READ: Lin Wood’s emergency petition regarding Georgia election

Attorney Lin Wood is seeking a judge’s order to halt the runoff races for U.S. Senate in Georgia.

The petition filed Wednesday also asks a judge to order the preservation of election related materials. And it asks the judge to order election officials to produce one voting machine used in the November 2020 election from each Georgia county for forensic examination.

Excerpt from emergency petition filed Dec. 30, 2020

Read the document at the link below:

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19 thoughts on “READ: Lin Wood’s emergency petition regarding Georgia election”

  1. I’m in total agreement. The left will use any means to achieve their goals and we need to stop them. Those machines are crooked and will be used to cheat. We need to flood the streets with patriots and make our voices heard. We cannot let them steal another election

  2. I think it’s way to late. I’m sure they’ve had plenty of time to change, replace, destroy, the evidence of those machines.

  3. Sheila Crook-Lockwood

    Sharyl, I really value your pursuit of truth. I have your astroturf TED talk in a communication and health literacy course for nursing students. I wish I could make everyone read your book Slanted.

  4. Full Measure Team

    Speaking of an “emergency petition”—to whom may a nation,

    being destroyed from (both) without and within, PETITION ?

    Where is that video, made by a white nurse claiming fraud,

    after witnessing NO EMERGENCY beyond the normal year-

    to-year ICU rate, last July!, at the height of the NYC/Cuomo

    HYSTERIA/LYING, about Covid-19 ? The below report, out

    of GB reminds of that BRAVE soul :

    “British Woman Films Empty Hospital as Non-COVID Patients are Denied Treatment – Then She is Arrested”


    1. P.S.

      From the above linked article :

      “A woman in the UK was arrested by police after she filmed a video inside an almost completely empty hospital and posted it online. The clip shows the woman walking through virtually empty corridors and filming empty wards at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. ‘This is a disgrace…it is so dead…all the people in our country desperately waiting for treatment, cancer treatment heart disease, honestly this is making me so angry,’ she states as she films a row of empty waiting chairs. The woman expressed shock at how quiet the hospital was, saying she expected there to be ‘a few more people around, there’s absolutely nobody.’ According to reports, a 46-year-old woman was subsequently arrested by police for filming the video and has been charged on suspicion of a public order offence.”

  5. Love your unbiased work. Your narration of the audio version enhances understanding and emphasis compared to hired talent readings so many authors employ in their audio versions.

  6. I was born and raised in Shkoder, Albania under IRON FIST of the COMMUNIST DICTATORS! Where everything was controlled and dictated my the GOVERNMENT, from education to food sources to health care! “FREE” it might sound good but it is not good when the government dacites who gets the “free” stuff! There is not enough to food for everyone, and they can unplug the tubes when ever government dacite! People where killed for speaking up, religion leaders where prosecuted and all their institutions where closed down! Life its impossible under communist/socialist dictatorship! Everybody is equally poor while the elites where living at large and “We The People” were enslaved.

    I was 23 yrs old when through bullets I defected through the bullets!

    25 yrs I was registered democrat but I not for for Socialism and hell NO for Communism. Vladimir Lenin said “Socialism is Goal of Communism” With what its going on in the USA and with what I have seen the world elite are no doing any different than communist did in Albania! The only way we can save America from world elite Dictator is to have one vote one person ID required, and verify signatures!

    Reject the #TheGreatReset!
    We can’t let Klaus Schwab, and the his hand picked world alliances to dacite over our country how we should live!
    Wondering why Brits voted for BREXIT because the MONARCK DON’T WANT to upset their own people because history have shown what happened to royalties that goes against their own people!

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