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6 thoughts on “One of the last places in America to get its first case of coronavirus (PODCAST)”

  1. Cheryl, there is no virus! You like exposing the truth, right?
    Please investigate germ theory. Start by reading the book: Béchamp or Pasteur, A lost chapter in the history of biology.

  2. Sharyl,

    How did this scribbler know
    we were being HOAXED back
    in May ? :

    At seeing graphs displaying
    ONLY O-N-E climbing line of
    communicable disease ? :


    So, for months, I’ve been asking this FACTUALIST-type question,
    whenever news reports displayed a single “evidentiary” graph-line :

    “Where is the graph-line showing the normal year-to-year flu-bug
    line ?”

    Well, it’s hidden!—because the HOAX is well-exposed by the normal
    year-to-year flu-bug LINE being juxtaposed on any Covid-19 graph !

    And how about the normal year-to-year graph-line showing common
    head- or chest-colds ? How many were warned to get hospital treat-,
    ment, then KILLED on a mis-used ventilator (( before the Covid-19 HOAX,
    hospitals were the 3rd leading cause of deaths!—BY botched doc-
    toring and nursing, due mostly to Third-World, MONEY-SAVING HIRES
    filling hospital staff across America )) ?

    And where is the video of that white whistleblower nurse, trying
    to hold back tears while describing her NYC peers practicing
    botched healthcare to Covid-19 patients—and KILLING them! ;
    and being warned by her ADMIN-people “not to make waves“ ?

    There are several other logical FACTS indicating a POORLY
    hatched HOAX by this Shadow Cabal—maybe put in a future post.


  3. Sharyl, Do you really feel you need to sell yourself and your products so very much? Your time reporting is so limited compared to the amount of time you sell. I will try to continue listening, because I do value getting unfiltered news, but I am overwhelmed by this push to “buy” what you are “selling”.

    1. Perhaps you misinterpret. In addition to publishing some articles (my own and others’), I use my website to aggregate all of the different material I produce in one place, as so many have requested. This means one place where people can find my podcasts, links to my Full Measure program, articles I write for The Hill, Real Clear Politics, Just The News and more, and I just published my third book. I’m sorry if it bothers you– but it seems to me pretty easy for you to avert your eyes past a subject or page you don’t wish to see, and that only takes a fraction of a second. I would estimate I average about 90 hours a week reporting and about one hour a week on the tasks you mention that you say end up overwhelming you. I do most of it out of a desire to report and share information, as I do not make money on my Full Measure podcast, my website costs me money to maintain with a technical helper and other expenses, I offer the RSS feed at no expense to anybody who wishes to receive it, I was paid upfront for my book and donate some proceeds– as always– to good journalism causes and do not benefit financially to “sell” it once it’s published– I just believe it’s a relevant message that is helpful to get out. So it’s too bad it bothers you but this is what works out best.

  4. Sharyl,

    Regarding Globalists’/Libertines’ “Bury Trump” schemes, there is this most deadly one among them :

    “Get WHITEY!”

    It had been muted

    in the Sixties, Seventies,

    Eighties, and the Nineties

    —but, NOW, it is


    G E N O C I D A L


    C U L T U R I C I D A L


    White Western Civil Society !

    I’ve tracked the phenomenon
    in several of my essays – over
    decades – and which reports
    have been PREDICTIVE of
    what’s coming for whites :

    —Not Good ! ! !


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