More people expect to make less money in 2021

More people say they expect to make less money in 2021 than expect to make more money.

That’s according to the latest unscientific survey of 614 people at

Thirty-six percent (36%) said they think they will make less money. Twenty-nine percent (29%) say they expect to make more. About 18% think they will make the same amount.

Do you expect to make more money in 2021 than you did in 2020?

29% Yes

36% No

18% No, will make the same

17% I don’t know

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2 thoughts on “More people expect to make less money in 2021”

  1. Sharyl,

    Copy my essay to paper,
    then remove—re Profit
    and Loss :


    – The Continuing NAFTA Debacle –

    NAFTA-Crafters are Civilization Wreckers

    — trucking drugs right to your children’s feet! —

    WAKE UP, NAFTA-CRAFTERS AND SUPPORTERS! Please forgive me for waking you from your deep slumber, but didn’t you folks ram NAFTA through Congress and ridicule Patrick Buchanan’s build-that-fence warnings about drugs and illegal immigrants flooding into your communities (( Did you see last week’s 60 Minutes report on Mexican border guards rushing drug-filled NAFTA trucks into the U.S., uninspected—until cameras showed up? Illegals are on those trucks, as well ))?

    Ask yourselves how it is, that you couldn’t connect the dots—how you couldn’t know that the IQ-challenged, drug-baron-run, stinks-to-high-heaven peasant state of Mexico would flood America with drugs, secreted on NAFTA-filled trucks after the vulture capitalist-driven Congress rammed NAFTA down the throats of an opposing majority of citizens. But most of you elites did know, which fact makes you something near pond scum in this scribbler’s estimation (read my essay, The NAFTA Debacle).

    Do some math: Calculate what America has gained in NAFTA-based profits, then subtract the monetary cost in lost worker productivity, wrecked families, damaged culture, and deaths due to NAFTA-connected drug-running and illegal immigrants.

    America is in rapid decline. But drugs now are a secondary cause next to nation-destroying immigration. Third World immigration is the major threat to America’s survival. As racial ethnic groups of every stripe flood in, at the behest of our Marxist/socialist/feminist-run State Department and the low-wage-demanding vulture capitalists, white families are fleeing in droves from communities where the new arrivals land, after having fled from cities into the suburbs to escape blacks’ low-culture proclivities during the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties.

    Race does matter, folks, or we wouldn’t have whites fleeing Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles in record numbers since 1990 (over one million non-Hispanic whites in five years!); escaping to rural communities in order to protect themselves from the low-culture proclivities that non-whites bring with them, to protect their white teen-age daughters from predatory black, Latino, and Arab males who lust after them. Unfortunately, minorities (excepting certain well-behaved Asian groups) chase after whites’ good civil society to escape the harm they cause to themselves within their own bad-culture-driven communities–and whites, then, try moving once again.

    Soon, there’ll be no place for whites to escape to, in their own nation.

    Any fair evaluation of the record of America’s shifting demographics these past sixty years must conclude that the u n d e m o c r a t i c forced integration of blacks (( and now of Third Worlders, thanks to Marxist/socialist/feminist Ted Kennedy’s I-promise-it-won’t-flood-America-with-Third-Worlders Immigration Act of 1965 )) into white civil society, has severely damaged whites’ Western civilization (( examine the southwest to see Mexican peasants – illegals and children of amnestied illegals – driving out whites and, now, even blacks )).

    Race is everything, else civilization-building would be impossible to undertake.

    Shifting the ethnic mix in Western democracies from majority white to people of color through insane Marxist/socialist/feminists and vulture capitalists’ immigration policies is wrecking our founding civilization–destroying whites’ Western civilization!

    That’s how Rome was destroyed, after its progenitors were overrun by less capable invaders, who lacked the heritable wherewithal – the character, the temperament, the intelligence – to sustain what the progenitors had conceived and built.

    As blacks breed at 4 to 1 and Hispanics at 7 to 1 over whites, and while confiscatory tax payments fund the majority of the costs for those illegitimacies, a future of calamitous proportions is building in America. Blacks and Hispanics’ low hereditable IQ makes sustaining this increasingly technological- and information-dependent society an impossible task (( certain Asian ethnic groups slow the deterioration in that regard but add to white America’s social disintegration )).

    Our schools have dumbed down their curricula for decades, in order to meet minorities’ low-level academic competence, while corporations desperately hunt for capable talent overseas—or wherever merit-based excellence in education is still valued.

    Culture is a genetic-based manifestation. Africans could not construct a Japanese or Chinese culture, nor could those Asian peoples construct a white one. Their heritable natures are unique to them, just as the nature of a man is strikingly different from that of a woman’s, or a poodle’s from that of a pit bull’s—driving home the point that just like in dog breeds, there are breeds of humans so heritably incompatible that making them live within the same community is a formula for bloody revolution (( curiously, liberals admit to incompatible spouses but not to incompatible racial tribes )).

    It is nearly impossible to keep the peace in a racially homogeneous society and absolutely impossible in a heterogeneous one. America is a massive disaster waiting to happen. Increasing already explosive racial, cultural and lingual diversity through unbridled legal and illegal immigration from Third World countries guarantees America’s eventual destruction (( this insane Sixties generation – especially those Marxist-inclined progressive Jews and liberal Christians who arrived from socialist countries, product of bad immigration policies during the late 1800s through 1947 – is driving these bad policies social )).

    Vulture capitalists’ greedy profit-making and Marxist/socialist/feminists’ feelings-driven social engineering dismantle the greatest civilization ever built. I wonder how far you white folks are willing to go to accommodate America’s undoing. At what point do you say “enough!” and begin acting like you want to restore your race and your Founders’ America—after this false, debt-driven economy collapses?

    Well, stay your cowardly and lukewarm course; play it safe; don’t risk your salaries and social standing by serving truth; keep feigning racial t o l e r a n c e and hide the damage other races have done (do) to your civilization; collect your retirement in however many more years of serving Mammon—and watch the coming chaos from a comfortable setting because, my friends, it is too late to save this nation without great hardship. Begin the Great Struggle now!

    America may be finished, except for the blood-letting and some future historian’s labors at chronicling how vulture capitalism – and the pandering sentiment and emotion-driven t o l e r a n c e in Leftism’s Marxian feminism – had destroyed the white founding race and its unparalleled civilization: the West.

    Shhhhhhh . . . go back to s l e e p . . . that’s only the ticking sound of the doomsday clock . . . shhhhh . . .


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