Most say Trump should concede; nearly half say Democrats stole votes to ensure Biden win (Rasmussen Reports Poll)

The following is according to a Rasmussen Reports poll:

61% Think Trump Should Concede to Biden.

33% disagree. 

47% say it’s likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win. 36% say it’s very likely.

50% disagree. 41% say it’s not at all likely.

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66 thoughts on “Most say Trump should concede; nearly half say Democrats stole votes to ensure Biden win (Rasmussen Reports Poll)”

  1. I wouldn’t believe any poll. Too many RINOS and democrats want Trump gone. The polls have lied consistently and I see nothing changing at this time.

    1. I tend to agree.

      Rasmussen has a good track record though.

      I think the 2020 election will turn out like the JFK assassination, in 10 years time, ninty percent of Americans will believe the election was stolen.

    2. I completely agree. The 61% probably have had information suppressed from them and don’t even know the extend if the illegal crimes committed.

  2. Biden stole this. 74 million voters for Trump. Civil War needed. Republican states form Union. Democrats now confederate no communists. We will be fine.

    1. It is time for patriotic americans to stand up and take this country back by force if nnesasary.Trump won the election. If we let the Demoorats and rhinos get away with this it’s on us .

      1. Fake polls. If the Truth be known 80% of Republicans would never want TRUMP to concede period.. They use to have polls. Today they are nothing more than Propagandists for the Deep State..

        1. Yes, Thank you….. It’s ALL FAKE now…. American’s can no longer rely on Press, Media and especially partisan polls! As a former Democrat, now Independent, many people switched their party affiliation since Obama’s first term. Now many are turning Republican (like me) because of witnessing the past 4 years of Mainstream media, Press, Social Media suppressing information that was vital for American’s to be aware of. If our Democrat political leaders drunken with greed & power they go rogue, Republican leadership NOT standing up, it’s up to the people to stand and take charge..

          1. If we don’t, we’ll be on the same path as Venezuela: actually, we already are. Communism soon to follow. As long as the “above the law” are not held accountable and punished’ the USA is on the fast track to destruction.

    2. Yes it’s very outrageous so what’s going on and the fact that so many people are so spineless to stand up and do the right thing in our judicial system I often think a civil war would seem necessary or just to split the country what a sad thing. I pray at the beginning of each morning and at the end of the day but maybe it’s up to us to take the tools that God has given us and make it happen.

  3. I wondering where this poll came from i have 5k friends on fakebook, I don’t see a handful that would say the President should concede.

    1. ?? I don’t either!!!! Every last politician, business owner, Hollywood star(including pedos…maybe not), immigrant (majority being illegals), and EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN of the USA, needs to fight and #StoptheSteal!!

      Even the blind could see the massive fraud going on!!

      ??We have to fight, all of us, or we give up our great country and our freedoms!! ??

  4. Sad to see the majority thinks it’s OK to let a person to become the President of the US knowing this person steals vote. What’s wrong with Americans?

  5. I was not polled all my family & friends say he should continue to prove they cheated. I think more people want him to continue than concede.

  6. He Not concede if that happens we are cowards PS if you do talk to Trump tell him do not listen to the Democrats they always say it’s a democracy when it’s not you should just do what he wants to and screw the Democrats

  7. Trump won by a landslide there is No way he should concede! You must have polled uninformed rejects. Trump will have 4 more years and there will be many treasonous high level individuals go to jail!!!

  8. The dems absolutely stole this election. I think we are past “elections matter” and should cull the bluest parts of the country. I often ask if their ideas are so awesome, why do they have to steal elections or force us to their will via a judicial decision?

  9. Only the sheeple think president Trump should concede, the true Americans say no because we know the truth and how rampant the fraud and corruption has been. If those who choose to turn a blind eye refuse to see the truth when it’s right in front of them I don’t know what to say. The loyal people of our country will fight and never give in to these criminals in our government. We hired Trump to drain the swamp and his job isn’t finished yet. He has exposed the many corrupt politicians and media outlets though so it has begun. It’s up to us to help it across the finish line

  10. Trump should NOT concede we are in this mess because the Republicans did nothing. Jimmy Carter created a plan to omit Voter Fraud, Voter Fraud has been used the same way Political correctness, saving the Blacks equal opportunity resolution has been used to lie and control the common man.. it is time to demand term limits and expose those who are preforming the treasonous act against this nation. it is time to clean house with the FBI, CIA and rebuild the PEOPLES nation as our founding fathers intended. To think the sacrifice those who signed the constitution made for our freedom and the cowards that won’t go out of their way to ensure a fair election. Sad group of men and women that stole their way to power and their interest to take our freedom for personal gains.
    Our Media and our Government sold US out.

  11. The media has so successfully embedded their TDS in a significant number of the population, that those so affected won’t even deign to look at any facts. They just have to hate him, automatically reject anything associated with him, and embrace everything which is in opposition to him, even if it’s bad for the country.

  12. Does this not show we have a considerable number of people that are not willing to stand and fight for the truth? What would our forefathers think of us?

  13. That’s bull more than 74 million plus want justice these crooks need to go to Jail president Trump won and this fraud wont stand Americans will never lay down and take this

  14. My question is if the people surveyed watched any of the hearings would they feel the same. If I only had access to mainstream media my opinion would be more inline with the survey.

  15. President Trump should not concede. Ever! Not just to give Democrats a hissy fit but because he did not lose fairly. And not because we know Democrats, acting like spoiled adolescents, would never concede. He should not concede because it’s wrong and he loves our country and knows it will be fundamentally transformed if he does.

  16. If the election stands, America will have civil disobedience that has never been seen before. And elections will never be the same.

  17. . . . DO NOT CONCEDE President Donald J. Trump . . . .America is ready for exploring the functionality of the U.S. Constitution . . . the question being, IS CONGRESS ready ???

  18. I do not believe in polls. Instead I trust my eyes and I LOVE seeing all of the TRUMP 2020 flags and signs. The Biden signs have disappeared. To me that speaks volumes. Go Trump!!!!!

  19. This poll proves beyond a doubt the age old maxim, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

    This poll shows that 50% of the people are still “fooled” today.

  20. I notice that the bigger voice one has, the more likely they would say give up.
    The holdouts know that the race is so close, if any fraud or error, the peoples wishes may be over ruled by the theft of a few thousand votes and these few thousand definitely do not pass the smell test!

  21. Concede now and there will ntever be another conservative elected to national office.

    Trump was picked for this moment because unlike his predecessors going all they back to Eisenhower, he has been the only fighter and defender of the US Constitution as written.

    Reagan tried hard, but Hinckley’s well-timed bullet and George Bushites Deep State 1 tried harder. I remember Bob Novak writing an article about how the military was getting ready to downsize into a difficult economy in the summer of 1988 and just like a Christmas wish from Santa granted, lines are drawn in the sand in Kuwait, and by January, Shazam, perma war begins.

    Trump was elected by the people in 2016 to drain the swamp. He was re-elected with the most votes cast for any person for president of the USA with 74 million, to finish the job.

  22. The foundation of these survey results is the media disinformation.

    There may HAVE to be some rats on the Left, a few highly placed MEDIA types and a few highly placed DNC types, who will confess what they know and explain how the public was led to their current beliefs.

    These rats will have to face severe consequences if they don’t, not just confess, but CONVICE the public that their confession is believable.

    To avoid the gallows they must ‘sing’ like swallows.

  23. Another BS Poll just like the ones before the election. I believe any clear thinking republican or democrat that looks at the data knows this election was stolen from President Trump. How do we live with this when we told our children growing up “Winners never cheat and cheaters never win!”
    How do we allow this to happen they have stolen the biggest most important thing in the world? We need to all rise up and fight for what is right.

  24. No longer do American’s believe in these polls… Unless you are a Trump hater or a greedy Democrat politician… All our news/information sources ARE partisan. Now it’s the people relying on the people. If you go to any article with data like this, you can clearly see what the majority of American’s feel regarding this election steal, as well as the Democrat Party having foreign operatives embedded within their circle. American’s stand for America’s Democracy, President Trump stands for the United States Constitution AND America’s democracy.. AMERICAN’S STAND FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP… So No Thank You to your partisan article!

  25. The way I see it , if these poll numbers are the actual people who are not afraid to give thier opinion then I would have to say that the entire country is complicit with fraudulent elections. If you don’t see what is going on then you really need to open your eyes!!
    Eyes wide shut!

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