Election 2020

Hard-to-find election fraud stories and links:


Amid a new lawsuit filed in Georgia today by President Trump, allegations of widespread irregularities and fraud are building:


Some of the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud:


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14 thoughts on “Election 2020”

  1. Hey, Sharyl. Just when YouTube decides to dictatorially eliminate any story of alleged U.S. election fraud from its Google-backed platform, you go the much appreciated extra mile of providing your expanding fan club with a myriad of research possibilities. I’ve just recently joined your highly important independent journalism bandwagon, and was also glad to have taken the extra hour last week to watch you and your two co-testifiers on U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s important Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee. I was particularly taken with the earnestness and expertise of both the three senators and you, your fellow journalist who started out at the Village Voice, and the retired FBI executive. I’m a 64-year old Army brat originally from Pittsfield, Maine,(graduate of Bowdoin College majoring in Government and Romance Languages and the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas-Austin in 20th c. Art History and Film Production) living in Queretaro (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Mexico, as a Permanent Resident since 1998 where I eke out a living teaching English as a Foreign Language and soon to have the extra income provided by a 7-room AirBnB which has taken me over 20 years to make happen here in the historical center of the colonial state capital. Incidentally, what COVID-free rural destination are you off to for the end-of-the-year holidays? Have fun and happy trails! Respectfully yours, Kevin Mercier

  2. WestcoastDeplorable

    Hi Sharyl,

    Just got your book and started reading while my car was in the shop. Just through the chapter on your days at CBS; I remember your days anchoring the news and I remember thinking you should be the regular nightly anchor. Anyhow so far it’s a great book, right up there with “The Smear”.

  3. Of the more than 250 arrests for the capitol riot, I would be very interested to know if those folks were registered to vote, what party, and if they voted.
    Thank you

  4. Why would the democrats not want some form of investigation into the 2020 Elections? The left only pushes a narrative that the fraud is a “lie.” But if 74 mil. voters are asking for an investigation, and many witnesses attested to apparent cheating, why then won’t anyone take this seriously? Something happened during the elections. We know there were many discrepancies and questionable outcomes.
    Is anyone still investigating these fraudulent claims?

  5. Michael H McLendon

    We really need you to dig into the why and how Georgia awarded a contract to Dominion for their voting machines. Follow the $ usually provides the answer. So far no journalist has the grit to do it.

  6. I am part of a grass roots coalition of non partisan volunteers verifying the voter rolls in AZ. I personally have found that over 1/3 of the addresses I visit have something that needs to be fixed on the voter rolls, most often there are phantom voters, ie. voters registered to an address that do not live there. One affadavit has documented over 2000 registered voters to an empty lot. Others document fast food restaurants or other commercial properties where people are registered. I personally found 15 people registered to vote at an elderly woman’s home, and she was shocked to learn this.. My sister in law is still registered to vote 3 years after her death. I was told by the county recorder office that they do not remove people who have died unless next of kin sends in a death certificate (which is also produced by the county). One of the strangest things I personally found was a class of phantom voter whose names are all UNREGISTERED VOTER, none were mis-spelled. I wonder if this could be a character string that is searched for by the code of the computer software. Our fearless leader is Liz Harris does updates on youtube several times a day. She has compiled a 10 page document detailing our findings for the first 60 days of investigation. I encourage you to consider contacting her for an interview. My question to anyone who thinks there is no fraud is ‘Do you know who is registered to vote at your address’? Do you know if your vote was counted as you intended?

  7. Hi,

    I think your lawsuit against Shaun Bridges and DOJ needs more attention, so people are aware of how corrupt the government is.

    Recently Biden took back control of all those “unregistered/inactive IP addresses” that played a role on the hacking of your computers.

    Garrett Ziegler (Trump White House asst. to Peter Navarro) has been delving into the Shaun Bridges/Ryan White angle and you should get on and do a Rumble interview. It would be fantastic!

    Best to you and your family!

  8. Hi.

    Look. They must build the wall at all costs!
    We can not have this type of garbage living on our streets. Taking over our houses. taking over our hotels.
    We all know Biden won’t do a thing. Congress won’t do anything either. AOC and Omar seem to be running the show. We need to get them out of office. Now.

  9. OK. Now, what about 9/11? According to Jesse Ventura, the government wanted it to happen. He’s right. He also said why wasn’t there an investigation into the whole thing?

    Now, let’s fall back to Pearl Harbor. Why wasn’t there a investigation there too?

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