READ: Election fraud report: “The Immaculate Deception”

The following is from The Washington Examiner:

Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro published a lengthy report Thursday outlining several examples of voting irregularities that are “more than sufficient” to swing the outcome of the election in President Trump’s favor. 

The six dimensions of voting irregularities in the report include: outright voter fraud, ballot mishandling, contestable process fouls, equal protection clause violations, voting machine irregularities, and significant statistical anomalies. 

All six of those voting issues were present in at least two key states, according to the report, and a total of six battleground states experienced multiple examples of the other dimensions.

Read the document by clicking the link below:

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24 thoughts on “READ: Election fraud report: “The Immaculate Deception””

  1. To keep America, America the Supreme Court must review all the corruption in the 2020 election and find the true winner of the election. Right now a majority of Americans believe the election was rigged. And believe Donald J. Trump is the winner, not China Joe Biden.

    1. Middle class in particular they become part of the deep state we the people are screwed we have lost America because we lost this election and nobody’s got the balls to stand up and fight

    2. The way one Addresses the Supreme Court is incredibly important! Extremely important cases are thrown out because they weren’t worded correctly, leaving the Court unable to help! Word it Correctly…ask the ACLJ for help! Get Powell and Rudy in on everything! Every Conservative must support them with money, voice ( protests) and pressuring Rep’s and Senators.

    3. a margin of 7M+ Americans believe no such thing

      the judges in 59 court cases (including 2 (Trump Trio-inclusive) 9-0 SCOTUS rulings have found NO EVIDENCE of fraud

      Rudi Giulianio NOT ONLY did NOT CLAIM FRAUD in his court appearances, he SPECIFICALLY DENIED, on being asked by the judge, that he was doing so; of 5000+ “sworn affidavits” NOT ONE was presented under OATH in COURT as evidence

      (Why Rudi & Sidney..? Because the Trump Campaign’s retained lawyers ALL REFUSED to take these cases into court)

      59 transcripts
      59 judgements

      read them

  2. The fraud is obvious. Supreme Court a bunch of cowards aftraid of riots.
    We have nowhere to go. Let’s take to streets. One day a week or so in every town and expose the fraud by shouting. There’s no other way. The law doesn’t exist.

  3. Sheryl, The Holy Spirits Authority
    Is with you and will bind the “bad actors” involved in perpetrating ‘The biggest Heist’” , possibly, in over 1,000 years.

    I will ask friends and world citizens to help carry out formidable Justice through the Righteousness of Gods Rightt Hand.

    God says….. “….. and you will have troubles in the world. But be of good cheer, I have already over me the world”.
    ——John. 16:33
    May The All Powerful Light of Christ, cover you and yours where ever you go or do.

    The Golden Sword that is Gods Holy Word of Truth, you will use to bind all satanic forces.

    Gods Grace cover you,

    Dr JJ Lerma

  4. WE must examine these voter fraud allegations. I suggest two Democratic and two Republican judges. Then present all the basic evidence the the responses of the 4 judges on each of these allegations.

    The whistleblowers at least deserve that study of their allegations. The American people deserve to know if these voter fraud allegations have any truth or not.


  6. If the US gov’t doesn’t start seizing the accounts of hostile foreign actors then the people will. The individual citizen needs protection from prosecution for self protection.

  7. I have contacted my representatives both parties and pleaded for them to honor the oath they took to protect America from domestic and foreign enemies as well as donated as much as I can to the Trump defense fund and the Georgia senate fund. Right now I feel distraught but I have faith in God that he will not let stone cold evil win.

    1. Me too Kimberly-I’ve done the same but feel helpless in watching all of this . A big participant in this mess was Zuckerberg. Check out the report from the Thomas More society-Amistad project. He poured 1/2 B into election groups in swing states-dictated plans like ballot boxes in return for $ . Ask your state reps and congress to investigate if in Ga, PA, Wi, MI

  8. Violations of Oath of office. When PA changed there voting procedures that was a violation of Oath of office by changing the Constitution without going thru their State Legislature and following state procedures to change the Constitution. The Surpreme Court violated their Oath of Office, by not supporting or defend the Constitution against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic, when they refused the law suit by TX and other States with Crimes Commited against our Rule of Law and the Constitution when they said the states have no standing..With that ruling just made United States of America to Individual states of America, because with states corrupt judges,governors in the right place in individual States, then Equal protection laws doesnt apply to law abiding Citizens in corrupt states. So it only takes a few states with corruption to win every Presidentia election, state Legislators, Senate seats because of Surpreme Court ruling of NO STANDING……LELAND

  9. While we appreciate all of the reporting on election fraud, millions of Americans already see the fraud and believe Trump won. What we don’t see is actions by state and federal leaders to produce indictments, accurate counts, etc. to turn this around. In the meantime an illegitimate Biden is preparing to move into the oval office.

  10. I to believe the election was rigged and all battle ground dominion machines should be forensically examined by impartial party. Trump won this election!

  11. In order for us to have any shred of faith left in our election system, we need a full forensic audit of the entire election. That is the only way to catch any, and or all issues. If Vice President Jim Crow Joe Burisma Beijing Biden (that’s his full title btw) wants to have a legitimate win, then there should be no issue. This audit MUST be open and transparent, representatives from both sides, working together. It must also be live streamed, all correct and legal ballots would be broadcast for all to see.

  12. 2nd Amendment was intended for this very thing . 10’000 fully armed people willing to die for their Country, marching on Congress and media company’s will send the right message. 10’000 would become a million very quickly.

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