information, it would be a great resource to help me and my students. I do a lot of searching on my own, but I find my time is limited, so I focus on teaching them how to be discerning. Examples always make the point stronger, though!

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